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10 Brilliant Women Never Ranked In All-Time Genius Lists- Madame Curie, Oprah Winfrey, Anne Wojcicki, for starters.

Starlight is an evil genius whose neither evil nor dominating the world. But he's a good Dad who supports his family working from home.

Duh, genius lists should include women too, it's 2014 after all, but apparently this article needs to happen.

I never took a women's studies class, but I did study some awesome women in college, like Marie (depicted above)

I never took a women's studies class, but I did study some awesome women in college, like Marie (depicted above)

My Top Ten Genius Women Worthy of All-time Ranking

  1. Marie Skłodowska-Curie
  2. Joan of Arc
  3. Martha Stewart
  4. J. K. Rowling
  5. Hedy Lamarr
  6. Kavita M. Shukla
  7. Anne Wojcicki
  8. Saint Terese of Avila
  9. Oprah Winfrey
  10. Lise Meitner

Caged Indoors?

Biased Rankings

I couldn't believe it, I went through an entire list of 50 geniuses and not a single woman to be found anywhere. That cannot be, it's not biologically possible. If human brains don't differ to such an extent comparatively... then it doesn't stand to reason. On average men have larger organs, and this may be an advantage. These ten women may or may not have huge brains. Whatever they were born with, they mastered their brains well enough to put the average man to shame. Every genius faces obstacles, and demolishes them one way or another.

It didn't take long to make this list of 10 I believe have been gender-filtered. An honest list of true geniuses, especially a long list, should include at least ONE and probably most of these 10 women, and at least a dozen others (suggestions, my dear readers?). Sure, my list is debatable, so let this long overdue debate commence.

What's Genius about Marie Curie

Marie Curie made the most of the time in history when the vast microscopic world had recently been discovered. While many so-called scientists still balked at the idea of tiny lifeforms everywhere, others hadn't yet wrapped their minds around the incalculable practical implications beyond microbiology. Madame Curie (I don't know why I'm inclined to use "Madame", it just feels right) belonged to an elite number of pioneers who investigated radiation. Their discoveries would go on to revolutionize the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, and biology. She's one reason Polish jokes should just go away. This Polish woman pretty much destroys any premise of "Pollack" jokes.

8x More UVB

Fictional Honorable Mention - Irene Adler. This Girl's a Genius

Ted X Manhattan Kavita Shukla

Who deserves more recognition?

10 Most Subtract-able Male "Geniuses" to Boot to the Curb along with Gender Bias

Here are ten names who aren't worthy to iron the pink panties of the likes of the women on this list.

  1. Thomas Edison - Stole or bought many ideas and the career deserved of of young Protégé Nikola Tesla, the real genius of the era.
  2. Bill Gates - Making money is smart. Hell, 50 Billion almost makes him a genius, except he made famously wrong predictions about computers, and his company may have held back progress. Several great decisions in the 80's and super-perfect timing is mostly luck- for the same reason Phill Collins made millions singing covers of Motown hits - it's hard to fathom such a thing would be possible today, but a lucky few make crazy money from something simple but well-timed (hello Angry Birds).
  3. Stephen Hawking - Overcoming a disability is a big deal. His high IQ is semi-precious, his celebrity is a coveted amplifier, his degrees and qualifications are difficult for many to achieve. All are part of humanity; ubiquitous in civilization.
  4. Martin Luther - If he were to outsmart the Catholic Church, his brand of, well, Lutheranism as we call it today, is so different from the myriad of Lutheran divisions existing now. His devotion to Mary, confessions, etc. would seem more Roman Catholic than Lutheran. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church stands undivided. I really believe it is impossible to count the number of protestant churches there are. My conservative estimate stands at 60,000+.
  5. Charles Darwin - One cool thing about Darwin is his pet turtle just recently died at the age of 160. That's a cool fact, something to smile about Chuck!
  6. Brian Greene, poster-child for string theory.Mixing fact and fiction, he gives the impression of (false) authority. He is a seer of the multi-verse, a visionary with a message. Either you are smart enough to see the multiverse too, or you must be too stupid. Perhaps you are too religious, you can't accept science in the form of meta-physics, based on a godless universe devoid of morality, you can't... or won't grasp that the multiverse implies the insignificance of your, and you reject your own irrelevance. No, Brian, I reject unprovable hypothesis presented as Theory, almost fact by someone who represents it as the owner or spokesman of the non-testable idea. I'll accept it as a hypothesis. Even then I might still reject you as an all-time top genius, unless you develop the test that proves (or disproves) it, and face the outcome like a man, shutting down all the research arms wasting resources and grant money. Let it fund a worthy cause, or a different, more trippy, metaphysical imagination.
  7. The Devil's willing advocate himself: Dawkins, a master-debater, verbal masterbator, the darling of atheism. Richard Dawkins (on some genius lists) like Bill Mahar (not on the lists) capitalize on voicing disdain of Religion with visceral hatred. There's nothing genius involved pimping ancient un-provable notions (see modern pimp of un-provable notions: Brian Greene, and the next guy on the list).
  8. Al Gore, this guy is amazing, practically a genius for the all time greatest seller of small talk. For thousands of years, old men in barbershops ramble on and on about the subject of how's the weather. If the 7 - 10 day forecast is like as entertainment if you like horoscopes, fortune tellers, and trade stocks according to the emotional, irrational rantings of Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC.
  9. Bill Nye the Science Guy. another celebrity "Scientist" in the edu-tainment industry. Bill Nye's celebrity translates to authority to others, but not me. Not on subjects way beyond the scope of his individual qualifications. I don't fault him for opinions, as long as they don't get mixed with facts. Either way, a couple patents and degrees do not a genius make. Gimmicky bowties and white coats work on kids and some adults though!
  10. The Mythbusters, mainly Adam Savage (whose edu-tainment "science" show I do adore). They make for interesting shows that investigate fun ideas with a little science and a lot of jokes. And explosions. What's not there is a principled adherence to the scientific process. Let's not pretend to be authorities who own science, it's Television, baby! Stick with the phrase "I reject your reality and substitute my own". That's what I admit to, it's faith and not science. Remember, you're popularity shares glory with Ancient Aliens on a similar channel. Mythbusters is fun, somewhat scientific at times, but always entertaining! It's scientainment! Almost genius, but boils down to great television.

