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46 Thoughtful Love Messages for Your Girlfriend Who is Far Away

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So, your girlfriend is far away from you and you are missing her dearly. In such times its best you let your thoughts flow and express your love for her in a message. You need to put in a great deal of effort to make a long distance relationship work. Commitment and understanding plays pivotal role in a long distance relationship. Since the internet came into being long distance relationships have gained prominence. While the school of thought on long distance relationship is divided, the truth is… If there is love in your heart, no distance can keep you apart.

While in this digital age love messages are sent on social networking sites, by email or through text messaging, it is a nostalgic feeling to send a love message to the one you love on a greeting card. When your girlfriend receives your greeting card with your love message handwritten, her eyes will well up in that emotionally uplifting moment.

The list below showcases an epic collection of love messages you can use as ideas to come up with your very own thoughtful sentiments for your girlfriend.

46 Thoughtful Love Messages For Your Girlfriend Who Is Far Away

  1. You are the reason I smile. I found meaning in you. I love you.
  2. I love you. Your smile opens streams of consciousness. I want to wake up each day to the warmth of your breath. Make it happen.
  3. No matter the distance, I know someday we will be together. I love you.
  4. You ignite my skin and bones. You are the warmth that makes my life meaningful. I love you.
  5. With you in my life I found meaning in love. I experience the little joys in life because of you. Just want to say… I Love you!
  6. Cannot say a thousand words, but these three I mean… I Love You.
  7. Every time I think of you I reward myself with a smile you gave me. You are the light in my life. I love you and I miss you.
  8. The first time I saw you, I realized I have reason to change. You gave meaning to my life. I love you and I miss you.
  9. I wish I could sit on a shooting star and reach you in a blink of a moment. I miss you and I love you!
  10. When I sleep it’s you I think of. When I wake up it’s you I think of. You are always on my mind. I love you deeply.
  11. We haven’t met each other in person, and when we do, it will be something special. Can’t wait you see you. I love you and I miss you.
  12. You have answers to all the questions I have. You are the kindest and most compassionate soul I have ever known. I love you and miss you dearly.
  13. I was lonely and felt alone until you came into my life and made it brand new. Love you.
  14. I don’t have reason to be sad and depressed anymore, because I found you. You are the love of my life. I miss you a lot!
  15. I love you and adore your because you are you, there’s no one like you. Miss you.
  16. I miss the warmth of your breath when you would whisper songs of love as we would sit gazing at stars. You are so far away, but I hear your whisper loud. I miss you and I love you dearly.
  17. I just can’t be bitter when I have a sweetheart like you. I love you, and i miss you.
  18. There’s no one who can bring out the best in me, except you. You are special and I love you.
  19. I may not be perfect, but with you I feel perfect. I love you and I miss you. Wish you were here.
  20. Your amusing ways make me feel complete. You are amazing the way you are. Continue to shine bright. I love you.
  21. You fill my darkest moments with sunshine. You are the light I never saw but found. You are the love of a lifetime.
  22. When I think of you it gives me new hope. You are perfect in my imperfections. You brighten me up. I love you.
  23. I share every aspect of my life with you because I love you. You always find something good in the worst I can be. You are the light in my life that will never fade away.
  24. Since you came into my life I have left my worries behind. You make my world a better place. You cannot imagine how much I miss you.
  25. Everytime I hear your voice it brings a smile on my face. I wish I could do the disappearing act and be with you. I love you.
  26. I don’t often say things right, but when I say I love you I know what I’m talking about.
  27. Your smile makes me feel alive. Your eyes make me open up. And when you laugh with glee it makes me want to be a little child. You are like no other. You breathe new life in me. I love you and I always will.
  28. I used to believe a beautiful life existed in the movies and in a world of fantasy, and then you came into my life and changed my belief. You are the reason I realized I had a heart. I love you endlessly.
  29. I wish I could be there in a blink of an eye and cuddle up with you. I love you and miss your chocolate cookies, just kidding, I really do miss you.
  30. I cannot imagine my life without you. I want to be with you as we grow old. I love you very much.
  31. I won’t swim across an ocean for you. I won’t bring the moon to you, because I know I’m human and you’re human too. All I know is I love you and I miss you dearly.
  32. I gave up on my addictions because I found you. I love being addicted to you. Be my addiction forever. I miss you and you know I love you.
  33. I never did believe in angels, until I met you. You amaze me and give me hope in my darkest moments. I love you honey.
  34. The things you say take my breath away. You are a special. There’s never a moment I can stop thinking of you. I love you. Miss you like crazy.
  35. You are far away from me, but yet you are within me every moment of my life. I’m’ madly in love with you.
  36. I don’t have fancy words to make you feel special. I just know three simple words I LOVE YOU.
  37. My morning begins with you and my night ends with you. I cannot imagine a moment without you. I love you.
  38. You’re the most understanding girl I have met in my life. We may not complete each other and we may not be perfect for each other, but what we know well is the love we have for each other through imperfections. I love you the way you are, and I miss you dearly.
  39. You mean everything to me. You put together the pieces in my life and made me complete. I miss you.
  40. You comfort me with a smile, and that’s enough know the compassionate person you are. Love you forever.
  41. Your morning is my night, and while distance may lead to another silly old fight, I realize we are just right.
  42. When I close my eyes the distance between us reduces, because we are together in dreams. I know for sure I will open my eyes to the reality of being next to you.
  43. I love the sleepless nights because I’m thinking of you. This pandemic may put our love to test keeping us away from each other, but I know for certain love will overcome, and our love will remain. Stay Safe Baby!
  44. The only reason I keep ticking is because you are my time forever. You mean the world to me. We will get through this together.
  45. It’s raining here, its sunny there! Someday, the distance between us will not be there. I miss you, and I love You Girl!
  46. I do not feel empty because your love fills me up. All it takes is the blink of an eye to sense you. I love you and I always will.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes That Make Her Feel Special

