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A Quick Trip to the Homebase of a Cult: Little Bethlehem

The Weird “Little Bethlehem” of Georgia

Bri Smith

09/21/2021 3:00AM

During my online research, I came across this strange place called “Little Bethlehem”. Immediately, I wanted to dig deeper into the location.

Just off Hwy. 78, close to Monroe, Georgia, the gates to a compound called Little Bethlehem can be found. (And can even be seen from the road).

This place is a 70-acre homestead that had its own bank, chapel, mausoleum, and an unfinished open market.

Started in 1970 by George Pike, it was created with hopes of becoming the international headquarters for the evangelistic ministry. (Whatever that technically means).

Pike moved to Georgia from Olive Branch, Mississippi. He had a congregation there called “Jesus Christ Eternal Kingdom of Abundant Life, Inc.” (Helluva name, huh?)

Photos are courtesy of: Abandoned Southeast/


However, I don't know the reason behind Pike’s move to Georgia.

I could not find any negative views about him on social media, or any strange rumors floating around on the internet that could ruin his reputation. I wanted to keep my focus on the location itself though, and not glorify the man that believed he was a prophet.

The only time interaction was acceptable between men and women was during church functions that took place on the property. It is all weird to me, but the past members of his congregation speak well of him, even to this day.

He died in 1996 and his son David, took the lead. After 3 years, David left the position and the church had several preachers up until it closed in 2013. George's mausoleum can be seen in the picture, it's the star shaped building near the bottom of the photo.

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