What's the issue regarding these so-called geniuses as such? There's a danger in mis-appropriated authority. They are the reason skeptics like me who shun atheism feel like we're the only ones who object to unfettered conjecture of metaphysical ideas in general. Specifically coming from prestigious institutions seeking grant money.

If I'm losing you, pretend I'm speaking from the tip of a corporate pyramid. Imagine this is delivered for class credit by a crusty old tenured professor. Or it's a transcript from the Discovery Channel, and I have Doctor of Philosophy in something.

The last thing some researchers, inventors, and salesmen want is an elegant, simple, inexpensive solution - the product of a real genius. For them, mistakes and falsehoods presented as the latest, greatest, best solution is good business.

Non-geniuses always have the same old thing to sell, packaged up as the latest fad. Whether it's at the University as the required $200 revision textbook, a gadget or software that apparently works fine for a while, or the stale philosophy of either atheism or faith in untestable science.

I'm skeptical because conjecture presented as "scientific facts" are politically driven when both unprovable and accepted by society. Historically the truth is revealed, and the past ideas are either covered up, or an embarrassing stain on the institution. I refuse to sign on to foolishness motivated by greed, a crazy political idea, or somebody's personal philosophy.

If we believe it only happened in history and isn't pervasive today, then no wonder we buy into the nonsense these clowns are selling.

Recent events show us how bad we can be fooled in the moment. Textbooks and classrooms had pages about cranial measurements of people are less human? Doctors, judges, researchers, journalists and charismatic leaders cited "facts" in classrooms of 1930s Germany. The highest offices of civic and academic America made the same mistakes regarding African-Americans. The Japanese viewed "Gaijin" with superstition and superiority. Now their conclusions are considered bunk because the assumptions and methods were false from the start. Yet the same companies, Universities, and seats of power still wield influence today. They revised the laws, textbooks, programs, museum exhibits... pretending to be better than their predecessors. Unwittingly they fall headfirst into the same folly again blindly repeating history. Maybe if some of them were considered perhaps misguided, mistaken, or overrated, these people hailed as geniuses would have the self-awareness to improve their own direction. Maybe if we regarded women geniuses with the respect they deserve, we'd introduce diverse views into the picture. Here's some conjecture- I'm going out on a limb... employing genius minds of women helps society find better answers, better questions to ask in the first place, and perhaps even avoid potential fallacies. It's just a theory.

D. G. DeWalt

Can women never be good enough? This song's for you- they're telling you that YOU MAKE ME WANNA DIE

© 2014 Doug Ocean


Doug Ocean (author) from Ohio USA on December 21, 2017:

Fair enough, having to narrow it down to ten is difficult. I tried to not have it be all one subject, but certainly literature could have been touched on, as that is a huge wealth of names.

I do think Darwin is misunderstood, mainly that he popularized and expounded on an existing idea that had been around quite some time. Having read the origin of species, it is remarkable how little confidence he actually had in his hypothesis and its various assumptions.

Most notably, he quite often states that if A. or B. should come to light, then the whole idea breaks down. Each instance has indeed been shown just as he feared, and perhaps he would be the greatest of his own detractors today.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on July 06, 2017:

This is a very interesting concept for an article and it's time someone brought this out. Women need to be recognized in this man's world. I agree on most of the women except for St. Teresa of Avila. If you add her, how can you leave out Mary Baker Eddy and Alice A. Bailey? These ladies probably would tell you that their genius was not their own, but come from the spirits (or Jesus) they channeled.

I also think Charles Darwin should remain on the male list. I'm not a Darwinian, but he did bring out some food for thought that broke through religious barriers. So if St. Teresa deserves recognition, so should Darwin. But I guess the making of any recognition list would be subjective.

muhammad abdullah javed on September 23, 2014:

Hi DeWalt, excllent and enlightening. Thanks for sharing

Rebecca Sutton from Rock Hill, SC on August 03, 2014:

No problemo! Good luck!

Doug Ocean (author) from Ohio USA on August 02, 2014:

Thank you! I will definitely look into it, and welcome the attention especially to certain articles... cheers!

Rebecca Sutton from Rock Hill, SC on August 02, 2014:

WOW! I cannot believe this hub has not gotten more recognition! GREAT article. If you are not familiar with hellogiggles, you should look it up. They are always looking for this kind of material. You should submit your work. Keep it up!

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