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How to Not Be An Emily in Paris?

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.


You may always find good informative sites on English, but not always can you find them in the other languages, and in this case, on French.
I have chosen for you the 10 best sites on French. These are the sites I click on, and surf for hours sometimes, to practice my French, but also to learn more about the French world, French women and fashion.
These sites, which I have listed below, do exactly this: They are well written, and well managed, simple and clean, sometimes plain, but very informative on anything you may want to search on.

Scroll on to learn more. You may even bookmark some of them. Have fun!

[I am not considering the well known sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, WeHeartIt , EBay and Tumblr.]

  1. - another site that is totally dedicated to women and all their problems. Fashion history, marvelous hairstyles for every event or everyday life, where to shop, what have the designers decided for this summer trends. And about beauty, this site includes all the tricks on how to do the right make-up that will not mess up on your face or fall during the day. And it talks about health in general too.
  2. - it is a site about the latest movies, and the most successful ones as well. Find your favorite movie, or all your favorite actors' / actress' movies, take some popcorns, sit back and enjoy.
  3. commentcamarche - I like to read this one when I have time, because I want to get in touch with the world and the latest technology. My boyfriend is so passionate about smartphones and computers and cars and high technology in general. So, whenever I get the feeling that I need to talk with him about this things, this site comes in hands.
  4. - I do not read newspapers, in fact I rarely do, and when I read them, usually happens when I am visiting my grandmother. To fill this emptiness in information from not reading newspapers, and not knowing what is going on with the world, I surf this site “Le Monde.” I get informed for everything in an instant.
  5. bloglovin - a site where I find every single blog I am looking for, for every single thing I am interested in. There are some wonderful personal blogs out there.
  1. lamarieeauxpiedsnus - this is a wonderful site for when you find yourself on those dreamy moments of your beautiful wedding in the near [or far] future. Splendid dresses, organization ideas, and places for your special honeymoon. What is not to be enjoyed?
  2. pinterest – the best site ever to find every single thing you need, and more. It is a wide collection of photos about beauty, health, quotes, art, women, fashion, entertainment, men, gift ideas, and more. I find this particular site useful and easy to use. All you have to do is to search for your topic at the search bar, and you find every information possible, even faster than Google can do it!
  3. journaldunet - Do you know how they say “the curiosity killed the cat with 7 lives!” ? Well, with this site, you do not need to count your lives! You are eager to know more, and this site fulfils at its best your curiosity.
  4. deezer - For when youtube becomes boring and you do not find it simple to use, or to search the latest songs because cats, and tutorials appear on the home page. This site, deezer, offers you online listening. You have the possibility to create your own playlists and send or share your favorite music with your friends on the social media.
  5. topsante - Health is important. This sites teaches you what the dangerous sings of illnesses are, how to take care of your body, how to prevent diseases, etc. It also informs you on the best medicines to use in any case and traditional cures for those who can not afford the medicines.

These are some of the sites and blogs on French I procrastinate when I want to kill time, but also keep in touch with the world.
Let me know if you have other favorite sites, and why should one check them. [This Hub is about sites on French, but you can mention any other site you find interesting, useful, or any site that you simply like to waste time on. It does not matter. But any comment that promotes your own blog, or site, or whatever will not be approved.]

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My favorite past time is to let time pass, to have time, to waste time, to live against time.

My favorite past time is to let time pass, to have time, to waste time, to live against time.

Plus magazine and blogs dedicated to women.

How to behave and dress like a french woman. Visit these sites below to know more. – a magazine devoted to women. It shows their beauty, it shows women ways to put they make up on, or all the trendy haistyles. In this site you will find health and fitness secrets on how to achieve the perfect body for this summer, as well as those secret ways to reach out for a goal, or a guy. – all women love fashion and to create their own unique style. This site helps them do so. Vogue works on models and supermodels to give women all around the world the latest news on fashion and style, and on the wardrobe of every season. – it is the site where women can not only get in touch with the trends and fashionable clothes, but they can also buy them with reasonable prices. They teach you how to combine clothes together to look stylish. – find the look for yourself while wondering around in this site. It offers you the best French designers as well. And a woman can always find a beautiful gift for her soul mate, or her lovely dad, or the noisy brother. this is the domain of a beautiful girl whose passion is to show her readers how she sees the world. She is also in love with photographs and fashion. Her blog is well-maintained. You can find there mode, where to shop, other blogs that may interest you and secret romantic places on Paris or just a bar to have fun. - a site about casual style that means the style of everyday. Casual style may be jeans and a blouse and a nice pair of shoes. Right? Wrong! Kill the monotony of your wardrobe and do not wear boring clothes anymore. This site teaches you how to re-use your old shirt, or what to wear together with that wonderful skirt you love but have never wore. - learn to behave like a french woman! In the world of today when our eyes catch every bad manner, and rude words coming even from a woman’s mouth, real ladies are trying to imitate the Mademoiselles of Paris. – here is the site where you find everything about sports, arts, the latest glamorous events and who was in or who was left out. Here is where you find who was dressed by whom, and why was this particular person chosen from that particular designer. It does not end here, because this site offers you to read and be informed on cultural events too.

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