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4 Areas of Emphasis in art Education

Art is...


Why is art education important?

Statistics show that art education is very important and for those students who perform in the arts for at least three hours on three days of each week for at least one year are:

“4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement

• 3 times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools

• 4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair

• 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance

• 4 times more likely to win an award for writing an essay or poem (New Mexico Arts council, n.d.).”

This proves that art is an important thing and that it is something that should not be taken out of the schools. Students need art to be able to express themselves, learn about their culture, interpret various visual elements, establish an atmosphere where learning mistakes are accepted, and to be able to think open-mindedly.


4 areas of emphasis in art education

The 4 areas of emphasis in art education could also be called the 4 disciplines of art. These areas are just as important as the other subjects of math, civics, social studies, english language arts, and science. These 4 areas of art education are:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts

Each one of these are needed in order to have a well-rounded education.

1. Dance

Dance is defined as, “to move one’s feet, or body, or both rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music (, LLC, 2013).” A student in a highchair, a student who has a hard time moving their arms, and even a student who has a severe learning disability can all dance. It just takes a little bit of moving in order to dance. It helps promote physical fitness, coordination, and gross motor movement. In return, it can help students to have a better self-image of one’s self. It can develop agility and grace which helps a student who has a hard time with this else wise.

2. Music

Music is, “an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color (, LLC, 2013).” The tones and sounds can be employed through the single lines of melodies. It is taught to students. It is the act of singing and playing music. Music is something that teaches mathematical skills and discipline. It can be taught through teaching a student how to sing a song, teaching a student to clap out a melody, teaching a student about high notes and low notes, teaching a student how to play an instrument, or even by teaching a student about some famous composers and how they differ from other composers. A student can learn to complete one step at a time by learning how to play sequential notes in the musical piece.

3. Theatre

Theatre is another important artistic discipline that should be taught to students. It is a form of art where students are taught to express various thoughts, feelings, opinions, and happenings. Students can be taught about how others feel in certain situations through theater. By doing this, students can learn to respect others feelings and ways of doing things. Students can be taught theater through the way of acting out different stories that they read or were read to them. By doing this, students are better equipped with the ability to comprehend the text that is acted out.

2013 Governor's Awards for the Performing Arts Education!

Painting is a visual art.

4. Visual Arts

The Visual art is the art that is usually talked about when talking about "art class" during the elementary years. It provides a way of creative expression, interpreting visual elements, understanding a person’s artistic heritage, and artistic experimentation. Through learning about the visual arts, students can learn about the ways that students portrayed the scenes of the past and how they can express themselves through the healthy passageway of creating their own work.

The 4 Areas of Emphasis


What more can be taught through the 4 areas of emphasis in art education?

Yes, being taught the four emphasis of musical discipline can teach students about the things within those disciplines, but there is even more that students can learn. Students can learn so much more. All four of the disciplines can help teach other areas of specific academic skills. Dance, music, theater, and visual arts can all help to teach the main subjects of English, Mathematics, and Social studies as well.

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Within my classroom the students will be able to learn about digraphs (phonics skills) through being able to dance to “The digraphs” song and make a special movement for each digraph. Such as, they may stomp when they hear the digraph ‘sh.’ They may raise their arms when they hear the digraph ‘ch.’ They may even spin around when they hear the digraph ‘th.’

The students will learn about patterns and mathematical skills by taking part in a music lesson where the students will clap and sing the song, “Peach, Peach, Apple.” They will clap each for each syllable and recognize the pause after ‘Apple.’ This pattern will be transformed with other foods that use the same pattern.

Arts education for deeper learning...


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Marie Alana (author) from Ohio on November 08, 2013:


Thank you for reading this! I worked hard on this. It truly is a subject that is important. I can say, for myself, that I have found myself through doing my own art form for self-expression. I'm glad that you have found that art enhances your life also.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on November 08, 2013:

This is a very useful hub regarding the areas of emphasis in Art education and you have done a wonderful job in this hub.

Thanks for drawing attention to this subject, which is so important. We all need to follow at least one art form for self expression and to make our lives beautiful.

Thanks for sharing!

kidscrafts from Ottawa, Canada on November 06, 2013:

Me too :-)

Marie Alana (author) from Ohio on November 06, 2013:


Thanks for the read. I'm glad you enjoy it. It is something I'm truthfully passionate about.

kidscrafts from Ottawa, Canada on November 06, 2013:

Great hub, MarieAlana! I am so glad that you talk about this subject. So many people want to remove art from school not thinking that it's like oxygen for the kids! Kids can learn so much through the art!

Thanks for sharing your ideas on this subject!

Awesome and interesting!

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