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3 Things That Need to Be Taken Care of to Make You a Happy Person

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

way of life

way of life

3 things that need to be taken care of to make you a happy person.

Warm regards and respect.

Our lives as humans are always full of problems. Problems that arise are due to high expectations, great needs that cannot be achieved or dreams of things that cannot be owned. Our point of view as human beings is also different from other humans. Back again to the purpose of our lives as humans. We never got the knowledge about what is need. The basic needs that we are able to get and achieve are actually the basic sources or important things to achieve a word that is Happy.

Why should you be happy?

Happiness is one of the unwritten goals of a human being. However, as a sense of purpose. The impact of Happiness that is obtained and felt can be a provision to live a quality life. Humans who always have a sense of happiness will certainly live life with high spirits and great energy for other achievements. If we become a person who does not feel happy, it will bring various problems in life and have an impact on ourselves and others. The bad impact when you don't feel happy is the emergence of anxiety, stress and cause disease in the body.

For this reason, there are 3 things that need to be maintained and can make you a happy person.

3 things to take care of are:

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1. Keep Your Mouth

2. Take Care of the Stomach

3. Keeping the lower abdomen

These 3 things mean very simple.

Keep your mouth means you watch what comes out of your mouth. What comes out of your mouth is what you talk about. When you say bad words, speak loudly and in a high tone or convey something as insults and insults, you are showing yourself as an unhappy person and can hurt people who hear what you say and talk about. The simple thing to keep what is said is sometimes difficult for some people. So by keeping what comes out of your mouth you can maintain your happiness. Isn't there a message that silence is gold, which means that a quality person who is able to keep what is going to be conveyed or comes out of his mouth certainly has an impact on being an assessment and point of view that he is a good person and those who guard his mouth will also feel a good impact by being liked by many.

people and he will be a happy individual. In addition, what comes out of the mouth is a process of feelings and thoughts. If you are a happy person of course what comes out of your mouth is a good thing.

Keeping the stomach is the opposite of guarding the mouth which means keeping something from entering the mouth to get to the stomach. Keeping the stomach as a sign you are a healthy and quality person. Keep foods that can cause disease, keep the entry of excessive food. All of that in the world of health will have an impact on the prime of your body. A stomach that receives a lot of bad intake will make your body a hotbed of disease and will lose the happiness you have. Happiness is health.

The last point is guarding the lower abdomen which means an end to guarding the mouth and stomach. Meaning as keeping lust or lust. When you are able to keep your mouth and stomach, you will be able to keep what is the opposite of yourself, namely lust or great desire. Indeed, if you think logically you will deny it. A proof will appear when you do. When you take care of these 3 things, you will bring a tremendous feeling of happiness with your healthy mind, feeling and body. Happiness that is formless is health. Just like when we breathe the air we always forget. Even though we do it regularly. Be happy with what you have and continue to maintain that happiness with the 3 simple things above. Good luck and stay happy.

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