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5 World's Weirdest Secret Societies


When we talk about secret societies, some of the names that come to mind are the Illuminati, Freemasons and the Knights Templar. But, if you thought that these were bizarre, here are some secret societies that are weirder than them. Here is a list of some of the weirdest secret societies in the world.

1. Skull and Bones

The Skull and Bones society, better known as the Order of Skull and Bones is known to have born in 1832 at the Yale University. The society, originally known as Brotherhood of Death is shrouded in mystery and surrounded by conspiracy theories. Some say that their primary aim is New World Order. Certain conspiracy theories suggest that the CIA was built on members of this order. Another conspiracy theory states that the order hides some dark secrets of evil practices. One theory also suggests that the society was a sub-branch of an offshoot from the extinct Knights Templar. The American President Bush is known to be an adept in an American brotherhood of this order.


2. Assassins

The term assassins is derived from the word Hashashims. Hashashims were hashish traders in the middle east during ancient times. They were known to be highly skilled in chemistry and warfare. These traders were also known to be silent and deadly killers, similar to the Ninjas in the east. There also existed a secret society of these assassins. Hasan Ibn Sabbah who headed this society (1034-1124) created a group consisting of devotees who blindly followed his commands with utmost obedience. These people were called the Fedayeen. These people who appeared quite normal in daylight became deadly assassins during night times.


3. The Obedient Wives Club

This club is as bizarre as it sounds and is one of the weirdest secret societies in Asia. This group was founded by Global Ikhwan, a fringe Islamic group in Malaysia. The society claims that certain social evils such as divorce and prostitution can be cured by teaching women to be submissive and by teaching them how to keep their men happy in the bedroom. The society is obviously chauvinistic and is extreme in its ideology. Rohayah Mohamad, the club's president, firmly believes that all marital problems have their root problem in bad sex. If nothing else, the club offers a woman solidarity and sex classes to be a good “sex worker” at home.


4. The Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka

The Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka has become sort of a legend in parts of India. The society is known to be in existence from the time of Emperor Ashoka and is still a mystery to this day after more than 2000 years. Today, no one knows the truth about this secret society. The secret society is concerned with a mystery which can be attributed to something kind of an Indian version of Atlantis. Legend has it that Emperor Ashoka created this secret society with nine unknown people (people who would never be known to the public) in order to protect and develop an ancient knowledge so dangerous that it could potentially destroy the entire world if it fell into wrong hands. This society is considered the most powerful secret society on earth by many people, and it consists of some of the greatest scientists and thinkers in the world.


5. The Beefsteak Club

The Beefsteak Club is also called the Sublime Society of Beefsteak, and this British club goes back to at least 300 years. At any given time, only 24 members are allowed to join this club. Even the future George IV had to wait for a member to die in order to join the club. What was the specialty of this society? Well!! As the name suggests, this is a club which is dedicated to how awesome a steak is. The members of this club get together and eat steak, talk about how wonderful the steak is, sing a song for the steak. They even wear funny outfits with a badge that proclaims “Beef and Liberty”. Talk about being weird.

This is just a small number from many of the weirdest secret societies in the world. I will publish few more in another post. Do feel free to suggest some of the weird secret societies you have heard of.


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I always found secret societies so interesting. I wish I could be a fly on the wall. Very cool.

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Cool hub. It's always interesting to read about weird historical things like this. Thanks for sharing this with us!