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9 Belonging Related Text Movies for HSC English Standard and Advanced

The best way to choose a related text for belonging is to find something that fits in well with the topic and something that you also enjoy. That way when you are working on your assessment tasks, or even in the HSC exam, not only will the details be easier to remember, but you are more likely to enjoy the process. Plus choose a movie and you've got a good excuse for when you get sick of studying, because watching the movie is technically still studying for you English exams.

Have a look at the suggestions below, you might choose a movie that you've already seen and enjoyed, or go for a new one that looks interesting. Either way the best related text will always be one of your favourite movies.

1. The Breakfast Club

The movie is about a a group of kids, from all different social groups around the school, who meet each other in Saturday detention (yeah, apparently that's a real thing in America). They are all very different people, they know where they sit within their normal group of friends, but nobody is sure exactly how to act in this situation.

Eventually they end up becoming friends, in a round about sort of way, and they learn a lot about things they never considered.

It might look a bit dated (crazy eighties stuff) but it is actually a really funny movie.

2. Shrek

Shrek, the story of an ogre who just wants everyone to leave him alone. We see Shrek struggle with his sense of belonging, trying to shut the world out and live in isolation because nobody likes him. Then there is Donkey who thinks he belongs with Shrek, but just needs to convince him of that. And then there are all the fairy tale characters who have been displaced, and who look to Shrek's swamp for somewhere to belong.

3. Where The Wild Things Are

Max is a kid that has had enough of being at home, so he runs away and ends up where the wild things are. The wild things end up making Max king, it seems that he has finally found his place in the world, but he quickly learns that dealing with everybody's individual issues is not easy.

Each of the wild things seem big and scary, but at their core they are all struggling with their own insecurities and sense of belonging.

This film also has an absolutely great original soundtrack.

4. Forrest Gump

Another classic. Forrest is constantly an outcast, yet he doesn't always seem to realise this. He almost creates his own sense of belonging across a whole heap of different stages of his life. Even the times when he is outright rejected, it seems that he just keeps going on, although at other times we are given an insight into his head, and see that he is often quite conscious of how he is ostracised.

5. Fight club

Again we see a character creating their own scene so they can experience a sense of belonging. The main character is stuck in a rut until he meets Tyler. Tyler helps him find his place, and begins to realise that there are many other men who feel just like he did. He creates a space for these men to feel like they belong.

Generally a must see gripping movie.

6. A Clockwork Orange

Set in a dystopian future, this film follows a group of teenagers in the uber violent and sexualised society in which they live. They have their own slang language that takes a bit of getting used to.

At its core this film is a coming of age story, about teenagers trying to figure out where they belong in the world.

7. Into The Wild

This is a story about one man who decides to give it all away, he gets rid of all his possessions and heads off to Alaska. He wants to push himself, and to find out where he belongs. He learns much along the way. Possibly the most amazing thing about this movie is that it is based on actual events.

8. Donnie Darko

What started out as a cult film has become very popular. We follow Donnie as he deals with the combination of regular school life, and the results of what are probably mental illness. Where does he belong in the world? What about his imaginary friend rabbit? It might take a couple of viewings to really understand this movie. As Donnie grapples with who he is and where he belongs there is a lot to deal with.

9. A Beautiful Mind

John Nash is smart, really smart, be he isn't gifted in the department of social skills. He knows where he belongs with numbers, but he doesn't quite know where he belongs in the world of people. He wants to matter, he wants to be important. In some ways he ends up achieving this, and in others he doesn't. For John it is as much about learning where those around him belong as where he does.

Almost Anything Else

Remember, these are just suggestions for texts which relate to belonging well. When you think about it, almost any movie will be relatable to belonging though. Yes, some are easier to relate than others, but you can really choose anything you like.

Hopefully these suggestions have helped you in choosing a related text, best of luck in your essays, assessments and exam, whether you are studying advanced or standard English. If you need any extra help with these texts leave a comment below.

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