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The 9 Wonders of Enneagram 5 Wing 4 INTJ

What makes this uncommon blend of personality types unique?


Being an 5w4 INTJ makes you a rare gem, and if you are a woman, you’re even more rare. INTJs make up about 2% of the total population, with women making only 0.8%. Enneagram 5 are known for their amazing intellectual prowess; combined with the aesthetic side influenced by the 4 wing, comes a very unique personality. If you happen to be a 5w4 INTJ, then chances are you a such a special individual with a fabulous list of qualities.

You Value Company but Prefer Privacy


Major fact about being either INTJ or Enneagram 5 is preferring solitude. You get your energy staying indoors and relaxing by your lonesome. However, that doesn't mean you don't appreciate being around other people. Having few friends over every now and then is your kind of change of pace. If you choose attending a social event, it has to be the kind that expand upon your interests. But being in a large crowded gatherings can be overwhelming and even draining. You usually end up taking breaks to withdraw, or decide to bail out early as your mind wouldn't comprehend all that energy. Thus, you tend to spend most of your days at home reading, watching movies, or playing video-games by yourself.

That sort of behavior can make you seem distant or anti-social at times by those who do not know you well, but for the few others that do, you are a very picky person. You tend to choose your associates wisely, and have very demanding standards when you do so. It's not like you wouldn't let anyone be your buddy. But in reality, not every person can match your energy, and that can exhaust you if it was done mindlessly. Thus, having a small circle of friends is much easier for you to keep up with, as it would permit you more room to charge.

You Have A Plan for Everything


INTJs are planners. That’s what you do and that’s what you’re best at. You really don’t want to go into something without knowing what you’re doing and at what time. When it comes to making plans with friends or family, you’re usually the one to take control. You’ll plan out everything you’d be doing, how long it’d take, and what you’d do afterward. This is why so many INTJs tend to do so well in jobs that are organized and value planning.

You're Lighter Than Typical INTJs


What makes 5w4 INTJs different from regular INTJs with different Enneagram types is their loose attitude. You're not as typical as other true-to-the-book INTJs, which might make you question if you're truely an INTJ. Most INTJs wear a serious expression on their faces when dealing with others, while you smile much more often. The iconic Death Stare that usually scares people off doesn't show on you as often. You come across as more quirky than uptight, and people find you easier to talk to. You're a lot more withdrawn than argumentative, and don't like getting into fights or confrontations. Your presence has a relaxing zen to it, and you speak way less than those around you.

When it comes to the way you represent yourself, your wardrobe is much more diverse than typical INTJs. Your 4 wing adds color to what is known by "Funeral Appropriate" style that INTJs mostly prefer. If regular INTJs would wear black shirts all seven days of the week, you would put on an extra red unzipped hoodie. If regular INTJs like to be presented as pulling off business suits, you choose to, at least, ditch the tie for a more patterned shirt. You still enjoy wearing dark colored things mostly, but it's not all clad-black in your closet.

You're an Alien, and You Love That

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A common theme about 5w4 INTJs is their bizarre taste. Whatever you tend to like, it's usually the less popular thing. You're interested in the niche, and dislike what is popular or mainstream. You would be one of those, for example, who believe that Alice in Borderland is a much better show than Squid Game. If everyone around is an over the top Game of Thrones' fan, you'd be one of those hyped for something else; like DARK, or even The Flash. If your friends play Fortnite, you'd be into Apex Legends, instead. It isn't easy for you to follow the wave, and like something without checking it out for yourself. And most of the time, you end up find that particular thing overrated. That sort of different way of seeing things can make you feel isolated or even alienated, but you usually use that to your advantage. You oftentimes genuinely boast about how it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your Creativity is Impacable


Most INTJs, if not all, want to impact the world in some way. Combine that with Enneagram 5w4 type, and you get a wild mixture. As you are a hybrid of both thinkers and feelers, what you produces reflects the complexity of your mind. As 5s tend to lean to the logical, scientific realm, your 4 wing packages those thoughts in an artistic way. Complementing all of your hard knowledge with a striking meaningful message. Creating impacting, innovative projects of creative endeavour such as making a movie, writing a book, introducing a new set of hardware, or developing a game is most of what people like you, most likely, strive to achieve. Touching people with stories and examples of the human experience through concepts of science fiction or science fantasy. These products require a certain level of mastery and knowledge that only INTJs are willing to put in the time to get into. Producing wonderful and life-changing results in all fields of our lives. Think actor Robert De Niro, photographer Annie Leibovitz, physicist Albert Einstein, author Joan Didion, painter Georgia O’Keefe, lead singer of Radiohead Thom Yorke and actor Anthony Hopkins are but a few of the 5s whose vision has left a mark on the world.

You Are A Bit Stingy


Avarice is the deadly sin of Enneagram 5, and INTJs with this type are natural minimalists. They don’t need or want too many things. In their minds, the more possessions people have, the more energy they’ll have to expend thinking about them, maintaining them or restocking them. Unfortunately, their desire to keep life simple and economical can reveal itself in their appearance. They don’t win fashion shows.

In the end avarice catches up to 5w4 INTJs. They hoard too much. Their greed for privacy and their fear of self- disclosure lead to isolation. Believing the old maxim “He travels the fastest who travels alone.” they prefer to keep too much knowledge and few necessities to themselves. Even worse, they scrimp on love and affection and stingily withhold it from the people who most want to support and care for them.

You're Not A Shoulder To Cry On


This is what might set you apart from a lot of other personality types. Instead of offering your friend a shoulder to cry on, you immediately start listing off ways they can solve the problem or feel better. You show that you care by working on ways to make the problem disappear altogether, not allowing them to vent to you for no reason. Your friends might even get upset with you for this but they just don’t understand where you’re coming from.

You're Happier When You're Sad


The 4 wing can sometimes drive you into a dim-cloudy mood of deep unexplainable feelings. It's true that 5w4 INTJs are more creative, sensitive, empathetic and self-absorbed than 5w6s counterparts. Independent and often eccentric, you are not sure what to do with your feelings but would rather process them alone than in a group. You're more prone to melancholy. Passionate about sad songs, dark themes, and convoluted stories that reflect your mood. Get moved by deep and thought provoking messages. If you encounter something that speaks to your mind and heart together, you would contemplate on it for longer than anybody else. That in turn, reflects upon your interests or creative output. Moreover, Introverted Feeling (Fi), a tertiary cognitive function in INTJs could fuel this state of mind, and make you use it in various ways, such as blogging or ranting. The connection to 4’s energy and depth of emotion helps these 5s be more tender with themselves and less emotionally guarded around others. Healthy 5w4 INTJs are able to communicate their own feelings to the people they love.

You're Not A Very Good Friend


5w4 INTJs are bad at making friends, and even worse at keeping them. Characteristically introverted, you can assess very quickly whether or not you want to be involved with specific individuals. And when you do interact with others, you can get a lot out of a little—you can be present, and sincerely engaged with others socially, but on a limited basis. In addition, you can be highly selective, because you want the energy they devote to social interactions to be limited to people you really like and trust—and also subject to time limits of their choosing. On top of that, you tend to push away others as much as you see fit. You generally consider people intrusive and demanding, so you would rather keep your resources to yourself. Those few lucky ones you choose as friends would complain of how unavailable you are, both figuratively and emotionally. As you build very thick walls between you and other people, it gets harder for others to connect with you, and that would make you seem aloof, distant, or avoidant. Putting you in whole lot of misunderstandings. And as such friendships would eventually weaver when those people go on looking for much more engaging mates, you might get traumatized in the process, which would promote you to isolate yourself further in order to not repeat the same experience once again.

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