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5 Scariest Prisoners of All Time

This article is about 5 most scariest prisoners of the world.


The outgrowing, fast and dynamic world has devised a lot of ways and means which has made man’s life far easier, comfortable and faster. In between these innovations and revolutions in various fields, the thriving concepts and movements of gender equality has provided the society a lot of irreconcilable problems and embroiled the humanity and moral values in formidable destruction.

The eye ball man

The eye ball man, Jason Barnum was sentenced to 22 years of prison for shooting Alaska police officer. According to independent, his crime was driven by the action of heroin. The scariest thing about him was his tattoo filled visage. Barnum had one of his eyeball completely tattooed. While explaining his behavior, he blamed Alaska Correction department saying that I left the prison in 2010 having no house to live. I used to live and sleep in streets. I also tried to get a job but my beautiful face did not allow me to do so.

Even when the chief of Alaska police told about him in the court quoted as ,”Barnum himself had decided that he is not going to be lucrative for the public a long time ago.” In reply to this, Jason Barnum said, “I agreed with what chief has said, because I always tried to be humble but people thought that I am not the nicest guy. Whatever I have done, I can’t take anything back.’’

photo taken in the court

photo taken in the court

The red ripper

There was a time in USSR when the term serial killing was unknown to the masses. If it was back then, the government controlled media used to hide all the relevant evidences and incidents for the safety and comfort of the people.

But in spite of all of this, all the eye mutilations, USSR found someone who ensured that the Russians has a serial killer to be aware of him.

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This man, Andrei romanovich chikatilo, born in Ukraine, which is known as the “Bread Basket” of Soviet Union in the 70s; was a notorious serial killer of Soviet Union. He was nick named as ‘’butcher of Rostov’’ and sometimes as ‘’the red ripper’. He had the allegations of killing more than 52 women approximately. He confessed 56 killings and was caught while trying for 53 in 1992. He was sentenced to death.


Aileen wuornos

Wuornos was born in 1956 at Rochester. She was thrown out of her home. Then she stepped in illegal actions and found guilty of killing multiple victims. This women was found involved in 7 cold blooded murders between 1989 and 1990. Her method of crime was just astounding. She was a planner and used to date with someone and then blamed him for rape and shoot them at point blank range. She convicted her crimes and sentenced to death by lethal injections in 2002. “Monsters” named movie was depicted on her life was casted in 2003.

Rodney alcala

This man was devastating. He is known to be the scariest serial killers of all. He holds the record of the highest killing streak in history. He was known as ‘’the dating game killer’’. He used to victimized young attractive girls and after dating, shot them. He is said to have killed at least 130 women. He was arrested in 1980 and hanged till death same year.


The Nithari killers

Moninder Singh pandher and his crime partner surinder koli were sentenced to death when found ascribed to one of the 16 murder cases in the nithari killing case between 2005 and 2006. This killing serial case came into notice with the discovery of eight skeletal remnants of children buried in nithari, Noida. There are a lot of accusations like cannibalism, pedophilia, from organ trafficking to rape.


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