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6 Simple Psychological Tricks, Everyone Can Use

Writing article as an analytical thinker and as an enthusiast about philosophy and human psychology who always crave for unachievable

1.Just One Eye Contact Is Enough

If you need some favor from your friend or any one who does not want to help you, then ask them a question by simply keep eye contact by gazing eyes at them silently. The silence combined with eye contact will make them uncomfortable and then they may speak what they are hiding or why they dont want to help you .

Issue is , "eye contact" is simple psychological trick . Due to continuous eye contact "feeling of guilt" get stirred into mind of other ,which make them to open up or reveal secrets or true issue which they were trying to cover up.

Eyes Are Windows of Mind

2.Let Feel Them Special, To Let Them Please

If you want to give someone a sense of power without actually sharing Power with them. Then make sure that "you are let feeling that person special by keep providing extra attention and asking their favors". For example , suppose you are busy in conversion and your person of interest is there then , stop conversion and ask for his/her permission to continue the conversation. Now your person of interest,will start paying attention at you (he/she feel important & powerful).

Psychological trick behind this is that - "recognizing any one existence" imbibe sense of importance and power into one's subconscious mind. And by using this fallacy any one can be tricked to feel powerful without sharing "true power" with them. This helps to enhance their moral and legal support in yours day to day life's adventures very easily

Every One Wants To Be Special & Unique

3.Learn The Easy Way ,How To Correct Other

If you want to correct someone without making any scene: Then you just need to draw their attention to their mistake , without blaming them or accusing them for their mistake , Then automatically they will accept their mistake and will eve try to correct it too. For example If wife has forgotten to cook the meal on time , then instead of abusing wife for her laziness , husband just need to claim that - Who has eaten his meal , before him? or Who has stolen his meal? This will automatically touch the wife to accept her mistake without making much fuss.

Psychology behind all of this is that --using indirect projection of mistake ,One is protecting "Ego" of other person from getting hurt , and rather than making person guilty for his or her mistake , one is turning "mistake" into "simple mishap" to let other person accept it and start correcting or rectifying it.

Issue is , people dont ready accept their mistakes just due to their immature Ego dont allow to do so, So there is need to project their mistakes as just "misshapen matter" so that their Ego can feel comfortable and start being answerable

Learn Proper Methodology To Correct Others

4.Everyone Has Self Interest In Any Thing

If you want to ask a friend a small favour, then ask them for a bigger one first. Alternately, if you want to borrow $10, ask for $2000. The person is inclined to refuse the big amount and will surely try to offer you smaller amount ,to please you , This is what you wanted over all.

Psychology behind is this .one is needed to offer sense of dominance and smartness for other ,while ensuring favour for oneself. As in bussiness of "asking favour" every one first used to ensure one's interest

So by asking far big amount for favor of very small amount,one is basically ensuring sense of dominance ,smartness in other , which is compelling him to favor for small amount of money to you .

Every One Has Self Interest , One Just Need To Be Able to Identify It

5.Every One Follows To Every One

If you want to ensure whether or not they are watching you, then try the psychology trick of Yawning. If some person is watching you then he or she will also immediately start yawning

The scientific reason behind this phenomenon is not yet clear, but it is well proven that, as like emotions, yawning is also infectious. Looking at yawning at others, one also get the urge to start yawning. Finally "myth of heard mentality" is not false at all.

Heard Mentality Is Reason Behind "Fan Following" of Celebrities

6.Subconscious Minds of all are Managing The World

If you’re often in crowded places and want to clear yourself a path then look in the direction you want to go to pave the way to your place of interest

Whi doing this, don’t look at the people around you or surrounding you or in any other direction. Keep your gaze focused on your place of interest where you want to reach, , This simple psychological trick will make other people to move away from your most expected path and let you reach the place where you want to go.

This happens due to, reactive subconscious minds existing in each and everyone's mind, which is noting out each and every activity, body languages, faces, voices and actions in the vicinity. So while keep gazing at the expected path, in crowded places, one is basically sending information to all subconscious minds of every single person, that what is your expected plan of action and what is needed to be done by other people to adjust as accordingly.

Lives Of People are Controlled By Subconscious Minds And Not By Their "External Selves"

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