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Extinct Dog Breeds From the Last Centuries.

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Extinct Dog Breeds from the Last centuries

There are many unusual types of dog breeds that are no more present in this world about whom you indeed never heard hitherto. The primary reason behind the dogs and other species extinction from today’s world is ignorance and due to people don’t think usefully in this modern world. As a result, people no longer find these dogs productive and effective in the household.

Researchers and historians who have a dog passion worked hard to assemble accurate material about dog breeds and investigate their best to depict fact-based pictures of these dog breeds by what means they look like and what tasks they performed. Hither gets details of these extinct dog breeds:

St.Johns water dog

St. John’s water dog was one of the best and a primitive retriever with its origin in the 19th century in Newfoundland. This dog was the successor of Labrador retriever and Golden retriever along with other breeds. This dog was a hybrid of Tweed water spaniel dog. There is a fiction that this highly famous dog maintained to disappear with the invention of modern fishing methods and tools because this dog would work along with local fisher to catch fish. This dog breed thought to be completely disappeared from the world in the 1980s.

English White Terrier

In the 18th century in the UK, English white terriers were found. They have unique and odd life histories. An English white terrier was bred only for the show ring, unlike other breeds. But severely, the reproduction process leads to many health issues like anxiety, congenital deafness, and unfavorable behavioral conditions resulted in the poorly developed dog breed. Therefore, they couldn’t perform at a satisfactory level. Because of the failure of the program UK kennel club erased the dog breed. The dog becomes extinct after three decades of its creation. This dog plans considerable contribution to producing new breeds like Boston terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Rat Terrier, and Fox Terrier by dominating the English white terrier.

Cordoba Fighting Dog

Cordoba fighting dog, as the name suggests, is widely exploited in illegal dog fights in unknown areas of Argentina. They were aggressive, fierce, and hardy, have great stamina to bear the pain. This dog breed was a hybrid of Bull Terrier, Bulldog, and Mastiff. The primary cause of extinction of this breed is their aggression and cruel temperament, and the second chief cause is through the process of sexual joining males typically kills females, resulted in the disappearance of this breed.

Russian Tracker

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This dog breed completely disappeared in the 19th century, moreover identified as the Russian retriever. The tracker is employed to guard and protect the livestock, property, and families from predators like bears and wolves in the Caucasus Mountains. They were husky dogs with a standard height of 30 inches, weighing about 100 pounds or more. Tracker was not only brave and intelligent but clever, fast, and strong as well. Golden retrievers and some setters reflect this extinct breed.

Turnspit or Kitchen Dog

The dog was a slender-bodied and short-legged dog to run a wheel identified as a kitchen dog. In the 16th century in England, this dear dog developed. The dog was exercised in the kitchen to prepare food. The dog ran inside the wheel like a squirrel. The ring was running, the meat was cooking. The dog additionally served as a foot warmer in church. It was disappeared by the mid of the 19th century since the kitchen wheel ceased to be relevant. The breed was cheerful but firm.


These extinct dog breeds were present in the 13th to 19th centuries in New Zealand. Indigenous Polynesian and Maori people used these canines as a companion, guards, and as hunting dogs. They represent not the unique breed for domestic purposes but are additionally operated to get leather and fur. In the 1860s when European settlers overloaded into New Zealand, Kuri became extinct. The fact about these dogs was unable to interbreed with other European breeds.

Molossus Dog

This was one of the most famous, ordinary, and prominent dogs of ancient Greece. Molossus was a giant dog breed with a substantial, sturdy, and overwhelming body. These canines were also primary war dogs in ancient Roman and ancient Greeks. The descendant of these majestic and famous breeds is St. Bernard, Rottweiler, and the Mastiff. Most commonly used for guarding the livestock, herd, and people over centuries.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


Lady Dazy from UK on June 14, 2021:

Interesting article , I had never heard of these dog breeds before. Some of them were great looking , but I think dog breeders have interfered with nature by creating domestic pets from animals. Now certain dog breeds have been created to suit us humans.

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