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A Peculiar Case Of A Mysterious Soldier


In November 1941, Lt. Jack Marsh was fighting with his soldiers of the 3rd infantry division in Southern France. The Second World War had taken a heavy toll on the armed forces of all the nations involved, irrelevant of the side they were on. Although, the Allied Forces would eventually win but that would happen at a high cost.

Lt. Marsh’s platoon had been on duty for more than 76 hours without rest. They were all fatigued. Lt. Marsh and his Staff Sergeant Chris Jenkins had been childhood friends and had both carried their dream to join the forces to fruition. When they both got enlisted and finally sent to the war, they were quite excited to finally see action. Little did they know what was to come. The glorious image of war that they had carried had shattered in the first few weeks. Then it was all about duty.


On the night of 16th of November, the following happened. Jack had just got off from his duty to supervise the night guard. He was feeling quite exhausted. Two of his men were suffering with Trench Fever. Jack laid down on a make shift bed made of duck board and tried to rest. The fatigue took over and he dozed off soon. A remarkable dream followed. First, he saw that Chris was lying unconscious on the ground and a woman dressed in a long black dress with dark and frizzy unbound hair was standing next to him staring at Chris with an unmoving gaze. The gaunt image of her staring down at Chris was chilling. Then later Jack found himself standing in a vast barren field, with scarce vegetation, all charred up and there were bodies of his fellow soldiers of his platoon, scattered all over the landscape. Chris was not there. When Jack got up with the queerest feeling, he dismissed all this to the effects of the war and all the bloody combats he had fought. This stream of images though, felt like two different dreams clubbed into one.


Sure enough, the following morning Chris was hit by three machinegun bullets in the chest and head. He died instantly. One part of Jack’s dream came true, or so Jack believed. He shook off the feeling and re-engaged his mind to the task at hand. They had been attacked by German forces and were now surrounded on three sides. The following assault by the Germans annihilated Jack’s entire platoon. Jack was captured but was later able to escape after 9 days in captivity. He survived the war and remembered this dream till the end of his life.

History is packed with such accounts from respectable sources. People who would obviously had nothing to gain by narrating such experiences but quite a lot to lose, reputation wise. In this case Jack had written a brief account in the notebook that he kept with him during his years at the front. The rest of the incident could easily be corroborated through the military records.

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Since time immemorial people have been experiencing premonitions. There was a time when such experiences of foreboding were considered to be a part of everyday life, still are in some eastern cultures. But, with the advent of materialism and 'selective rationalism,' such phenomena are ignored, much less discussed. Still, there are physicists and serious scientists who are immersed in researching this phenomena. Researchers like Dr. Dean Radin, Julia Mossbridge, Dr. Sam Parnia and Dr. Bruce Greyson to name a few. The University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies has a ton of research on such phenomena.

In eastern philosophy and in many eastern traditions that still exist, premonitions are considered to be a common phenomenon, accepted and embraced by many and not looked down upon. In fact there are many meditative practices both in Buddhism and Hinduism which work to inculcate, develop and nurture such ability.

It is simply explained in many ancient scriptures that frequent and vivid premonitions are experienced by those who are more receptive and open minded and who do not raise psychological barriers to stop such dreams.

It is quite unscientific to just disregard such profound experiences and move to 'debunk' them without doing any deep probe into the happenings in the first place. We might find an undiscovered aspect of our existence if we delve deeper.

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