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200 Sentences English for Massage Therapists

200 Sentences English for Massage Therapists (Nice & Naughty)

200 Sentences English for Massage Therapists (Nice & Naughty) is a comparatively new arrival on the Thai, learn a language book market. Few were surprised to learn of the 'Get Rich Quick English for Bar Girls' but something for the massage side of things was different.

This little book is probably unique being geared specifically towards the massage therapist. It is also extremely important, especially in the Thai tourist resorts. In one street of just 300 yards I counted 11 massage parlours employing something in the region of 150 girls. In the streets around there were dozens more massage parlours.

Although the title of the book reads to the English speaker as incorrect it makes perfect sense to a Thai speaker who will say 'Bakery French' rather than 'French Bakery' or 'Bar Beer' instead of 'Beer Bar'. It is only in the books title 'Sentences English' instead of 'English Sentences' that things are amiss however. Inside everything is the right way round.

In essence the appearance of the book should not really be a surprise because both Bar Girls and Massage Therapists in Thailand are doing more or less the same thing. Making people happy! It is just the way they go about it that is different. How close the connection is will be apparent to some visitors to Pattaya, Thailand where some Bars and Massage parlours are combined and to be sure you are never very far away from one or the other.

The 'Nice and Naughty' in the title of the book '200 Sentences English for Massage Therapists' is relevant because whereas there are a lot of opportunities for naughty massage there a lot of nice ones too and even nice masseuse can be naughty sometimes.


Table of Contents

 The table of contents of this 142 page book is divided into two parts. The 'Nice' and the 'Naughty'. Whereas I have no intention of listing all of either I will give a rough outline of both.

The Massage in the Harem

Painted by: Edouard DEBAT-PONSAN

Painted by: Edouard DEBAT-PONSAN

The Nice

  •  Inviting Guests into Shop
  • Describing Effects of Massage
  • The Massage
  • Making Conversation
  • Leaving the shop
  • Responding to praise

Lots of other useful little bits and pieces.

Stoney Massage

Photo by:

Photo by:

The Naughty

  • Inviting Guests into Shop
  • Guest enters shop
  • Protection
  • Chatting Up
  • Our body
  • Sexual vocabulary

It is interesting to note that there are more pages devoted to 'Nice' than to 'Naughty' but then you can't be naughty all of the time.

The nice is strictly polite and will certainly allow the customer to get the very best out of their visit to the massage therapists right down to the "Please wait a moment and I will bring you a lemon grass tea".

With the 'Nice', inviting guests into shop it starts with:

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"Would you like a Massage today Sir?"

With the 'Naughty' there are two approaches:

"Hello handsome, would you like a massage?" and "Hey gorgeous, want to have some fun?"

this moves on to:

"I promise you will leave with a smile on your face"

Not that the 'Nice' is not capable of doing the same. It is just the method by which the state of bliss was reached.

Self Massage Instructions

Photo by:

Photo by:

All in all it is a useful little book and I am sure will be helpful to all Thai massage therapists and will certainly assist with customer care.

There are plenty of schools where it is possible to learn massage and in some of the temples there are schools as well. Many of the students are foreigners picking up a new skill on their holidays.

Most Thai massage therapists learn massage from their mothers. It is a skill passed down through the family mother to daughter. The girls themselves may in turn be massaged by others and so hone their skills.

Although the basics of a particular type of massage remain essentially the same the actual techniques will be unique to the therapist. It would be possible to go to the same massage parlour for a week and be massaged by seven different girls. All would be different and to the customer some 'better' than others.

This small, useful and well overdue book is going to make life just that bit easier for the massage therapist and much more comfortable for the client.

The Soapy Massage

The Thai Oil Massage


Jit Massage in Pattaya Thailand

The Pattaya Hubs

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