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5 Korean Phrases We Learnt From K-Dramas

The world of kdrama introduced me to a whole new dimension of undiscovered comedy, romance and fantasy.

미쳤어 or michyeoss-eo


This phrase translates to 'Are you crazy?', is a constant reminder of how much of trouble our lead actors have to surf through before the drama ends. Let's settle it, there is no kdrama out there without this term.

뭐하는거야 or mwohaneungeoya


Here is the simplest trope in kdramas I could think of that leads to this. The female lead is secretly admiring the male lead while the second lead walks in. What's the first thing he says?

뭐하는거야? That's right. What are you doing?

어떻게 된 거예요 or eotteohge doen geoyeyo


The detective comes back in between investigating a serial murder to find that the Internal Affairs is conducting a raid on their team.

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어떻게 된 거예요? 'What happened or how did this happen' is the first thing he asks.

괜찮아? Or gwaenchanh-a?


This could be a question as well as a reply. As Lee Joon Ki once said, "gwaenchanh-a, gwaenchanh-a!" (Laughter in Waikiki)

Translates to "Are you okay?" or "It is okay!".

라면 먹을 래? Or lamyeon meog-eul lae?


The butt of all misunderstandings or a mere amazing food outing. There is no kdrama without ramen and our leads can't do without ramen. *slurp slurp*

Translates to "Do you wanna eat ramyeon?".

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