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The Untold Secret to 15 Interesting Psychological Facts

I am writing this article as a registered medical practitioner who is a fellow in the study of human behavior and psychology

Psychology Is Subject of Studying One's Soul & Mind

Psychology is such a subject which teaches a lot about oneself and others. But very few can grasp this idea and hence used to miss the golden opportunity to learn about oneself and others, by understanding simple psychological facts. That is these psychological facts are mentioned in the article for benefit of readers and let them know the secrets of psychological gimmicks happening around them on every day basis.

1.Reflection of How You Treat People Will Be Seen on the Behavior of the Person in Front.

Psychology says how do you represent yourself to others, others will reciprocate in the same way as you. If you are well mannered and well-spoken while the conversation with anyone then another person will also respond to you in the same way. Hence while dealing or speaking with anyone or group of people always remember that reaction of others is mostly dependant on your own behaviour with them.

Others Are Reciprocating/Projecting Your Own Behaviors Back To You

People react to you as you reacting them

People react to you as you reacting them

2.You Never Gave Up the Desire to Get What You Were Trying to Achieve Till Now. It Is Very Easy to Do This but It Is Very Difficult to Regret It.

Yes, it is true. It is very easy to seek other way out to avoid problems and crisis while following any dreams or any goals for the short term. But in the long term, it only leads to being regretful and feeling guilty for not following own dream due to fear of crisis or failure. So don't be fearful of failures or crisis during chasing "dreams" as all of these crisis times and Failures will only lead to turn you into a better person and a better human being at the end. And even after all effort suppose one fails in getting its dream, still one will have ample experience and heartful satisfaction that he/she has chased his/her dream with passion and honesty.

In Olympic races, 100 and 100 Ahtelits are used to participate from all over the world but at the end, only one is going to win the final gold medal, but this does not mean that other 100s of Athelits are not expected to participate thinking that only one is going to win. "Honest Try" is far more important while chasing a dream rather than any sucess or any failure.

Never Leave Your Dreams Unattended

3. If You Put Pressure on Someone That The Thing You Like Is Also There, Then It Will Result That He Will Start Liking That Thing but You Will Get Away From His

This is very important that while leading any team or being boss in some office, all other subordinates must be allowed to speak up or represent their opinions and suggestions. This helps to save ourselves from making stupid mistakes or blunder decisions in policymaking.
Otherwise by keep putting unnecessary pressure on subordinates or co-workers make them be "yes man of yours" for every order and instructions. Even when your instructions or orders would be damn bogus and idiotic then still without raising alarm those will be followed as it is from word to word. This finally leads to damage your reputation, business or your entire existence at the end.
So be confident and be open for suggestions, advises and corrections offered by your subordinates and co-workers and thanks to them for saving you from mistakes and wrong decision making before time.

Pressuring Others Will Only Lead to Loss True Insight of Reality

4.90% of 10-29-Year-Olds Sleep With Their Phones.

This new psychological fact of the 21st century. Due to the advent of "Smart Phones" young generation who was used to sleep with novels and magazines in the 20th century has now started sleeping with Smart Phones.
As such this is not a hazardous thing. but when young people sleep with smartphones by plugging headphones or smartphone batteries start exploding due to overcharging then the issue of sleeping with smartphones become serious.

So young people must be cautious that while sleeping they must keep away their smartphones for charging. And they must never sleep with earphones bugs plugged in their precious ears.

Smart Phones Are New 'Idiot Box of 21st Century" Of Youth

5.Once You Accept Your Flaws, No One Can Ever Use Them Against You.

Accepting one's flaw's helps oneself to start correcting it and learn from it. Rather than strength, it is a weakness which can teach much more. It is not perfect but it is "imperfection of human being " which is teaching human being to move up on the ladder of evolution since last 1.5 millions of years. So when every human being is imperfect then all human being is destined to commit mistakes and carrying flaws. So if anyone keeps denying one's flaw's or weakness or mistakes then how one can think for correcting them and getting more prudent and smart while facing same next time in future.

So rather than satisfying one's childish ego by keeping denying own's mistakes/flaws, one must accept them and be a more evolved human being in time.

Own Yours Mistakes And Flaws To Learn From Them And Grow Up

6.The Best Way to Appreciate Someone Is to Imagine How Your Life Would Be Without Him.

In everyday life, nearly all people are used to miss the importance of the presence of other human beings/relatives/friends in their life. And when such most important human being suddenly disappears from one's life then only get idea or realization of the true worth of those human being in his life. As their absence is proving & exposing the imperfection of one's life. For example worth of housemaid is remembered only when housemaid starts continuously remaining absent for services. Blessings of the presence of parents only been realized when there remains no one to pamper in time of crisis or no one shows readiness to help in time of crisis.

So remember the worth of your relatives, friends and even your house keeps in your life , be thankful for them and be appreciate their fortunate presence before it is too late.

Just Imagine A Life Without Parents While Imagining Childhood Memories To Understand Importance of Parents In Life

7.The Best Thing in Life Is That You Find Someone Who Knows About Your Flaws, Mistakes and Weaknesses, yet He Thinks About You That You Are Very Amazing.

