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An Alien Abduction/ Near Death Observance 1993

Writing is my passion. I let others know about things I have found out and researched.

Through The Glass Door

Through The Glass Door

Thing To Know About My Article

This is in no way a blog post. The beginning is not a woe-is-me type of thing. It brought me to the God I believe in and what life is all about. Life is a learning experience for everyone, even if labeled a bad person. Their purpose is to get your attention and to really understand what it is to you.

I am now wondering if this event was just another Alien Abduction.

What Happened To Get To My Crossing Over

I did not die when I had this experience. There was not a tunnel either. It was more like opening French Doors and walking through them
There was a time in my life where I hit rock bottom. I had just come from an ugly divorce, got thrown out of the place that I was living, had some serious health issues and lost my children and job. People often wonder why I never took to drugs or alcohol during these very emotional and physical hard times. I don't know, I just thought that all my problems would be magnified even greater if I had medicated myself in that way. Come on, I would tell those people, it is just a temporary fix and my problems would still be there after the medication wore off. No telling what I would have gotten myself into had I did those things. My motto for life is: I get High on Life and don't need any drugs to get me there.
It was 2 weeks after my parents went to Florida to get me and take me back to my ex's house where I was living in his basement. I had a DVT, which is very serious and you can die from it. This was the third one that I had and I was following Dr.'s orders and still got one. I had taken my daughter's down there to visit and we were heading for the beach. Uh, I never got there because I got that blood clot and ended up staying in the hospital down there for 9 days. Anyway when I got back to the place that I lived I was told that I had 2 weeks to find another place to live. I had no friends, no place to go. I still had a job though and would have to travel 1 1/2 hour each way to get there. I finally got a transfer closer to home but soon afterwards lost that because I could no longer stand more than an hour at a time. I was fortunate that my parent's took their vacation home off the market so that I would have a place to live. It was shortly after that when my life changing crossing over happened.
Now don't get any preconceived ideas of how I got my messages and my love. It wasn't from a religious book and it wasn't from a preacher or prophet, but it made me into one. Yes! Yes it did! I didn't ask for this nor did I know what to expect from it, It just is..the way it is. After having this experience that I am about to tell you I will tell you adamantly that the Bible isn't all of it. It isn't even a tenth of it. What you ask? The LOVE and how unconditionally it all is.
After my experience I read the Bible much differently than I did before. I read it for myself and I allowed Jesus to guide me. Some people that I have told this too were very skeptical of it all. Preachers tell me that this is not the way that it happens. Though they only teach what IS in that Bible and not what is NOT mentioned in those pages. I come from the perspective of what ISN'T in those pages and stories.
Christians who are taught by some preacher that it is only one way haven't got a clue and they always seem to miss the point that everything and all the miracles are NOT in that Book, but will tend to make it their priority to tell you the opposite. Religion is NOT about God nor is it about Jesus. It's about money, power and control and is more about the Material World than anything else.

I can only explain what I learned when I was lead through a set of french doors by a very loving spirit.

A Horrible Day

I just got off the phone with my employer and a judge as to why I could not stand more than a hour at a time. I worked at a Retail Store before and got a transfer from another store where I had lived previously. The stipulation was that I was not to stand for longer than an hour at a time. I had gone through three DVT's (Blood Clots) and was told that I had to be careful and I was,.... oh I was. Deep Vein Thrombosis is nothing to play around with and to this day it is a time bomb ticking inside of me.
Anyway, the manager seemed to think that I just didn't want to work and he fired me. He pulled all the managers together in one room and they interrogated me like I was some kind of criminal. It was very humiliating. So I put in a complaint and a judge and the manager would be on a conference call with me. Well, they called and I was explaining my situation. I didn't get to finish because the manager hung up on my call and there it ended. He was under the impression that the excuse that I had stomach pains in my last place of employment were just an excuse. I never got to explain to him that those stomach pains that made me double over were because I was bleeding internally. The Dr. had got my blood too thin on my anti-clot medication.

So there I sat, in shock at what just happened. I just sat there numb for many minutes that seemed like hours. It was more like three days.

