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10 Ways To Tell If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

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Mental health is a niche I like to delve in especially in topics I can really relate to. It sort of helps to tell my side of things

Ever being referred to as ‘too sensitive’? or even as ‘an over thinker’?

Do you find that you have an eye for detail and keen interest in beauty or art?

I won’t jump right into saying into you are an HSP, but if you think that describes you to an extent and you are curious enough, keep reading and find out if you fit into the one-fifth population of the world that are HSPs.


First Off… What’s An HSP?

The term ‘Highly Sensitivity Persons’ was coined by psychologists Elaine Aron and Arthur Aron in the 1990s and interest in the concept has grown since then.

More and more people seem to associate with the concept as well since then.

They then developed a personality questionnaire to help people identify themselves as Highly Sensitive Persons known as Aron’s Highly Sensitive Persons Scale

An HSP is a term used for people thought to have increased or deeper central nervous system sensitivity to physical, emotional or social stimuli as well as a complex inner life

In other words, these groups of individuals are more aware of subtleties and process information deeply.

They tend to be creative and insightful yet more prone to stress and being overwhelmed.


Quality Traits Of An HSP

  • Time Pressure

With too many things to do with a short time limit, HSPs get stressed and perform tasks with a lesser efficiency than they normally would do.

With time pressure come supervision as well and being watched inhibits their process to an extent.

They need their space to truly root themselves and get to work

  • Withdrawal

All HSPs need plenty of downtime to recharge, soothe their senses and avoid highly stimulating situations such as noisy environments, bright lights, violence and cruelty.

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This personality also seems to pick up on moods and vibes from the people around them leading to emotional exhaustion which they need time to get over as well.

  • Think Deeply

HSPs concentrate and reason on issues at a deeper level than others. They replay events in their heads in a way that other people won’t which results in anxious thoughts most times.

Due to this ability, HSPs appreciate fine meals, human nature, beautiful artworks or stirring melodies to a point it may seem weird to people around them.

You take the deepest interest in them; the littlest details about them leave you truly mesmerized

Here comes the element of overthinking even to the point of beating themselves up with negative thoughts.

They prove to be their own worst enemy in the words and scenarios they create for themselves in their head as well.

This can be seen in the relationships they keep. An HSP would care deeply about their friends and form bonds with the right people.

They appreciate their life and all elements present in it as it contributes in forming who they are.

  • Insightful And Curious

HSPs notice things that other people miss making them quite knowledgeable and wiser than their years.

In their understanding, they understand why some things work the way they do and become reasonably kinder.

In their insight, they seek to find their place and how they can contribute to life’s overall beauty

HSPs seem to have a strong perception to their insight as well that lets them see the different ways a course of action or event would go when certain things are done.

  • Comfort Seeking

This personality type seeks to observe and maintain their comfort as it distracts them from certain experiences and so avoid it completely.

This can be seen in how they pick out their clothing, they avoid restrictive clothing and rid their wardrobe of them.

Their pain tolerance is also seen to be less, since they feel everything from emotions projected from others, feelings contained in a song and so on.

They are also sensitive to bodily pain more than others even hunger and so avoid getting them by getting the rest they need even if it’s by withdrawal

It is also seen in their environments which they set to specifically match their state of mind and so a change can really set them at unease.

  • Lively Inner World

As a child, HSPs may have several imaginary friends as their inner mind was always working and creating scenarios to amuse them.

Even as adults, they are seen to have dreams that seem almost realistic as well.

  • Easily Misunderstood

HSPs think on a level different from everyone else, their sense of humor might not really be understood by a lot of people.

Their need for downtime can also be interpreted as them being shy or being introverts and that may not be the case.

They also tend to overreact to daily stressors or relationship issues which make them seem as being too extra.

  • Conflict hurts

Conflict tends to affect them even more than the other party as the tension as well as their sensitivity adds up to make it a very sore spot for them. They could even fall sick as a result.

They therefore simply just give in almost all the time just to maintain and keep the peace for the relationship to remain and their peace of mind

  • Criticism Cuts Deep

Due to their deep thinking and sensitivity, HSPs read deeper meanings into words and criticism so its intellectual interpretation may feel like a spear to the chest

Positive words give HSPs immense pushes as well as they replay a lot of things over and over in their heads. When a negative part enters that cycle, it ruins the whole process for them.

They seem to be affected by things that fade away for others and so a lot of things stick to them

  • Conscientious Beings

HSPs try as much as possible not to make mistakes and therefore give their best effort to everything they do especially if it’s a favor as they hate to let people down.

In giving their best, they don’t like to fail either as it puts them in a state of rumination over why it didn’t go as planned.

Does any or all of the above traits relate to you?

If yes, then wonderful! Accept and explore this newly found information about yourself. And always remember to take your time off to rest and recharge. You can’t be as awesome if you aren’t your best self.


In showing love to the world around you and its beauty, don’t forget about yours in the process (this applies to everyone; HSP or not)

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