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8 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World! Stunning Natural Beauties!

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Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly is iconic in the world because of its beauty. With its large size, slow graceful flight, and orange wings, the monarch butterfly is one of the most gorgeous in the butterfly and entire insect world. Fortunately, this beauty is abundant in many parts of the United States. You will catch glimpse of this guy flying around your garden. Be sure not to use pesticide because you don't want to hurt insects or small mammals that are visiting your garden. You will not miss the sight of this butterfly because it is the size of a baseball.


Blue Morpho Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly has an iridescent blue color that is recognized across the globe for its beauty. It is hard to believe that such a color exist in nature because blue is not known for great camouflage. However, the underside of this butterfly is brown with multiple eyes to distract potential predators. With a large size, up to 8 inches in wingspan, you will for sure spot this gorgeous butterfly. The blue morpho butterfly is endemic in South America. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see this guy flying around in the United States.


Glasswinged Butterfly

Can you believe that a butterfly with transparent wings actually exist in nature? This pretty little guy has wings that are mostly transparent. Even though it seems like transparent wings are much more delicate than ones covered with hair, these wings are great for camouflage and evading predators! This little guy is a little bit on the smaller side with a wingspan of up to 2 and half inches.


Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing

This beautiful butterfly is so stunning that scientists named it after a queen! This insect is so big that you will be stunned to see it in real life. The Alexandra's birdwing is the size of a small bird with a wingspan of up to 12 inches. Many people have never seen a butterfly that is as big as a small bird in their lives. It is unfortunate that this gorgeous butterfly is now listed as endangered. Just another beautiful insect threatened by anthropogenic activities. Nowadays, the trading of this creature is forbidden to protect the remining Queen Alexandra's butterfly in its native habitat of New Guinea. When we are admiring the beauty of this butterfly, let's keep in mind that the only way to make earth better is through curbing your excessive habits such as overconsumption.

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Old World Swallowtail

No list of beautiful butterflies is complete without a swallowtail. These gorgeous butterflies have an iconic "tail" at the bottom of the lower wings. This creates the illusion of a bird's tail. It is not difficult to recognize this butterfly when you see one. With its moderate size, up to 3 and half inches in wingspan, the Old World swallowtail is definitely an awe inspiring sight. This butterfly lives in Europe and North America, consider yourself lucky when you see one in its native range. Although not endangered, the Old World swallowtail is rare in the wild.


Peacock Butterfly

Are you always fascinated with butterflies that have eyes on their wings? The peacock butterfly is very colorful and has four eyes on its wings. This unique beauty is native to Europe and Asia. With unique eyes that resemble the peacock's feathers, this little insect is the peacock in the butterfly world. Like other butterflies, the peacock butterfly is seen as a tasty meal for birds and mice. This natural beauty is on the smaller size with a wingspan up to 2 and half inches. When one flies by, you want to pay attention because you don't want to miss seeing this gorgeous butterfly.


Eighty Eight Butterfly

With white, black, and red colors, the eighty eight butterfly is very unique and gorgeous. Although not very big, this butterfly is really one of a kind because of the number 88 on its wings. It is truly astonishing that an insect can have such a pattern on its wings. This little guy is native in the United States and definitely deserves a spot on the this list. You will be able to observe the eighty eight butterfly in nature if you pay attention.


The Southern Birdwing

Another large butterfly with black, white, and yellow colors. This perfect combo is what the southern birdwing is known for. Native to India, this butterfly is actually the biggest in its native habitat with a wingspan of up to almost 8 inches. When you go visit southern India, this beauty is a common sight. They are most active in the morning trying to drink nectar. You will see them dance around flowers and landing occasionally. Even though the southern birdwing's population is stable at the moment, it is always important to remind yourself that all of the earth's inhabitants share this beautiful planet with us. Always tell yourself to reduce, recycle, and reuse to lessen the anthropogenic effects on the environment as much as possible.


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