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50 Inspirational Quotes. Love, Life and others.


Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.



Written in inspiration from my favorite writers and personalities, This article consists of 50 inspiring Quotes, Three lines short poetry and others.

All work is completely mine.

50 Quotes of Love, life and other.

1."If you love them truly, don't let them go easily."

2." We all get our share of love, money ,status , respect and happiness sooner or later in different forms in our life."

3.Ignore little things for a bigger goal.

4.Life isn't meant for comfort. It is meant to work and struggle to seek the comfort.

5.If we get everything, what we will live for?

6.Donate a bit of Smile everyday. Your conscience also needs a charity.

7.Truest love is a love of parents towards their children.

8.Life is like a book, Some pages of the story may not be entertaining but don't quit reading the full story because of those certain pages. The story must go on.

9.You can only learn from a winner or a loser.

10.If cannot go back in past, stop thinking about it.


11.The final goal of everyone of us is "A peace of mind".

12.Count the stars before it's morning. Not all the nights shows blinking stars and shine.

13.If you go high ,people will see you stepping on the stairs but the same thing happens when you are coming down.

14. It's better to stay silent than telling a story to a person not interested.

15.Maturity doesn't comes with age, it comes with incidents.

16.Every relationship in this world is temporary except the one of you with yourself. Practice self love.

17.Enjoy your good days, but appreciate your bad days.

18.Invest your time, emotions and love at right places.

19.The final goal of everyone of us is "A peace of mind".

20.decision making power at right time and right places is a rare instincts of human race.

21.she was no less of a talent but she was tired.

22.There is thin line between being impressed and being inspired by someone. Prefer inspiration.

23.You are no one to stop them, if their hearts doesn't.

24.Failure is a way to awakening.

25.Perfection doesn't exists. Be real.

26. If you are dreaming big stop caring about little things.

27.Never trust the outer appearance of anyone. Because devils can also follows the fashion trends.

28.Prioritize the yourself. I repeat.

29.Don't let your mind control you .

30."Expectations" is the root o cause of every heartbreak.


31.Learn to forgive, learn to let go, learn to accept, learn to live and love unconditionally.

32.We are incomplete without Love.

33.In the end , It is all you with you.

34.Keep it secret. Keep it low-key. keep it classy. Let not the suspense end.

35."Love and affection are not bound to be received only by our blood relations. It is often found that we have the worst enemy at homes and a best friend from outside.

36.We can never be satisfied in our lives. When we are, we are dead.

37.Invest more in a good friendship.

38.human being are often get mistaken by sweet talks and kind gestures.

39.Issues starts ,when they care.

40. You don't need to listen to everyone.

Poetic Quotes...

41.The night of "long" dimness, still ends.

42.Arrange them, "the words" before you spill them out.

43.Love me deeper, deeper as an ocean.

44.All smiles aren't faithful.

45.I want it "Pure" , your love. Never shared. Never contaminated.

46.Never reveals your plans to the world. let them see your success.

47.Listen carefully to the silence, it is stronger than the words.

48.Be the one who inspires not impresses.

49..fear the " free" occupied minds.

50..The crowd of stars in the long lengthy night isn't always shining.


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