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7 Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Study in the USA

Carole is a writer for hire who has vast experience in the education sector.

Study in the USA

Study in the USA

Many international students are choosing to study in the US because of its attractive educational system. The state-of-the-art campuses, vibrant student community, and warm support structure all make for an excellent study environment.

As if that is not enough, the freedom to study at your pace and the promise of employment upon graduation make the US the best destination for further studies. Read on for more reasons pulling students to the US.

Why Study in the US?

1. Top-notch education

America is an advanced nation that has streamlined its systems. As a result, the quality of university education is high. The universities are fully-fledged with functioning faculties. There is a wide selection of marketable degrees such as Finance and Information Science.

The classroom sizes are manageable so that there is proper interaction between the lecturer and students. The teaching/learning approach is student-centered, making university learning fun, and holistic.

There are different modes of teaching including hands-on, demonstration, and focus groups, which make learning exciting. With such standards of learning, students graduate with market-ready proficiency and are quickly absorbed in the workforce.

2. Assured career opportunities

The international degree you earn from an American university is a key to respectable career paths worldwide. It offers graduates a competitive edge anywhere in the world. This is because the degree prepares you efficiently for the job market.

The internship you undertake gives you a glimpse of the real work environment. The useful networks you create in the university and during internship become a launching pad for your career.

There is always a demand for graduates who study in USA. Studying abroad means, you can easily join the management team in the corporate and multinationals sectors as a graduate trainee. The skills you acquire are also on-demand in your home country because they are contemporary and embrace the latest technology.

3. Superb academic resources

Universities in America have an abundance of teaching and learning resources. They have research centers for advancing knowledge. The libraries are fully furnished with modern textbooks and learning resources. They are spacious enough for students who want to undertake personal studies in a quiet environment.

Students have access to WiFi to research for their assignments and projects. Those who study science-oriented courses have access to the latest state-of-the-art laboratories where they can freely put their inquisitive minds to work. Field trips are part of the students’ programs to enhance their knowledge fully.

Celebrate the fruits of US studies

Celebrate the fruits of US studies

4. Strong support system

Both local and international students have dedicated staff to help them settle well at the university. Immediately they register, they receive a proper orientation. Many of the universities have deans of students or international student counselors who attend to student issues.

They make follow-ups until the matters are resolved. There are arrangements for student housing. Available on campus is a resource center with indoor games and entertainment for students to socialize and relax.

International students who may experience culture shock receive support from the dean and other students. For foreign students with English difficulties, an exclusive department is available. It helps them upgrade in the language to bring it to an acceptable standard before embarking on their regular studies.

The department organizes training, workshops, and English learning sessions. Most American universities assist students with financial difficulties by offering them paid tasks. During the holidays, such students get jobs to help them raise fees for the following semester.

5. Broad selection of extra-curricular activities

Universities in America aim at molding all-rounded students by emphasizing the need for extra-curricular activities. These personal development ventures are healthy for students, as they make them better sociable beings and they learn teamwork (which is important for their future work life).

The activities loosen them up, allow them to express themselves freely in a less formal environment and learn more new life skills. Campuses have up-to-date sports facilities with trained coaches for students whose interest is in sports. There is also a variety of clubs, academic and professional organizations, and student governments.

Those interested in volunteer work can engage in it, if not, they can participate in any other service-related activities like planting trees or visiting old peoples’ homes. Multicultural events are other options where students organize and engage in festivals, cultural shows, and concerts.

6. Versatile academic options

North American education is attractive because of the flexibility in the academic options. For instance, to study Computer Science in USA as a bachelor’s program, you require four years. You can accelerate the time so you complete within two years.

If you have other commitments besides studying, you can lengthen the study period to more than 4 years. You can study as a regular student or a part-time student. As a part student, you choose when to study and how many hours per day.

Academic advisors are on call to attend to any clarifications students require. Classes are manageable offering a chance to interact with the lecturer at a personal level. This makes it easy to schedule your programs to fit your lifestyle, as it is easy to convey your plans with your lecturers.

7. A new experience away from home

International students can take this opportunity to savor new horizons. The students meet others from different cultures and backgrounds. They exchange a lot of information and have a broad outlook on life.

The USA travel experience gives exposure to a completely new world. It may be the seed for discovering your love for traveling. You may want to explore the many states in the host country.

This becomes easier once you settle in one of the states. You will have rich stories to share with your family back home. There will be new friends from all over the world. It is an opportunity to learn amazing languages and cultures

Final Thoughts

All the above reasons are sufficient to make you take that important step of studying in the USA. You will join many others before you, who are already enjoying this appealing system of education. Your life will undergo a total transformation whose effect will resonate with your family.

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Carole Mireri (author) on September 04, 2020:

Yes, Miebakagh,there are many benefits associated with studying n the US.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on September 04, 2020:

All the points are really true to make studying in an America university a pleasure.

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