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55 Recommendations for a Good Life

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Deepa is a freelance researcher and journalist. She writes and makes documentaries and videos.


Try These, You Will Not Regret

Of course, I agree that my idea of a good life need not apply or be acceptable to others. Still, I am writing them down with the belief that at least a few of you would find them useful.

Don’t worry about things that are not in your hands to change

Try to Change negative things in your life that you CAN change

Try to find joy in things and ideas and creative actions rather than in people. People change. Good music, good books, a lovely tree shade, do not change. They give you the same experience, the same sense of happiness whenever you are with them.

Don’t blame yourself unnecessarily. You did not come to this world, trained. It is all trial and error in life for everyone. We make mistakes but we learn from them. We even repeat mistakes because we are weak yet we can be forgiven.

Don’t worry too much about tomorrow. Worrying does not change things. Introspection and mindful action do.

Don’t confuse objective realities with subjective conclusions. For example, many people say this is my truth. However, there is only one truth and what they are talking about is the subjective truth, not the objective one

Don’t start your day watching the news. Too much negativity. Do it at a later time in the day.

Exercise for better physical and mental health

Don’t continue your friendship with toxic people; people who play emotional games with you.

Find friends who are passionate about learning, in whichever field they are

Don’t lose touch with nature

Have pet animals in your life. They will relax you like nothing else

Try to build routines as you go about your day. They help you stay organised

Walk whenever possible. It’s good for health and mental peace

Read books, they expand your mental horizon

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Try to be a pleasant person to others

Don’t procrastinate

Have some music in your daily life

Try writing journals, howsoever mundane they remain. They are good for clarity and introspection

Have some indoor plants. They impart a feeling of freshness to your home

Eat light as it would make you more energetic

Sleep early and wake up early. There is nothing as healthy as keeping up with the circadian rhythm

Try to learn new things. Learning is what keeps you mentally young

Don’t judge people, especially those younger than you

Don’t give up hope when you face failures. They are great learning opportunities

Live within your means. Material wealth does not bring happiness

Keep things as simple as possible in your life. There is a very pernicious human tendency to complicate things unnecessarily. Don’t fall prey to it. Life is simple.

Travel as and when you find it fulfilling. Knowing other cultures helps you become more tolerant

Try to find your creative side. Every person has it inside.

Find beauty in small things. That would make your everyday life lovelier

Help others whenever you can. It gives you confidence as a human being

Push your limits. You will find out that your potential is higher than you thought

Do not hoard. Give away things you do not need while others might need them. Recycle or just get rid of things that you have no use or meaning

Don’t get carried away by gossip. Don’t talk behind anyone’s back

Don’t do the power play that people usually do in relationships- make a personal accusation to win an argument, raise your voice to win an argument, etc.

Treat everyone as equals in a real democratic sense irrespective of class, caste, colour, gender etc.

Try to learn from the young generation as they can teach you a thing or two

Think about your social obligations not as a burden but as a way to reach out to the society

Be there for people in distress when you can. They will remember and love you their entire life

Explore your village or city when you can and learn its history. This will give you a sense of history and knowledge about your roots

Talk to elderly people and spend time with them. They often lack company and also they can give you rare insights into life

Try to find a coherent philosophy for life. This need not be a single one prescribed by a single philosopher or visionary. You can take whatever works for you from many of them

Enjoy the seasons and be mindful of them

Forage for delightful natural food when you can

Spend time with your friends to relax and re-bond

Keep yourself aware of what is happening in the world. It will help you put things in a social context and understand that many personal challenges you face are faced by many others as well

Make it a habit to sit silently for a while, within your busy routine

Wash and dry your hands, feet, and face before going to sleep and have a comfortable bed that helps you fall asleep easily

Keep the colours inside your home pleasing and soothing

Wear clothes that you feel good on your body

Keep yourself up to date with new technologies as they often make our lives more liveable

Do not react immediately when you hear something provoking from others; wait a bit and then react. Sometimes you would react differently then

See life as an opportunity to explore and create wonderful things

When you see something good in others, don’t hesitate to express your appreciation. Both of you will benefit from that.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Deepa

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