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7 Clever Tools to Simplify Online Teaching Using Jamboard

The author is trying to illustrate the best ways to implement new tools for online teaching that can lead to efficient interactive sessions.




Life is all about transformation. The digital transformation is one such change that has given a new shape to the existing systems. We can find automation and up-gradation in all fields that have simplified the tasks to get an instant result. Everyone is connected to one another virtually. Industries, businesses, hospitals, banks even the education systems have become digitally strong.

The education system is showing a drastic growth in terms of digitalization. One such growth for distance learning is use of Jamboard. Jamboard is a digital whiteboard developed by Google as a part of the G-Suite tool for cloud collaboration where teachers and students can interact efficiently and effectively in a smarter way.

Jamboard App is a significant tool that can transform teaching and learning methodology to enhance the student’s communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills. In these interactive sessions, students work on problem-solving connects, learning goals and standards.

7 Clever Tools to Simply Classroom Teaching using Jamboard are:

1. Storyboard

We are aware that the story is a sequence of scenes. Usually, kids and students wish to listen to stories. Likewise, the Jamboard app provides a platform where the ideas of a teacher can be framed into a story. The ideas can be the content of books, movies or graphics, or any other techniques.

Here is an example of a step by step photos of a bud-to-flower, framed in the form of a storyboard:

Example of a storyboard

Example of a storyboard

Advantages of the storyboard

  • It gives a brief idea about the structure or the flow of the contents.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Various real-time examples add more value to the course.

2. Interactive Outlines

Discussions and interactions always clarify doubts. Jamboard provides a platform where a mentor can assign each student in the group one event from the timeline, and ask them to work on it and illustrate it in the form of a document. Once the illustrations are ready, the group meets together on their Jamboard. They are asked to add their google docs to the jam and discuss how to order them on the timeline adding images or texts to accompany each paragraph. Such timelines help the students to understand the chronological order of the events and help to re-arrange it.

Here is a schematic representation of a timeline from 1990-2015 to demonstrate some variations in these years:


Advantages of Interactive Outlines

  • Helps to organize the information.
  • Changes in each timeline can be easily identified.
  • The relationship between each outline can be noted.

3. Slide Presentations

Jamboard allows us to add files from our drives. Teachers are able to get a slide presentation from the drive onto the Jamboard and can have an interactive session. Interactive sessions can be writing additional notes, adding images, or any other tool. Such a presentation can create a virtual lab setup and can clarify the doubts of working methodologies.

4. Inventiveness

Jamboard is the best platform for students and teachers to showcase their creativity. A creative mind can always create some wonders in Jamboard.

Sample activity for students to show their inventiveness:

Emoji Story Writing

  • Inform students to create a jam and write an emoji story.
  • Let the students use the emoji tool, or search the web for specific emojis and choose certain emoji to form the story.
  • Students can even include words in between the emoji to form a story.
  • Finally, create an assignment and allow students to link their jam during the jam meets.
Sample emoji to frame the storyboard

Sample emoji to frame the storyboard

Advantages of Inventiveness

  • Renders emotional development.
  • Enhances out of box thinking in students.
  • Boosts problem solving skills.
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5. Live Note Taking Demonstrations

The classroom method of teaching allows the students to take certain notes when the teacher is teaching. A similar feature is provided by the Jamboard wherein the students are allowed to take notes on the subject while the teacher is taking sessions. Sketchnoting can be effective in this context, as the student is able to add images and emoji or use the auto draw function to add visual notes.

Advantages of Live Note Taking

  • It creates the illusion of a classroom teaching ambiance.
  • Virtual interaction makes students more attentive and alert.

6.Sticky Notes and Poster Annotations

Sticky Notes are usually used to remind us about some upcoming events to be created, or some assignment to be completed in the form of some note on the screen or on the display board. The common color for sticky notes is in yellow color. A similar digital Sticky Note feature is available in Jamboard where the teacher can stick certain notes on the Jamboard for students.

