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5 Ways To Get Your Own Creative Spark

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Creativity is intelligence having fun according to Einstein. Well watching movies is having fun, analyzing them... the best

Is creativity natural or something that’s practiced? Is it a term used to qualify just a particular set of people? Is it something that can be honed to perfection?

The argument goes on in different circles; some even saying creative can be limited to one aspect and not extend to another. Are such speculations true? Well you’re about to find out.


Everyone is a creative

This is proven by research. It is proven that when humans let their hands take control without any form of inhibition or self-conscious judgments, they get quite imaginative and innovative.

Like the quote by that says creativity is just like a muscle that needs to be flexed. It means creativity is something inherent in us all and just need the right push to show forth.

Research On Creativity

Research has also shown that creativity decreases with age. It’s the highest in children below five simply for the fact that their brains are more widely open to the space of exploring and imagining

We get into school and our thinking capacity gets limited to our books and everything in them thereby decreasing that creative space. By the time we graduate out of the system, our creativity levels have depleted to less than 15%.

Basically this should be a wakeup call for every single one of us on raising children not just academically but creatively too.

The world today has taken a complete turn and people aren’t looking for two people that do exactly the same thing. They search for one who is unique who can do what the next person can’t; someone irreplaceable

It doesn’t mean taking them, out of school but also helping to groom their creative abilities as teachers and parents alike.


The beauty of creativity is that it doesn’t just apply to the arts but also to the sciences as well. I mean, scientific and technological advancements started with a thought that was seen as ridiculous and absolutely dreamy till it was turned to reality.

We all need something new in our lives; living in a pattern can become monotonous and unsatisfying. Creativity is what helps us create something new and pivot from the ordinary.

Creativity doesn’t have to be something we leave to a particular percentage of the population.

Once you become an expert or really passionate about a particular thing, you can be extremely creative in such areas

The simple crazy thoughts that come to your head and get pushed away become millionaire ideas for others. I’ve heard that nothing you think about is trash, there’s always diamond in the coal. Sometimes it just needs a little time or pressure to show through


The 3 Part Recipe to Creativity

Creativity is a simple recipe with three key ingredients which include originality, the element of surprise and being valuable.

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Simply put, it should be something new that no one has put forward before, surprising with the fact that people never actually thought it could be achieved but you proved them wrong and valuable because hey, what’s the point of all that if it can’t be used. The thrill and search for it won’t last so long.


5 Ways To Tap Into Your Inner Genius

Furthermore, here are five things to do to spark up those creative juices.

It can be said that creativity has to do with a big shift in mindset as none of these steps will work if you are not open to change or exploration.


You have to be ready to break the rules and out of your comfort zone to be creative. It’s the ones who dare to do that make all the difference.

With this quality you seek to find all the answers to certain questions and why some things don’t seem to work or work very efficiently

Even finding a solution would push you finds a better way to do it and that’s creativity.


Children are very curious creatures. Coming up they seek to understand what is going on and keep asking ‘why?’ This justifies the fact about why their creativity is at a very high point.

When you are fascinated by the world around you, you seek to understand why some things work the way they do. Finding out puts more information in the memory bank and soon enough you start to merge concepts and ideas.

There you go, a spark of creativity turned into a burning flame


With a Debbie downer attitude you can’t expect to appreciate the world let alone see its beauty or begin to figure out yours.

With such attitude, your eyes are both mentally and physically closed to the possibility or even the fulfillment of creativity



It’s said that you cannot stop a man with purpose, the best you can do is slow him down. This part is where the work comes in. What’s the use of the best ideas if no one can see them?

Run with your ideas before someone else does and is regarded as the sole pioneer or creator. I’m sure we must have heard once or twice where we hear a person could have been regarded as a father to some theory but his/her work wasn’t organized and so went to someone else.

Don’t let that be you, at least start from somewhere. All the legends you see started from somewhere and then honed their craft. Hone yours too in the long run


We tend to get scared on whether we’ll be perfect, heck even good enough and so pull back from putting ourselves out there. But you need to understand there’s someone who needs to hear your story and so you do it even if it’s for that one person.

Most times linking up with an expert in the field we take on our creativity can really boost our confidence. So whatever rocks your boat, row with it

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