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10 Interesting Facts About Indus Valley Civilization

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1. Why we could not remember the Indus valley civilization ?

The most surprising thing about the Indus Valley Civilization is that 100 years ago no one thought that any such civilization in the past would exist. Also, why did history forget this ancient civilization, and what is the reason that like the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia we Indus Valley could not remember civilization. One of the major reasons for this is that these people did not build large monumental structures like other civilizations. Ancient Egyptians Built huge pyramids that stood for centuries even after their civilization collapsed and still exist today.

2. Why could call the Indus valley civilization "Meluha" ?

We do not know what the people of the Indus Valley used to call themselves. The writings have been received from Mesopotamia. It shows that The people of Mesopotamia used to do business with a distant country named Meluha, now it cannot be said with which claim this country is Meluha. But many scholars believe that the people of Mesopotamia used to call the Indus Valley Civilization Meluha. Or it could also be that these people If you call ancient India Meluha, then even if it is true, no one knows why they used to call the people of India Meluha, and this name
What is the meaning? Many proofs have been found that there were trade links between the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia. The sealing of the Indus Valley was also received from Mesopotamia. It is possible that the people of Mesopotamia called this place Meluha, it was the Indus Valley Civilization.

3. Mohan Jo Daro

Mohan jo Daro was the largest city of the Indus Valley Civilization. It was a metropolis of sorts. Interestingly, the Indus Valley was a civilization of the plains but the whole Mohenjodaro was situated on small mounds, it was not a product of nature but raw and The ground surface was raised with paved bricks to save the city if there is a flood in the Indus River.

4. Meaning of the word "Mound of the dead".

Mohan Jodaro Indus Language It means the word "mound of the dead". No civilized people in the world will call their city a mound of dead. We have given this name to this ancient city, what was the real name of this city, it lived so many thousands of years ago. People only knew, but now you must be wondering why this city was named Mohenjodaro, in fact when this ancient city was discovered in 1922. Then it was discovered that the people around had been calling this area for a long time, "the mound of the dead", that is why this ancient city was given this name.

5. "The kind of script"

The people of the Indus Valley Civilization also knew how to write a kind of script on the things found during the excavation. But to date, this script has not been read, a big reason is that We do not know what language the people of Indus civilization used to speak. Experts have been trying for years to understand the script that Indus Valley Civilization was one of those old civilizations. Who invented the writing system.

6. Use "seals and stamp"

During excavation, more than 3000 stone tablets have been found. These are called seals and stamps, these seals have animal figures and some like gods. The images remain and are inscribed on the script of that era. Some seals are believed to have been used to merchandise. But historians believe that there must have been some other use as well, that is, they may have been used in some other work as well, we could not know. Because we have not yet understood the script of that era.

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7. Most of the people belong to village

It is believed that a large population of the people of the Indus Valley civilization lived in the villages. Luckily, more about the society and culture of the people living in the village. We have not been able to get information because the houses of the people living in the village were made of wood and mud, hence there is no trace of them.

8. Peaceful atmosphere

One particular thing that has surprised even the historians is that there is no evidence from here that it can be said that the rule of any king or king in this civilization must have been found so far from the evidence that has been found by them. Is that there must have been a ruling or powerful authority among these people, the society of these people must have been very peace-loving where it would be interesting to know that how such a systematic society could not exist without any central control.

9. Battle and War

During excavation Combat implements and weapons Have got no. No evidence of war can be found from this thing, it can be inferred that these people would like to live in peace. Never needed anyone or an army to keep his society safe.

10. Survey and Evidence

Earlier it was believed that the Indus Valley Civilization was a 5500-year-old civilization but a few years ago and the Archeological Survey of India Evidence has been found that suggests that the Indus Valley Civilization was a civilization around 8000 years old. This new discovery was made on 25 May 2016 by the famous magazine Nature. It was published that this new discovery has told the world that the Indus Valley Civilization was not only a civilization older than the Egyptian Mesopotamia civilization. It may be that it was the oldest in the world.

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