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A Guide to Magic Mushroom Use in Ireland

A guide to Magic Mushroom use in Ireland

It’s late August in Ireland and the magic mushroom season is fast approaching. These are hallucinogenic mushrooms which are generally picked in the autumn and eaten raw or dried. It’s a time of year when you might just happen upon people wandering around green pastures among cattle, sheep or horses, stooped over and intently scanning the earth. These people are most likely in search of gathering hallucinogenic pleasures in the form of these small mushrooms, which once consumed will have people behaving a great deal more strangely.

Magic mushrooms also known as liberty caps or technically known as Psilocybe semilanceata, are a minority drug activity in Ireland as it is seasonal event  and users also need to know what mushrooms to look for which is not an easy feat.

Magic mushrooms such as the liberty caps have a distinctive cone to bell-shaped cap that can grow up to 2.5 centimetres (1.0 in) in diameter, with a small nipple on the top. They can be white, or yellow to brown in colour.

 They are generally shared amongst friends rather than sold. A Recreational dose ranges from 10-50 grams when wet and an amount of 1-5 grams when dry. They can be eaten as picked or they can be cooked in any manner or brewed as a tea, the latter being the most popular.   

The effects can start from as soon as 15 minutes after been consumed or take as long as a couple of hours. Many reports of the drug are positive, but some people report negatively and even some never live to give an account of their events or some end up causing themselves or others tragic harm, although this behaviour is extremely rare.

Magic mushrooms can cause hallucinations and there may be a distorted sense of reality. The user will usually be aware that the strange event he/she is experiencing is not real. Bad trips can occur but do not usually last longer than the effects of the drug.

The “trip” isn’t supposed to be as intense as that of LSD, but it all depends how many mushroom’s the user takes. Compared to LSD the trip is much easier to come down from and the effects don’t last as long. The effects can last as long as 2 hour’s up to 8 hour’s whereas a good LSD tab can last as long as 3 days.  

Every person’s experience varies, but the physical effects such as high blood pressure, dilated pupils, stomach cramps, increased heartbeat, laughing and oddly yawning are common among most users.

One person reported that they saw the planet and space in its true beauty and that they could feel the energy that is shared among everything flow through each and everyone from a blade of grass or the largest tree to the highest mountain.

 Another reported that he and some colleagues spent the night trying to walk through walls and that they spoke intently to a vending machine for some hours.

Some give account of being made of highways and neon lights, others would feel as if they were famous or in movies.

BUT for the darker side of reports, where the fear that is bestowed upon people by the hands of these tiny mushrooms is so terrifying that they forget that they had even took the fungi. One person reported feeling trapped in a house party with demons and every time he got up to leave the door would get farther away. He finally found a downstairs window in a loo and escaped through it, but he still felt he was being chased by an evil spirit.

He arrived home and awoke his mother at a very late hour of the night and asked her to say the rosary with him. She obliged to comfort her son although neither are or were at least devout Catholics.

It is not a good idea to take mushrooms when feeling negative or as a means of escapism from problems as this can bring on bad trips. Magic mushrooms may work to enhance your negativity you may be feeling at the time.

The effects reported by most users from the mildest to the worst case all involved a kind of liquid vision where as the ground or walls pulsates and floats or moves rippling unpredictable.

They are not restricted by law in Ireland, but their possession with intent to supply is. Raw magic mushrooms can be legally picked. The greatest danger is from accidentally ingesting mushrooms that are poisonous, although if you pick mushrooms that look similar to liberty caps you will be more than likely safe as there are none in Ireland similar that are poisonous Physical dependence does not occur but tolerance of effects can build from repeated use in short periods of time.

Studies have found that a person with a weight of 130 pounds must ingest 13 grams of pure psilocybin in order to die from it. That means ingesting about a kilo or more of mushrooms, which would be testing to say the least.

The active ingredient in magic mushrooms, Psilocybin stays in the body for about a week. After that, neither urine nor blood tests will be able to detect the chemical.


Mickey Mahon on October 21, 2015:

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the amount of Psilocybin in just 3 shrooms can reduce depression for a week according to recent study!

Paul on September 06, 2015:

Yeah dont be an idiot about it basically. They do have a positive effect on you, they did for me, the second time i took them, i took different ones from Amsterdam, wasnt so good i felt negative and worried, didnt work, i was fine the next day, but the first time i did Libs and it was very warm and spiritual and wise, they are an important tool, the ancients knew that, India, Mexico, Greece the Eleusinian mysteries !

Peter on March 08, 2015:

It says that its not a good idea to take shrooms when feeling negative, yet there is increasing evidence that psilocybin can treat and even cure depression, trauma etc. A bit confusing!

Erin on November 30, 2014:

It says when to pick them in the first line of the story! :S

John on October 29, 2014:

LSD trip lasting 3 days!! That's not LSD!

Darren on October 03, 2014:

When can they picked? I want some

Danny on September 19, 2014:

When doe's the season start

NiggaWut on September 01, 2014:

Does anyone know all the different species of magic mushroom in Ireland?

Pothead on April 08, 2014:

Can i have some shrooommms please

John O'Shaugh on May 04, 2012:

Interesting article and good advice. There is a slight blue bruising noticeable on the stem if crushed. and gills can give a purplish hue. this differentiates them from poisonous types. Legal information is outdated here. Also. Urine tests for psylocibin are not part of standard drug testing, so don't worry. The human body develops tolerance, so too frequent use is useless :)

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