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During the Pandemic We Are Featuring the World's Most Translated Website

Claudette Carter, is thrilled to share the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom and its hope for the future with people of all nations.

Millions of people from all cultures and races visit daily to “Advertise, Advertise, the King and His Kingdom.“ Over a century ago, these words were spoken by J.F. Rutherford, as a source of inspiration for God’s people worldwie.These powerful words are still the premise for a major work, accomplished by Christians who put faith in that kingdom ruled by Jesus Christ. Years ago some eight million Jehovah's Witnesses were inspired to promote throughout the world a "campaign to advertise the world's most translated website,," as expressed by the Office of Public Information, at the Watchtower Headquarters in New York. Millions of the Bible-based tracts were placed entitled, Where Can We Find Answers to Life's Big Questions? To discover the answers to these vital questions that adversely effect us daily such as, "What is the meaning of life? Is God to blame for our suffering? and What happens when you die?" This inspirational Bible tract directed its readers to this website. This world renown website, has over one million visitors daily, by people from all walks of life, in search of scripturally based answers. On this website “JW.ORG now has articles, videos, and audio content available in 1,000 languages, including 100 sign languages.”

This worldwide website features such information as, Are We Running Out of Time? How to Deal With Isolation. Who Were the Rich Man and Lazarus? Alcohol Consumption—How Can You Stay in Control? Visitors can select a topic that interests them.

In a world filled with a coronavirus pandemic, racial prejudice, violence, sickness, and death, has been a lifesaving tool. Daily God’s people contact individuals by telephone or letter advising their neighbors of encouraging and spiritually up building information on this websit. Geoffrey Jackson, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses stated: "Since its launch years ago, people all over the world have found to be an invaluable resource. On this site, you can watch videos that can help your children, consult articles that can help your family, and even read the Bible online. We want as many as possible to benefit from, and that's why we initiated this special campaign." There is no personal information required and you can even have a free online personal Bible study.

During these critical times of the pandemic we can no lomger go door to door to share the wonderful hope of God’s kingdom that will eliminate all sicknesses including the pains of death. Previously during a special campaign for the website, thousands of spiritually adventurous Jehovah's Witnesses served in designated territories that are "seldom worked." More than twenty-five witnesses served in the stunning, picturesque area of North Conway, New Hampshire for a week. They were thrilled to work with their local brothers and sister of the Madison congregation. This created a resplendent combination of various races that served together within the community. Sheila was one of the members within this group from Pennsylvania. She stated, "It was encouraging to see, how the local people responded to us as we offered this track for the website. As a black woman, we saw very few in this area but the local people turned out to be very receptive to this good news. We had a wonderful time."

We also had the privilege to visit North Conway-Mount Washington Valley and nearby cities that were surrounded by spectacular mountains, covered with lush greenery during that summer month. This gave a whimsical hue from a distance, reflected toward the blue skies, orchestrated by puffy white clouds. Echo Lake State Park, with its infamous Cathedral Ledge, bedazzled its climbers with a spectacular view of the areas where true beauty surrounded its homes. Magnificent trees and green grass, covered the land as unique dwellings were nestled within these statuesque mountains. Such perfect beauty has been placed in its relative positions by our loving creator, Jehovah God. Isaiah 52:7 described one sister's sentiments regarding their privilege to talk with neighbors within these awe-inspiring mountains, "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the one bringing good news. The one proclaiming peace, The one bringing the good news of something better, The one proclaiming salvation, The one saying to Zion: 'Your God has become King!"

Delicious Food and Good Association United All Races

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This pandemic no longer allows us to attend such gatherings as we experienced during our visit to New Hampshire. We shared sumptous dishes with our white, black, asian and hispanic brothers and sisters. Fresh lobsters were served up with drawn butter at the Lobster Trap Restaurant. Delicious clam chowder, lobster pie, and fresh salmon were also enjoyed from the menu by witnesses from Pennsylvania. Caleb served as our waiter. He is also an intern at the local observatory which is part of Mount Washington. Caleb explained why their lobster taste so fresh and delectable. He asked Chef Billy Cuccio, who has been a chef for more than thirty-two years. "We use natural salt from the ocean." Some of the visitors explained that the lobster was not only fresh but also sweet.

During the witnesses' visit to New Hampshire, they also experienced an abundance of love and association as they distributed hundreds of website tracts to the residents within the community. Some locals were amazed to see black and white brothers and sisters, sharing the good news about a world of peace, harmony, and unity that will exist in the future. In the evening, after a day of #preaching the good news they gathered for home cooked meals at a beautiful house, rented by the witnesses for the week. Some days they visited local restaurants as well. Each of us miss these wonderful times of travel, great food and association. It is our prayer and determination to contact people during this pandemic. We want to give them a hope that one day soon these type of events will return.

The day before we departed a cookout was held by our local brothers and sisters of the Madison congregation. A delightful meal of surf and turf was served. Thick juicy steaks with whole fresh lobsters, were on the menu, along with fresh salads, corn on the cob and a variety of desserts were also lovingly served. In a world with so much disease, death, racial hatred, corruption and violence; these individuals of all races gathered together. They gave thanks to their Heavenly Father Jehovah not only for a delicious meal but also for their loving, united brotherhood. A woman visiting the area from Canada, joined the witnesses during the cookout because she appreciated the unity of all races as they associated together. The woman visited the area previously and never saw such unity of all races. Toward the end of the cookout, they all joined together for an unforgettable photograph.

A Good Work Was Accomplished

God’s people today cannot carry out a week of momentous work by going door to door or serving in seldom worked areas due to the pandemic. They climbed lush mountains in New Hampshire as magnificent scenery surrounded them. Vital spiritual food reached the hearts of many. Succulent physical food was also consumed. The good news of Jehovah God's kingdom was shared in North Conway and the surrounding towns. One brother summed up their preaching activity and visit by stating, "This was one of the most beautiful areas we have visited and the people genuinely appreciated God's word. I look forward to returning when the trees change in later months."

This campaign to advertise the world's most widely translated website, was a complete success. We may have different methods to encourage others during these critical times such as viral meetings, telephone witnessing and letters. Now more than one million visitors continue to visit this site daily, in order to obtain answers to important questions and concerns they might have. This resourceful tool has proven to be a blessing to millions regardless of their religious beliefs. Anyone who puts faith in God’s word and the ransom sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ can be considered as one of his children. Only our Grand Creator can read the hearts of individuals. This is proof about the goodness and loving nature of our loving father Jehovah God.

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