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7 Tips on How to Speak English Fluently

Anupam Mishra is a language trainer who trains the students of Cambridge English (PET/ FCE/ CAE). Passionate about using new forms of poetry


1. Develop Daily Reading and Writing Habit

  • Read as much as you can, based on your interest. It will not just increase your vocabulary but will also broaden your language skills.
  • Choose books that can get your full attention and you get engrossed in the book forgetting everything else.
  • Devote at least an hour a day for reading on average.
  • After you have read something try to present that in your own words to some of your close friends or jot it down in your diary. It will make you more confident in what and how you express your opinion and understandings.

2. Enrich Listening Skills

  • Listen to those personalities who inspire you, whose words reach directly into your heart.
  • Go for the speakers whom you like or the ones who are excellent in their life as they are the ideal speakers filled with confidence.
  • You can get various videos on youtube or else you can listen to the podcast channel of your interest. Listening is the best tool to help you be a good orator.
  • We learn from each and every individual. Those speakers you don't want to listen to or avoid listening, they too teach you what you need to avoid while speaking in public.

3. Loud Reading

  • Loud reading of the texts makes you more confident as a speaker apart from practicing correct pronunciation of the words.
  • How many times you pronounce a difficult word that much better you get in uttering that word.
  • Do the major reading part silently but when you feel distracted, start reading loudly. It also gets back your concentration.
  • You can even record your voice to check your pronunciation and enunciation.

4. Find a speaking partner

  • Language can only be developed when you practice the language. Find a speaking partner with whom you can keep on communicating and who can guide you if you make mistakes.
  • Select various themes on which you want to discuss, brainstorm the topic, and share your opinions.
  • Fix a time of at least two hours a week to communicate with your friends and share your emotions and expressions in the language that you want to work upon.
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5. Speak in front of the mirror

  • To brush up on your oratory skills you can even communicate with yourself virtually using a mirror or camera.
  • List all the topics of your interest from the society, family, movies, books, magazines, news, emotions, experiences etc and start speaking about them.
  • Talk with yourself and assess yourself in the mirror or in the video how you have performed.
  • Compare your style with the best orators and try to identify which part you need to practice more.
  • Remeber, as much as you speak on a topic that much fluent you will become on that.

6. Maintain a separate dictionary

  • Write all the new words with their meaning your dictionary.
  • Be consistent in learning words.
  • You can learn 2 to 10 words a day based on your comfortability.
  • No words can be learnt just by just repeating the word and its meaning. You can learn them better and for longer time by using them practically in your language.
  • Write the new words on your study table where you can see it again and again and use it repeatedly throughout the day.

7. Brush up the grammar (the rules of the language)

  • Every language has its rules and regulation which give the language a standard form.
  • For the correct usage of the English language, parts of speech, tenses, reported speech, active and passive voice, phrases and clauses, and types of sentences should be clarified.
  • One can work on grammar by the regular usage of the language with proper understanding.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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