What Happened Next, Going Through The French Doors

As I sat there in my chair I saw this bright yellow light come to me. The light was very bright but it didn't hurt my eyes. All that was transpiring was like telepathy and through a knowing and I didn't use my physical body to travel.
I heard my name being called and the voice was neither male nor female. As I watched this light come closer to me a hand was reaching out to me. I wasn't scared at all and so I reached back out to the hand and put mine in theirs. It was a comforting hand and so they lead me into the light.
Often in my dreams, I am sitting at a picnic table on a grassy hill. There is a slightly winding path leading to the picnic table. The path is white and so easy to walk on. Just beside the table is a tree with branches hanging over the table. I don't know what kind of tree it is but it is never full of leaves. It's just there giving some shade. There is no sun, just light like in the middle of a summer day, but it is not hot.

When I go to this table I am always greeted by three Angels. All are of a male likeness. They don't have the wings that books tell you they have. They look like a person only they are in white and they have a soft glow about them. It is here where I get my guidance and lessons past present and future. I can call on them at any time. All that is asked is that I ask them to help me. They won't if I don't ask. This is what Jesus meant when he said Ask and you shall receive, but you have to believe to get help and that you will get the answers that you seek. All the answers are within your grasp. You must ask first.

I must have asked lots of questions because i was told and shown lots of things.

Earth Is The Place Of Learning

This place on this Earth is a place of learning. It is a vast school and University. There are many grades and many in the same grades throughout this journey. Some learn the same lessons, while others are learning different ones and then there are those who are not in the same grades or classes. We all learn and gain knowledge about ourselves through all the souls (people) that are here. Just as in the schools here on Earth we have soul mates and families that are grouped together. Everyone asked permission first if they want to participate in the school with others. It is by contract that we learn and YES there is an Entity (GOD/Creator) in charge of all this and YES they do help us stay to our lessons which we chose. This is where FREE WILL come into the picture. We may have chosen such and such a lesson, but we are the ones who choose how these lessons are learned. If we don't learn them we keep repeating them until we do This may take several lifetimes. Each lifetime isn't only focused on the lessons not learned but others are added with each so that we learn to be Christ-like. That is what is meant by Re-Incarnation. Christ-like isn't perfect, but learning about all that there might be. Jesus meant this when he said that we could move mountains and do everything that he could do and much more. Everyone helps others grow. It is total compassion and that is what we are learning here and there. We are all in this together and are all from the same source. It is Jesus or the Collective Consciousness that doesn't like how things are so messed up. Call me crazy if you want but it is what it is. Jesus will not come here right now because we have not grown as a society or species and are preventing ourselves from evolving and being compassionate. It is this that he wants us to learn and had hoped that we would have from his lessons he bestowed on us in the lifetime and circumstances that he chose some 2000 years ago. As such I am just one of his many messengers and that is one of the reasons why I come up against Christianity. It has nothing to do with Christ and what he came to teach. Some of the things he wanted us to know are still in the Bible, but most of it has been lost due to greed. It was never his intention to control others, but to let them know of the freedom that they have to manifest whatever they want and to know that we are not just set in this one life and that we are loving and compassionate beings.
Back to the school structure. There are schools elsewhere and on other planets and in other realms that we can't see. We are able to see them as we grow and graduate from the grades and lessons that we have chosen. Everyone moves up that wants to. We never truly rest as in sleep and there is no such thing as death. We only see it that way because we do not have faith in ourselves to see the other side. The religious are taught that this is evil and they will go to their hell. There really isn't such a thing as hell. I asked about that. I wasn't given an answer right away, but later in life.
When we, as we put it, die we stay around to have our own closure of that life. Then when we get home we are greeted by many souls (people that have helped us along the way. Some from other lifetimes besides the one we just left whom we may not have seen in this lifetime. After reacquainting ourselves with our soul group that are here at home, we are taken through a kind of initiation period. It's about 3 months (Earth time) and some can be a bit longer or even shorter. It's just a time to reacquaint us with home. Jesus meant this when he said that he needs to make a place for us. We go through a follow-up of sorts to review what we learned and what we need to work on more. It is there that we make up a lesson plan on getting that accomplished. There are schools there as well and we may decide to just go to one of them. He also meant that there are many mansions in his house because in each type of school there is a mansion.

