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Cracking The 11 Unseen Psychological Facts Secret

I am writing this article as a registered medical practitioner who is a fellow in the study of human behavior and psychology

Psychological Facts

Psychology is key to understand oneself and others

Psychology is key to understand oneself and others

In everyday life every one is used to make mistakes and used to misinterpret oneself and others due to lack of idea of psychological make over of human being. This leads to development of misunderstanding among people and leading to arguments and interpersonal fights and conflicts. So by knowing simple psychological facts about human behaviour one can understand oneself and other-selves better and can avoid unnecessary conflicts and in fights. Hence these 11 simple psychological facts are discussed in this article for benefit of readers to improve their psychological well being.

1.A Study Has Found That People Who Are of Low Self-esteem Nature Have A Very Low IQ Level.

A study has found that people those who feel proud by humiliating others have their IQ level dropped. This happens due to the Dunning -Kruger effect where low IQ level individuals are used to think they are too smart, due to lack of enough IQ Ievel to identify their own mistakes and blunders. So next time be aware while humiliating anyone as it is not about that person but it is about you and your level of IQ

Dont Humiliate Others as It Is Proving Your Low IQ Levels Not theirs

Stop humilating others

Stop humilating others

2.Men and Women Have Different Methods of Solving a Problem. Where the Woman Looks at Him from Emotional Point of View, the Same Man Thinks about Taking Actions

This happens due to alternate dominance of hemisphere of male and female brains. In Females, it is the right side of the brain which is dominating and hence females are seen using more emotions in decision making in their day to day activities. While in males it is left side of brains which is dominating which makes males more logical and calculative in their everyday tasks.


3.A Wise Man Tries to Learn Something from All People

Wise individuals are always be seen reading, writing listening or learning some new skills. This happens due to their higher IQ levels which force them to be more curious and more interested in newer things to know about it. This simply means wiseness depends on what new is learnt? . As keep learning adds more sharpness in one's wisdom due to the cumulative increase in empirical knowledge.

4. Cheater Has the Same Ideology That All People Cheat and Lie

This happens due to the phenomenon of rationalization of the thought process of a human mind. Where due to the inherent habit of the human brain to rationalize every memory and every feeling every bad person is used to think that the entire world is bad same as him and every good person thinks that entire world is good same as him. This helps good and bad to justify their actions and thoughts, even though the reality is upside down. Cheaters when start labelling entire world as cheater and liars this help them to deny guilt and regret for their crimes and sins of cheating and lying

6.If You Ask a Question to Someone and He Partially Answers It, Then You Stay a Bit, Stay Calm, He Will Give You More Answers

This happens always in any day to day conversation. The reason is that when the affirmative response from the next person is not been seen then either due to psychological insecurity or overconfidence first person is used to add more information into his answer to ensure a sense of security or to satisfy his overconfidence. So this Psychological trick is very useful while running interrogations or running business deals in day to day conversations.

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Black Widow Using Same Psychological Trick On Loki, by Avoiding Conversation

7.Most People Think That the Social Life of Other People Is Higher than Them and They Are More Active than Them

This is just due to personal biased thinking of nearly everyone. And this happens due to the failure of people to identify hidden sadness or life crisis of other people behind thier fake smiles and Fake show-offs to other people near by them. Today in the age of social media, lot of people are used to add more vivid and colourful pics and photos of them on social media platforms but hidden truth is, how much one is in trouble and in crisis, he is supposed to use social media that much more to release his/her stresses. If this simple fact would not be identified then due to fake show off one's lifestyle to others anyone is destined to misunderstand that other's life is happier and more satisfied than him/her.

8. A Study Has Found That People Aged 18-33 Are More Stressed. Stress Decreases After 48 Years.

This happens due to uncertainty for future faced by age group 18-33 years. People/Young population living in the age group of 18-33 years has to face everyday crisis regarding their education, employment, marriage life , newborns more ever then older age group than 33 years and beyond. So if you are in-between age group of 18-33 years and feeling and facing more stressful life then don't worry soon your stresses will be over once you reached upto certain mature age group.

Stress Is Not Only True of Life, Just Keep Patience And Stress From Life Will Surly Go Away by Its Own

.18-33 year age Group population is more stressful population of world .

.18-33 year age Group population is more stressful population of world .

9.Do Not Believe Everything You Hear, Because There Are Three Aspects to Every Story. Yours, Theirs And The Truth.

This happens due to personal biases of each and every one. When anyone hears any story or any message one is used to misinterpret it and pass that information to others without understanding his/her own personal bias. This lead to horrible manipulation and misunderstanding in passing on of information from one person to another person. Hence it is wise that no person must take any serious decision on believing mere "hear say" without identifying whole and full truth of any issue.

This Is How "Truth" For Everyone Keep Changing From Person to Person

10.Whatever a Child Hears From His Parents Becomes His Voice.

This happens due to the fact that personality of child is basically mirror image of its parents. What so ever right or wrong practised or done by parents will be mimicked by a child in the same manner. So while rearing the child all parents must be cautious that what they are teaching their child through their actions and behaviours indirectly or directly.

11. We Often Ignore Those Who Pay More Attention To Us And Pay More Attention To Those Who Ignore Us.

This happens due to imbibed attention-seeking behaviour existing in each and every person. And denial of attention results in psychological pain in subconscious mind(thalamus part of brain), which is experieced same as physical pain. So to overcome this pain people are used to crave for physical attention from others. And in other case when too much attention is gained then to satisfy one's ego attention recivier start ignoring to attention provider. Such type of attention seeking behaviour can be seen in children,females and narssisitic personalities. And solution for such attention seeking abnormalities is- Donot pay unnecessary attention and keep exposing lies,flasehood of such attention seeking personalities in appropriate way.

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