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5 Most Beautiful Green Buildings in India

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Green Buildings

Green Building, as the name proposes, is that structure which is environment friendly and less dangerous to our climate. Any architecture which is made with an idea of maximum utilizing of any proficient asset in its plan, development, or activity and upgrades our living standard is Green Building.

Factors of Green Building

To be green any building should have various highlights among which few are:

  • There should be a practical use of resources and energies.
  • It should use sustainable sources of power as Sun.
  • Application of contamination and waste reduction measures.
  • Efficient recycling methods being used for the materials.
  • Produces good quality air for indoors.
  • Less harmful residues and adequate use of water and other resources.

Green Building concept in India

A green building in India is also, as mentioned in the definition above is a place of modern space and equipment which minimizes the use of water and maximizes the efficient use of natural resources, also producing less waste during its operations. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is the main board for green buildings in India.

In the year 2003, in India, the green building movement started and gained momentum when the Platinum rating was provided to CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre Building in Hyderabad by US Green Building Council (USGBS). It was also awarded as the world’s greenest building in the same year.

Almost around 14 lakhs houses in India are now using green building features, which is about 6.33 billion sq ft. As per the numbers, this figure is only 5% of the total private properties in India. By 2022 India is aiming at expanding the green impression to 10%, which is 10 billion sq ft.

These buildings along with being environment friendly are also very beautiful to have a look on. So here I present 5 most beautiful green buildings in India:

  1. Suzlon One Earth, Pune
  2. Olympia Tech Park, Chennai
  3. Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata
  4. Infosys Limited, Mysore
  5. Cisco Building, Bangalore

1 Suzlon One Earth, Pune

The first name in our list of beautiful green buildings in India is Suzlon One Earth which is located in Pune. In the year 2010, it received the LEED Platinum ratings for being a green structure. The architecture of the building is uniquely designed for maximum use of natural daylight reducing artificial energy usages. The complete campus uses 100% recyclable resources for its functioning thus help a lot in decreasing the carbon footprints.

Suzlon One Earth, Pune

Suzlon One Earth, Pune

2 Olympia Tech Park, Chennai

Olympia Teck Park in Chennai is the biggest and earliest technology park that is globally renowned as being the first green building of its magnitude (1.8 million sq. ft.). The campus is home for various Fortune 100 companies and is ranked as the largest LEED Gold rating buildings. With very less energy utilization this tech park ensures maximum use of environment-friendly measures such as uses of natural lighting, 100% recycling of water which ultimately results in fewer carbon emissions.

Olympia Tech Park, Chennai

Olympia Tech Park, Chennai

3 Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata

Next in the list, which is also ranked as Platinum by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) under LEED Core and Shell ver. 2.0. The building is among seven such structures on the planet and second outside the USA. The structure shows unique features for extreme adaptability and costs proficiency to support activities like the wet lab, programming improvement, IT benefits, and even data centers. To lessen contamination levels, electric vehicles are utilized for driving inside the complex. CO2 observing sensors guarantee that when CO2 levels rise, fundamental measures are taken. Protected dividers control the temperatures in the structure in this way decreasing the requirement for counterfeit cooling or warming.

Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata

Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata

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4 Infosys Limited, Mysore

Infosys has a total of 780,000sq. ft. of LEED Platinum rated buildings around its campus. Here green power is the main source of energy and 90% of the buildings have proper sources of natural daylight which saves the unnecessary use of artificial lighting. Recycling is also a major attribute of this campus as half of the water consumption is reused and almost 41% of recycled construction materials were used in the complete project. Infosys always aims for increasing the potential of the buildings on its campus to reduce carbon emissions.

Infosys Limited, Mysore

Infosys Limited, Mysore

5 Cisco Building, Bangalore

Bangalore's Cisco Campus promotes environmental sustainability through innovation and collaboration. The campus sources 7000 MWh of green force per annum and creates 1 MW of solar energy. It also recycles 100% of its water waste generated on the campus. The USGBC has granted Cisco's B-16 office in Bangalore the LEED Platinum ID + C (Interior Design and Construction) confirmation for scoring 96 out of 110 all out focuses. Cisco always aims at energy-efficient products and reducing carbon footprints.

Cisco Building, Bangalore

Cisco Building, Bangalore

Looking forward in future

The rundown of green structures in India looks encouraging yet there is as yet far to go. Land engineers and customers should be instructed about the gigantic advantages of green structures. Government and administrative bodies need to assume a rousing job to empower purchasers just as designers to comprehend the requirement for green structures in India.


Neha on June 18, 2020:

Nice article..

Swaty (author) from Bangalore on June 17, 2020:

Namaste Marie, Thank you for the feedback.

Swaty (author) from Bangalore on June 17, 2020:

Thank you Liz, Yes Green is the trend we need at this moment.

Marie Flint from Jacksonville, FL USA on June 17, 2020:

I'm doing a little research on the Lotus Temple and am surprised it wasn't included.

This is a well organized article, and I agree with Liz that "Green" should be a global trend.


Liz Westwood from UK on June 17, 2020:

I hope that, in the future, we will see many more green buildings globally.

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