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HELL Is Not What You Think It is

Like I mentioned above I asked what Hell was and wasn't told. A few years later (mind you our years are not the same here) I had a dream about such things.
In my dream I saw lots of people going into a school building. Most were guided to the right of the building were there were many classrooms. There were a few that were pulled off to the left side and put into a room that only had two doors. One was like the registrar and the other was to a back corridor. I didn't see anything past that door though. I wasn't going there. In this room, there were only a few people that were all gathered into that room. I asked why they were there and not going with the rest of the people (souls). I was given the answer by way of a video of a Michael Newton Ph.D - Journey of Souls that I never heard of. Almost everything that he said about people being re-programmed and it sounded right with what I had been shown in this dream. It may sound and feel like Hell because we get rejected. Those guides do let us know when we are not progressing and they do reprimand us. Just as in this Life we don't like that, it is the same there.

Peace and Rest

I was brought to a place that I remembered being in many years ago. It was not a gold building or anything like that, but the colors there are so much more vibrant than here on Earth. There were lots of others there and we were all pleasant and nice to each other.
Our homes were Gazebo that was covered with white sheer curtain material. Everyone could see everyone else and no one minded at all. We don't have the kinds of bodies we have here on Earth. There is no male or female. No sexual orientation at all. There is no religion or money or anything that would divide one from another like here on Earth. No one is better than another. It was a very peaceful place. It was where we rested from returning from a traumatic life. There is much peace and joy here with each other.
We were near a stream and it flowed so clearly and made such a beautiful noise and it flowed downstream and around a bend. We would go down to this stream and just dangle our feet in the water and it was revitalizing and refreshing. Some would hop right in and splash the water on each other or totally immerse themselves. Most of us just sat there in rest and repose. It was a quiet place there and very serene. Sometimes, I wonder why I left there to come here.

Everything Is Going to Be Ok

When we are ready we are helped with getting our next life lessons planned and so forth. We sign our contracts and agreements with others to learn them. It is sort of like getting an outline together. We plan the types of relationships, parents, spouses, kids, and even the body and sex that will facilitate the lessons we wish to learn.
There is a veil that is put on us at birth. It is to protect us so that we can't back out of our agreement or contract. If you knew the problems you would have to go through in this life do you think you would go through them at all to learn the lessons in which you are to learn? Probably not. I know I wouldn't! Therefore the process of birth is a scary one and at the same time an exciting one. It's no wonder why some souls leave before they are born and some decided early on that they don't want to be here just yet. Each person or soul is in agreement with another but it doesn't look like that from this side of the veil. Just remember that everyone is in accordance with all there is and much more and to each other. We all are here for learning and to experience ourselves and that Everything Is going to be OK.
There are reasons for everything and everyone and all things that happen and who you meet. There is only LOVE. Nothing will hurt you and Jesus said that too. Nothing can hurt you because you never die and there isn't such a thing as death. It's all moving on to something else.

What I Observed

This is just what I was taught and there is no need for the battle that will enrage when people get told what they are not ready to hear or see or read. Jesus said that not all will hear what he had/has to teach. Each person has their own lessons and as each other is a part of another and of the source so it is that they will learn in their own time and according to the agreements that they made with the Creator/God/Universe. Get your head out of the semantics of words. My Heaven is My Home and whatever anyone else wants to call it. Words are just that--words. Use them for good.
Religion has forever tried to put God in a Box. He will not stay there because he is not for one person or group of people. It is all of us and everything. No one has the right to dictate God's Purpose or what he can and cannot do. No one can tell you what his limitations are and that he is limited to those who believe. The more you put IT/ENERGY/GOD in that box and prevent someone from that Unconditional love you will get those conditions back that you set upon others. Jesus said that in the Bible too....Do unto others as you would have them do unto you AND You shall reap what you shall sow.

He is telling us that we are all one in the same, no sex, no religion, no color or creed or financial status can ever separate us from all that is. You may attempt to REJECT this story but that doesn't make it that it didn't happen.

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