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100 Word Examples of Onomatopoeia

Batman Used Onomatopoeia Words on TV

In the BatMan movies and TV series, when Robin and Bat Man would fight their enemies, onomatopoeia words would be used to express their actions. Words like: KABOOM, BANG, POW, WHACK, WHAM, BOINK, POP... would be shown on the screen.

Webster's Dictionary Difinition

onomatopoeia is pronounced (on-o-mat-o-pee-a)

Function: noun

1 : the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (as buzz, hiss)

2 : the use of words whose sound suggests the sense

on-o-mato-poe-ic (adjective)

on-o-mato-poe-i-cal-ly or on-o-mato-po-et-i-cal-ly(adverb)

Listen to the Pronunciation of Onomatopoeia

All Oomatopoeia Words are Underlined and Written in Italic

1 - Cock-a-doodle-do, crowed the rooster.

2 - The clock goes ticktock.

3 - The cow says moo all day long.

4 - With the click of a mouse I can open another window on my computer.

5 - The duck quacked at the bird.

6 - Zip up your pants.

7 - The birds like to tweet outside my window.

8 - Don't belch so loud.

9 - I was so cold my teeth were chattering.

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10 - I heard the bees buzzing.

MORE WORDS: blurt, crackle,

11 - Don't beep that horn again.

12 - Phew, that stinks.

13 - I love to sniff a good smelling flower

14 - The pig squealed.

15 - I love crunchy potato chips.

16 - Drip, drip, drip, went the faucet all day long.

17 - Baa, baa wailed the sheep.

18 - Everyone in the room snapped their fingers to the music.

19 - Don't bump your head on the door.

20 - The fireworks at the parade made a loud boom!

MORE WORDS: slash, whack


21 - The birds were fluttering their wings.

22 - Yikes! I almost fell off my skateboard.

23 - Mom said, "don't plop on the sofa".

24 - I love to hear my cat purr.

25 - Poof! The magician made the rabbit disappear.

26 - The pipes rattled in the basement.

27 - I heard the tires schreech as he tried to put on brakes.

28 - The fire crackled as it kept us warm from the fireplace.

29 - The steaks sizzled on the grill.

30 - We heard the lion roar.

MORE WORDS: bleep, clop


31 - Clap your hands a little louder.

32 - Don't bam on that table again.

33 - If the dog barks again take him outside.

34 - The water bubbled up from the sink.

35 - Eek ! I saw a mouse.

36 - The symbals gave a clink and a clang as we marched with the band.

37 - Thump him on the head to get his attention.

38 - I heard the whizz of the ball as he hit a home run.

39 - My teacher told me to shoosh , because I was making too much noise.

40 - I heard a knock at the door.

MORE WORDS: bow-wow, choo-choo


41 - The murmur of his words were barely audible.

42 - Zing, went the violin strings.

43 - Did he slash the tires?

44 - Tsk,tsk,tsk, what a bad decision that was.

45 - The door creaked as the wind blew it shut.

46 - The owl hooted as it sat in the tree.

47 - Grandma loves to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the house.

48 - I love to splash in the water.

49 - The rustle of the leaves reminds me March winds are here.

50 - Hum me an old favorite tune.

MORE WORDS: clack, whirr


51 - My son swooshed the basketball into the net.

52 - Ding went the bell as it fell on the floor.

53 - Did your child flush the toilet?

54 - He let out a loud whoop at the graduation ceremony.

55 - Ugh, that cough syrup tastes nasty.

56 - And phew, it smells bad too.

57 - Huh?  Could you speak up .

58 - She loved to jangle her bracelets.

59 - When I click my tongue, it makes a clucking sound.

60 - The birds in the tree went cheep, cheep, cheep until they were fed.

MORE WORDS: bash, clank


61 - "Bah, hum bug", the old miser would say.

62 - The medicine desolved as it fizzed in the glass.

63 - Ouch!  You steped on my toe.

64 - The twang of the banjo string hurt my ears.

65 - I don't like it when a dog growls at me.

66 - Ahem.  Could we have your attention please?

67 - Please whisper while you are in the library.

68 - The baby gurgled his milk.

69 - You scared me when you shouted, "boo"

70 - .He whipped out his stick.

MORE WORDS: wheeze, whine

71 - My dog says woof four times when he wants to play ball.

72 - That dog barks too loud.

73 - Michelle likes to slurp her drinks.

74 - The snort of the hog was awful.

75 - He can neigh just like a horse.

76 - He mumbled his words

77 - Ow! That hurt.

78 - Shuffle the cards again.

79 - My dog likes to squelch bugs.

80 - As she sat in the chair, kerplunk it broke.

81 - Drink some water to help stop your hiccups.

82 - The champagne tickled her nose and made her giggle.

83 - The engine went vroom as he sped down the raceway

84 - Every time I took a step, the heel on my shoe went flip-flop.

85 - We take tap dance lessons.

86 - The paint splattered on his suit.

87 - I listened for the ribbit of the frog last night.

88 - She popped the balloon with a pin

89 - The snakes hissed as we walked by the cage.

90 - She moaned and cried for a long time.

MORE WORDS: tinkle, zap

91 - I like to gargle with my favorite mouthwash each morning.

92- The water gushed out of the hole.

93 - I'm tired of her yapping at us all day.

94 - Gobble, gobble, said the turkey.

95 - The ding dong of the doorbell is not loud enough.

96 - We heard the plop-plop of the horses hooves.

97 - I squashed the banana.

98 - The wolf howled at the moon.

99 - My favorite advertising jingle is "Snap, Crackle, Pop, Rice Krispies".

100 - Achoo! God bless you.

Do you know of anymore onomatopoeia words?  If so please let us know.  Also let me know if this hub was helpful to you. Thanks for looking.

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