Some of the characteristics of Sticky Notes are:

Sample of Sticky Note

Sample of Sticky Note

Advantages of Sticky Notes

  • Reminds about tasks or events.
  • Customize the notes to differentiate various sticky notes available in the Jam.
  • Manage the tasks.

Poster Annotation is another exciting tool available in Jamboard where texts and drawings can be easily used in Jam sessions.

7. Collaborate and Share

Since Jamboard is a collaborative tool, it allows us to join people to share information. We can send an invitation to people to join the Jam session. It is possible to share and send the Jam files to have an effective Jam session.

Jamboard provides a Jam Meeting . It is possible to present the Jam files during the live session. The present facility in Jamboard helps the students to get a virtual idea and understand the concept.


Other Important Jamboard Tools are


Handwriting ,Shape and Sketch recognition

Allows to have handwritten text or pictures or shapes in the Jam session


It is possible to erase the contents using this tool to clear the contents on the whiteboard

Laser Pointer

This tool is used to temporarily point or highlight on particular content on the screen.

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Life is all about changes. We should accustom to changes and proceed. Likewise, is the education system. We are now facing a drastic change in the education system wherein we have to shift from offline to online teaching by giving the best output to students.

Now we are aware that Jamboard can help us to stay connected, engaged, and give a productive result. If there is a positive impact by increasing the overall development skills of a student, then it is a good practice to use such tools more often by the teachers. Jamboard is indeed is a great tool that simplifies distance learning through online teaching methodology.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Sneha Bhat


Sneha Bhat (author) from India on September 14, 2020:

Thank you Ms.Kavya Jain for reading my article. Yes,life is all about digital world now. Such tools helps to upgrade ourselves to the current online classes environment. Thank you again.

LAKSHMI U on September 12, 2020:

Thank you so much, definitely I will try to use it

Kavya Jain on September 12, 2020:

Certainly Jamboard has simplified online teaching, specifically in this pandemic time. Great article and much relevant in present times.

Sneha Bhat (author) from India on September 11, 2020:

Thank you Mr. Umesh Chandra sir for reading my article. Yes, Jamboard tools are useful to teachers who take online classes. Indirectly teachers and students will have an innovative way of learning by collarorating many features.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on September 10, 2020:

Thanks for the information much relevant today in online teaching arena.

Sneha Bhat (author) from India on August 24, 2020:

Thank you Mr. Fariz sir for reading my article. Yes, there are many more interesting features useful for teachers and students.

Azkra Fariyz Fadhilah from Indonesia on August 21, 2020:

Never knew this thing existed. Thank you for this helpful information :)

Sneha Bhat (author) from India on August 21, 2020:

Thank you Mrs. Lakshmi madam for reading my article.

1. You need to sign in to google account and on the top right side of the screen, you can find 9 dots.

2. Click on those 9 dots and there you can find various Google Suite apps. One among the Google Suite tool is Jamboard. Click on that icon.

3. It redirects to Jamboard document, where several frames are available.

4. You get to see different tools in Jam file and use accordingly.

5. Once the task is over, you can either save it or present it or share it to your students or to other Jam files or to other faculties.

Jamboard is nothing but a smart whiteboard, where it allows the teacher and the student to interact during the sessions.

Lakshmi U from Mangalore on August 21, 2020:

Article is very apt for the growing need of the time. But traditional teachers like me would like to know how, where, when and everything of it in online teaching, because as of now in school we get our teaching video recorded before sending. This is helpful as there won't be any problem in viewing due to power failure or internet connection problems during the day. But this kind of online teaching strategy knowledge is a must for our job, so it would be better if you provide information regarding its downloading , incorporation in teaching. Features mentioned here are very interesting , that's why I want to know more of it. Thank you for the information.

Sneha Bhat (author) from India on August 20, 2020:

Thank you for showing keen interest in reading my article and giving your valuable comment, Mr. Danny sir.

Nowadays most of the companies use such storyboard to get numerous ideas and to execute an alternative plans for their projects. Thank you again for liking my article sir.

Danny from India on August 20, 2020:

All tips are excellent and very useful for any topic at hand. But I liked the storyboard tip as many companies use it nowadays for ideating and content planning.

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