True love is such a love which is done with the very existence of a person and not for his external appearances or manifestations. So anyone who knows all your flaws, weaknesses and shortcoming and still loving and favouring you he or she is truly loving and appreciating you. So be thankful for such a person as like -mother, sister, father, brother or even friends- who think you are amazing and superb even after knowing all of your flaws and fault lines.
Having such truly loving and appreciating people or person around any none is turly best thing in anyone's life.

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8. No Person Is Ever Satisfied in His Life Until His Death Is Near to Him.

This is somehow funny to read that - person need to see his death to be satisfied in life if one start taking this Psychological fact in literal word to word meaning. But this is not its true meaning of this psychological fact, albeit such statement is made only to point out the intensity of human urges and wishes that -there needs only death to ultimately satisfy -limitless wills and wishes of any person.

Grossly speaking there are 5 stages of death, and those are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. And at the last 5th stage any person on death bed is used to accept his/her fate. And Acceptance comes with satisfaction.

So the meaning of "No Person Is Ever Satisfied in His Life Until His Death Is Near to Him" - is all person in the world is used to remain unsatisfied by this or that reason for all time of their lives.

So try to be satisfied in life using your own wisdom, rather than waiting let Death bring you the final satisfaction forcefully.

9.We Cannot Learn Too Much From People Because We Have Only Learned to Agree

This happens due to the inherent personal bias of denying another point of view on any subject matter. People are practising only to be with those people who agree with them and on their point of views. This result in complete neglect of other aspects and perspectives of the same thing or thinking. This result in the ending of the opportunity to learn something new by accepting other points of views and opinions, even though they are against their own thinking and ideas.

So learn to agree to disagree, if you want to grow your wisdom and intellectuality

Learn To Agree To Disagree

10.If a Girl Asks You a Question, Answer Her Honestly. Because in Most Occasions There Is a Possibility That She Already Knows the Answer.

This happens due to the smartness of girls/women. Girls and Women to test others are used to ask silly or innocent questions only to verify one's honesty and integrity.

So when any woman or girl be seen asking you a very trivial, innocent or foolish question then rather than seeing that woman or girl as stupid, Please answer her with honesty and truthfully as for maximum time she is knowing the answer already and this is your final test to win her confidence and respect.

Girls Are Tricky & Smart, Be Honest To Them

Tricky Girl Smart Girl

Tricky Girl Smart Girl

11.Introvert People Are More Trustworthy Than Extrovert People.

This is not always the truth, but for maximum numbers of time, this is seen that introvert are better in keeping secrets and expressing their loyalty for you and your relationships. This may also be happening due to the chance factor as introvert as already choosey individuals who are maintaining social relationships with only a few individuals and with limited people.

So let introvert be more trustworthy than extrovert, you be trustworthy for others then automatically you will also have trustworthy friends. colleagues and life partner too.

12.You Can Never Lie to the Particular Person, You Love So Much.

This happens due to love hormones secreting in the limbic region of the brain. This doesn't allow speaking lies in front of such person whom you are loving the most. As this invokes psychological pain due to the development of the idea of guilt in one's subconscious mind. But this is also true that habitual lairs can also speak any level of lies in front of any one.

Love or no love, lying to others is not let go of anyone anywhere, as today or tomorrow lies are going to be caught by other people. So be truthful naturally and let love hormones do rest of job for love seasons of your life.

Too Much Love Dont Let You To lie

True Love

True Love

13.People Who Pay More Attention to Appearances Are Generally Called Idiots.

Low IQ people as not able to see through for ideas and higher perspectives of intelligence of another person while meeting, People with low IQ level are only used to focus on external appearances of other people to point it out, to prove one's superiority. So rather than focusing on one external appearance of others, try to understand a deeper level of personality and character of other people to identify him better. So that future dealing with such a person would be more smooth and sucessful.

Try to identify deeper levels of personality and character of other people while dealing with him, rather than focusing on his external appearances. Identifying any person for his or her external looks is basically an indication of your lower IQ levels and unintelligent persona.

Dont Be Fool by Mere External Attire of People

14.If a Man Never Cries Then He Is Very Weak Inside.

Especially in patriarchal societies, crying of man is seen as a sign of weakness. And in such societies male child since his childhood is conditioned to not to cry for anything for carrying "male gender". But psychology tells, such denial of obvious emotion of human nature only lead to psychological conflict and inhibit the development of emotional intelligence of male children in adulthood. Hence when a man who never cries finally lands in getting more aggressive, abusive and emotionally immature.

Hence not crying is basically weakness of man & all men must learn to cry as per occasions and situation to release out their emotions and stresses.

Men Do Cry

15.Friendship of Men Is Better Than the Friendship of Women.

This psychological fact is only true up to a certain level. as "better male friendship" is not all or none phenomenon and may vary with time, place, person. In Psychology, studies are done in limited time under controlled conditions so their results may vary. Otherwise, as male friendships need less attention and less participation, having a male friend is always a better thing. But this doesn't mean that female friendship is less important or worse than male friendship.

So just chill, let be male or female friendship, having "true friendship" is one of the best things in life. So keep enjoying best friends without getting biased for their genders.

Friendship Is Good Let It BE Male or Female , So Just Chill,,,,

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