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10 Common Problems Students Face During College


Life After High School!!

College is not high school so please do not think it's a walk in the park. Depending on what type of school you are going to, depends on what kind of problems you are going to face. Certain problems, you going to face regardless of what type of school you are going too.

Facing the Music!!!!

I've done the community college, online college and even gone away to college, so I have been faced with the different problems with colleges. Growing up as a little kid, I had always struggled through school. I am not sure if its related to being a preemie or not, but that can be one side effect of being born early and small. I am not saying that is the reason I struggle through school, but some people do and what that usually means is that it takes them longer to grasp some tasks, but it can be accomplished. 

So You've Been Admitted to College!!!

Congratulations, you have taken one of the first steps into college. Have you chosen your major yet? Most students either have not chosen or end up changing major for whatever reason it may be. If you have chosen a major, but then you find out that you cannot hack it so you end up changing it to something else. Most people end up changing two or more time before they find the right one for them.

Figuring Out What Classes you need to Take!!!

If you have chosen your major, please look before going to the school's advisor to see what kind of classes you need to take. Most of the time you need to take general education classes like Math, Science, English and so on. Usually you can find out on the school's website basically what is needed.

At least get a rough idea. Don't go into thinking that the Advisor is going to direct you in the right direction, because that is not always the case. They don't have to take the class for you and have no idea what you are capable of. When I went away to school and I had transferred from a community college, I had no idea what I needed. The advisor said that I needed, this, this and this. She wasn't putting into account of mixing up easy and hard classes together. If you are going full time and taking all hard classes, your chances of coming out with decent grades is low. I've done it and I struggling trying to keep my grades up. Come to learn, one of the classes I was given had a high fail rate. I was one of those student who always went to class and even though I did go, I still did not do good in the class.

Living On Campus!!!

Right after High School, some people go away to school. Adjusting to being away can be frightful, but you will adjust.  You are going to need money, so you are going to need a job if you can find one.  Look into getting onto the workstudy program if you can.  Chances are you have already applied for financial aid.  If not, please apply as soon as possible.  Even if you do not think you qualify, still try.  You never know and the worse thing they can say is that you do not qualify. 

Getting along with your roommate!!

Roommates are a tricky thing. Some people have good luck with them and others do not. I am one of those people who have had nothing but problems with them. In the years I was away, only my last year was the best. The thing that you need to understand about roommates is that some are courteous and others are not.

I've had roommates whom would walk in at 3am in the morning and put all the lights on when you are sleeping. I've had roommates whom expect you to turn your computer monitor off when its not even facing them and you are doing your homework as quiet as possible. Its not exactly easy to just do your homework when its on the computer and its a desktop.

Expect to be Reading A lot!!!

You thought high school was bad. College is worse as there is more reading than you had in high school. what you finish in a year in high school, you finish in a semester. Depending on how your college is setup, the classes go by a month, 8 week or 16 weeks. Expect to get stressed out and not getting enough sleep.

Make sure you eat and More!!!

You don't have your parent there to tell you to eat, so make sure you eat.  Also make sure you do your laundry as much as possible.  You don't want to not have clothes to wear the next day. 

Some Other Issues You May Face!!

You may get either homesick or depressed. It really depends on the situation. If you are stressed out, you may be more suseptible to depression so keep that in mind. 


Morgan Cerese on March 18, 2011:

I'll be starting college in fall 2011. I'm still wondering if I'll get enough financial aid and scholarships to pay for it =|

Malvin13 from New Jersey on January 04, 2011:

liked your article and I am going to link your article from mine.

kudzaipe on September 29, 2010:

im 4th year c0llege! and taking up bachel0r of sec0ndary educati0n, major in english. . . . c0me and visit our scho0l! shariff kabunsuan college,inc. located at bagua 1,cotabato city,philippines. . . . . . . i had encountered maj0r maj0r problem during the time when i was started as freshmen. . but itz ok! itz part of our dreams. . . and n0w alhamdulillah 0nly a semester t0 c0me. . . . and g00d bye t0 c0lege. . . . haha

keithkos1 on September 14, 2010:

Making the right social and academic fit is enormously important I think when planning for and attending college.

Choosing a campus where one is the "outsider" can make everything so much more stressful. Academically if a professor cant empathize who you are, forget about it. They wont understand and wont be able to support needs.

Finding right fit college friend groups and too having professors to click with can make all the difference towards being happy, succeeding academically and making it through for four plus years.

MelissaWood on July 01, 2010:

Going on my 3rd year of college and luckily I'm keeping up. My social life suffers though.

shoaib hussain on March 14, 2010:

m really fresh in my med school and must say I have faced more then 10 till now ,and its been only a couple of months.

scheng1 on December 10, 2009:

I was fortunate to study for degree as a working adult. It's easier when we have practical experience to back the theories or concept.

cgcorey from Pennsylvania on December 06, 2009:

Nice hub, I actually wrote about my first experience as a freshman on my hub page, Check it out sometime!

Twin XL on May 05, 2009:

This is super informative, thanks! But I bet there's a lot more than 10, lol.

Word Scribe on March 04, 2009:

Guys (& Gals), if you've been admitted to at least a decent college (not the crappy one I first went to), then consider yourselve very very grateful. My first college experience was nothing more than a nightmare in hell! Everything that could go wrong with being at this college, did. But I'll spare you the horror stories, since I have so little room here. But for those of you just starting, good luck-you all are definitely going to need it!

Squintina Nightgard from Texas on December 11, 2008:

I've actually had less reading to do so far..Of course that's because I placed out of English (thank you AP exams). But when I transfer I know I'll have to take English someday again..Not looking forward to 10+ books...

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