It’s the expression of your thoughts and the sincerity with which you convey your innermost feelings that make your girlfriend feel special. In a long distance relationship you need to communicate with your partner regularly. When your girlfriend is far away you need to make her feel loved and missed. The best way to convey your emotional state is through thoughtful relationship quotes. Love messages should be truthful while being impactful.

Every girl who is into in a long distance relationship has her share of insecurities. The expression and tone in your long distance relationship quotes should make your girlfriend feel secure about you. Be true to yourself when you send love messages to your girl. Flattery in a message can earn your brownie points, but not trust. The only way to earn her trust completely is by revealing what lies within you. It’s the little unimportant things you notice in your relationship that makes her feel unconditionally yours forever.

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How to Express Love in Words to Your Girlfriend

In a long distance relationship you need to express love in words to your girlfriend. Love expression words flow easily when you are sincere and truthful about your feelings. When the girl you love selflessly is miles away from you, it’s often words associated with love, care and understanding that cement your relationship and make it stronger. Use words that are endearing and reflective in your love messages.

Be honest with your thoughts and feelings when you write a message to your girlfriend. Simple and thoughtful expressions evoke beautiful memories. The warmth of words does melt hearts. Cute messages of love kindle new beginnings in long distance relationships. Let’s get real, not every guy who is in a long distance relationship has the money to book a flight and visit his girlfriend every now and then. The best way to keep the flame of love burning bright is with words of love.


How to Write Thoughtful Love Messages to Your Girlfriend

There are moments when you feel alone and miss your girlfriend dearly. In such times it’s wise to pour you heart out with words. When you are writing a love message to your girlfriend, make sure your words are honest and straight from the heart. The mind often dictates what you are not; the heart succumbs to what you are. You need to remind yourself you are not trying to make an impression with words, but giving her an honest account of how you feel about her. Do not come up with words that make you look like a love-struck Romeo, such words will reveal how desperate you are. Furthermore, do not try and be a false prophet of words, just be your true self. What you should express in a love message is things about her that bring joy and happiness in your life.


Let Your Girlfriend Know You Miss Her

You have to let your girlfriend know you miss her. Guys may not be very good at pouring their heart out, however, in a long distance relationship you have to express your innermost sentiments. You cannot take things for granted in a relationship. The girl you are in love with should realize how much you love her and how difficult it feels to be stuck in a miss you moment. Love messages to your girlfriend should evoke the nostalgia of being missed with an attribute that is relatable. When a girl realizes that she is truly missed, she will make your world a better place.


Words You Should Use in Love Messages for Your Girlfriend

The words you use in a love message to your girlfriend should evoke beautiful feelings associated with missing her. She needs to realize how incomplete you are without her by your side. Words in a message of love should be endearing and convey a thoughtful meaning that makes her reflect about your relationship. Do not get too preachy with words in a love message. Avoid using complex words or concepts in thoughtful love messages. A simple message that reveals how you feel about her is heartwarming. Beautiful moments come alive with purity in words. When honest thoughts go into writing a message of love, the meaning conveyed becomes impactful.


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