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A Review of Alison

Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.

What Is Alison?

Alison is an online platform that provides learners with a wide array of classes. Among the classes offered, some can result in a certificate, and some longer study plans can result in a diploma. Many of the courses are now CPD certified, lending a greater air of legitimacy to the platform. I finished my first class, on Alison, in 2016. I purchased my first diploma from the educational business in 2021. I am still taking classes on the site, from time to time.

This is a copy of my diploma in digital photography.

This is a copy of my diploma in digital photography.

What Kinds Of Courses Does It Offer

The number and diversity of classes on the site are vast. I've taken classes in language, courses in science, as well as classes for teachers. The classes, themselves, are free. The business appears to make money in three ways; from displaying advertisements, from asking for fees to remove ads, and from selling certificates and diplomas. I, personally, don't mind the ads. They're not very invasive, and they help support a cause that I believe in. As far as paying for proof of class participation - I have done this once, and will likely do it again. Above is a copy of a diploma that I paid for, after passing the necessary examinations. I like the look of it, too. The tests are not always easy - they can be quite difficult. But, the student can take a test more than once. And, it would be unfortunate, in my mind, if the tests were easy. There is value in the difficult of an institutions exams.

What Is The Quality Of The Courses?

All in all, the quality is good. There is always something to be learned, and, from my experience, most courses have at least a decent quality to them. Considering the use of exams, and their CPD accreditation; Alison may rank above some of its competitors, like Udemy. I also like to think that the site has potential to continue to improve in quality, over time. I hope they get accredited by more organizations, but who knows what the future will hold.

Here Is An Alison Commercial For A Course

What Are The Costs?

For a framed copy of my diploma, along with the PDF version of it; I paid the equivalent of €115. The same product, but for a certificate that is not a diploma, would cost me €37. I have considered buying such a certificate, and I may, in the future. I only just recently bought my diploma, so I am still waiting on the physical copy to arrive. The prices are fair and reasonable, in my opinion. Again, one can take the classes for free. It's the proof of finishing a class that is paid for. Moreover, one can buy the PDF alone of a certificate for as little as €21. This is not a terrible price for such an item. Once more, these prices are good for what is being offered.

This is a copy of a course certificate.

This is a copy of a course certificate.

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I did gain a transcript for my diploma. My diploma course was divided into very long modules, that served a similar purpose to courses. The transcript displays the modules that I completed, as well as descriptive course details. I love that transcripts are available. One never knows when such an item can come in handy.

How Difficult Are The Classes

Difficulty is relative to the class. Still, from my personal experience - I would state that classes are generally challenging. This is a good thing. Passing a course should be something that makes one feel accomplished. I am glad that classes are not, generally speaking, too easy. Don't be discouraged, as you may take a test more than once. And, you may find yourself surprised at what you can do, once you determine that you will do it.

Final Thoughts

I've loved using Alison, for free education, over the years. They have so very many classes, and more continue to come in. I am sad that some courses are no longer offered, but I have noticed new courses added, since I began to watch for this. Alison is a great tool to help one keep learning. Learning is a privilege, and we should cherish platforms, like Alison, that aim to make it a right. I believe that Alison is a fantastic business, and I hope it continues to grow and flourish.


© 2021 Alexander James Guckenberger


Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on September 27, 2021:

Pamela Oglesby,

Thank you!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 27, 2021:

Alison sounds like a great way to take some classes. I did not know about Alison, so I appreciate the information, Alexander.

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