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10 Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Space

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The space is so much amazing! There is much more there that we don't know. There are billions of galaxies and stars out there; that's not it. Like our solar system, there may be billions of solar systems present. Our scientists are always on it to find something great about space! So, here we have collected the top 10 facts about space that you probably don't know.


Fact 1: The Space Is Silent

Space is completely silent. There is no air in the space. It means that sound cannot travel through space. We know that sound waves travel via a medium. It needs a medium to travel. So, we can not hear large blasts happen on Sun too! Amazing fact, right?


Fact 2: The Hottest Planet in Our Solar System Is Venus at 450° C

In our solar system, the hottest planet is Venus. But it is not the closest planet to the Sun. The temperature reaches Up to 450° C of the Sun side part of the Venus. But you may think that which planet is closest to the Sun? The Mercury.


Fact 3: A Nasa Space Suit Cost Around $12,000,000

Yes, you heard it right. The Nasa spacesuit costs up to 12 million dollars. The 70 % costs go to its backpack and the control module. If you don't know, this is the cost when NASA built space suit in 1974. If we talk about today, then the price will be around 150 million dollars.

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Fact 4: The Sun's Mass Is 99.86% Of the Solar System

We know the Sun is the biggest in our solar system and has a mass around 330,000 times the earth. The Sun is made of hydrogen mostly, and other gases are there like helium. The fun part is that if the space has air, we could hear SUN noise in high pitch! LOL.

Fact 5: 1.3 million Earths = 1 Sun

If we calculate and compare the mass of the Sun and earth, we can estimate the size of the Sun. If we mix 1.3 million earths, it will make one SUN., but here is the catch. If we calculate the earth mass according to retained spherical shape (not squashed at all), then about 960,000 earths can fit in 1 SUN.


Fact 6: There Are Fewer Stars in Milky Way Then Trees on Earth!

Yes, you heard it right! There are more trees on earth than stars in a milky way. If we calculate trees on the planet, there are around 3 trillion or more trees than about 400 billion stars in a milky way.


Fact 7: Mars Sunsets Are Blue!

There are amazing sunsets on the mars than the earth. We will get there in the future, but now it feels amazing to think that how are the sunsets there on mars? The answer is BLUE. Yes! You heard it right. There are blue sunsets on the mars. According to NASA, the sunsets will appear bluish to the observers on the mars. Why? It's because the fine dust of the mars planet causes you to see only the blueish light of the SUN. there is a deep science behind it. We will talk about it in another video.

Fact 8: There Are Fewer Sand Grains Than the Stars of The Universe

Yes, there are indeed more stars than the grains of sand on the earth. Actually, we cannot calculate the exact number of stars in the universe. Still, the estimated number of star count is huge. Nasa and other space agencies are on it daily. Another fact is that universe is continually expanding in size, so the area is increasing too. There are new stars that are made daily and die. If you look up in the sky and see a flash on the star, it can be a star's death or an explosion of it. Who knows!

Fact 9: On Venus, Days Are Longer Than the Earth

Venus's one day is equal to earth's 243 days. Just think if there could be a life and how it will be? Venus rotates slower than the earth; that's why days are longer there. What if there are 243 days long days on earth! There will be colder and colder on the dark side of the planet! Who knows what will happen! Comment down below your thoughts!

Fact 10: A Planet Made of Diamonds

There is a planet that is double the size of the earth. It is called super-earth and is also known as "55 Cancri e". That planet is known to be covered by diamonds and graphite. What do you think? Can we reach there to get diamonds? Well, a spacesuit only costs around 12 million dollars! Cost will be huge! But the fact is if we get back diamonds with us, then we can do something with them! LOL.

I hope that you got some amazing facts and knowledge about space and planets.

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