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25 Italian Love Phrases


Italian Love Phrases

There is no shortage of Italian love phrases within the Italian language, which is not to surprising as Italians love to talk and express their love and desires as often as possible. They are known for their wooing and romantic techniques, American women are often warned of the ploys of the flirtatious Italian men.

The Italian language belongs to the romance family, a beautiful language and most closely related to it’s original roots of Latin. There is something romantic and fun to speaking to your love in another language, even if you are not fluent in it. Here are 25 Italian love phrases you can use to whisper in your lovers ear.

I Love You in Italian

1. Ti amo - I love you. This is the version only used for a husband/wife, fiancée.

2. Ti voglio bene - I love you. This is the version used for friends, family, boyfriend and girlfriends. Used more commonly on a day to day basis to your love.

3. Ti voglio tanto bene - I love you very much!

4. Sono innamorata/innamorato di the - I am in love with you.

5. Voglio baciarti - I want to kiss you

6. Sei la mia vita - You are my life

7. Ti adoro - I adore you

8. Ho un debole per the - I am weak for you

9. Amore mio - My love

10. Baciami! - Kiss me!

I enjoy listening to Italian love songs, they are so full of passion. In this video below Lucio Dalla is performing his hit Caruso, although it is commonly referred to as Ti Voglio Bene, one of my favorites.

Caruso - Ti Voglio Bene

More Romantic Italian Love Phrases

11. Parlami d’amore - Speak to me of love

12. Sei piu bella/bello del mondo - You are the most beautiful/handsome in the world

13. Vivo per the - I live for you

14. Ho bisogno di the - I need you

15. Sono pazzo/pazza di the - I am crazy about you

Another one of my favorite musicians in Italy is Eros Ramazzotti. Here is the video to one his songs I often to listen to with my speakers turned up high.

Piu Bella Cosa

Speaking of Love

16. Sei amore della mia vita - You are the love of my life

17. Grazie d’esistere - Thank you for existing

18. Portrei guardarti tutto il giorno - I could look at you all day

19. Tesoro mio - My treasure

20. Sono tutto tuo/tua - I am all yours

21. Ti mangerei - I want to eat you up

22. Voglio invecchiare con the - I want to grow old with

23. Ti penso sempre - Thinking of you always

24. Mi manchi - I miss you

25. Il mio cuore batte solo per the - My heart beats only for you

This is truly a short list of Italian love phrases. They have many ways of saying and expressing love, devotion and passion. The different regions in Italy also have their own dialects and phrases they use. For now you can have fun sprinkling an Italian love phrase here and there; use them in love letters, text messages or asking for a kiss!

Speak a Romantic Language

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Stacie P on March 22, 2014:

When searching these"love" phrases, I'm confused on which to use as some of them have the answer then a"/" with a2nd explanation. ..before I get a tattoo if my phrase, I would be forever grateful of the EXACT spelling and phrase for: "You are my life, my soul, my forever love, I am yours"

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on March 12, 2013:

Thank you so much idigwebsites! Yes it does sound very romantic when spoken:)

idigwebsites from United States on March 01, 2013:

Wow, there are even versions of "I love you" in Italian. It must sound more romantic when spoken. Voted up and interesting, beautiful. :)

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on February 09, 2013:

Thank you WiccanSage. I agree. Before I could speak it I used to love listening to my dad talk in Italian, it was a big part of why I made it a goal to learn it.

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on February 09, 2013:

Mark it is Ti mangerei, thank you for pointing out the typo~ it is fixed now. Mille Grazie:)!

Mackenzie Sage Wright on December 30, 2012:

So beautiful. I never learned Italian but all my grandparents were from Italy and I just loved to listen to them speak. This is a great hub.

Mark on December 28, 2012:

Is it Ti mangierei or Ti mangerei?

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on December 28, 2012:

Hey ME thank you that is wonderful and what a great way to have fun with your boyfriend:)!

ME on December 13, 2012:

my boyfriend is italian and he always texts me love stuff in italian and this page helped me to do the same for him thanks

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on October 02, 2012:

Thank you Arushi Bhai :) I am so glad you found it helpful. As for the videos I found them on YouTube by searching Italian artists I like. You could also try a broader search such as Italian love songs. Hope that helps cheers!

arushi bhal on October 02, 2012:

its really helpful .... ;) where can i find more videos like this one ???

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on August 29, 2012:

Hello Haley M Cruz:) I agree Italian is romantic and it is fun to learn phrases in another language even if you don't speak it fluently. Right now I am doing that with French:)

HaleyMCruz from California on August 22, 2012:

How romantic! It seems even more romantic when spoken in a language that I don't understand! Though I love Italian, and will learn it someday, I can always find more reasons to learn it now, like being able to say these and sound awesome :)

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on July 26, 2012:

Thank you Don Manual I am so glad you found it helpful and interesting. Good luck on your journey of the Italian language:)

Sonia Perozzi (author) from California on July 26, 2012:

Thank you Hassan I am glad you enjoyed it:)

donmanual from Playa del Carmen, Mexico on July 26, 2012:

Oh, thank you very much! I was searching for such article. I've just started to learn Italian but this is very interesting topic. :)

hassan zabi on May 31, 2012:

which person make this tag and web site he or she is really nice and fantastick person i love him

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