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You need to have special talent to play in the professional sport where the players are rewarded with fame and fortune. You need to have special talent to be a writer of a novel that becomes a best seller. To be an astronaut, you need to have special mental and physical attributes that are ways above the average. To be a mathematician or composer, your brain has to be wired in certain ways to see through the invisible laws of Nature. To be an opera singer, you need to have unique vocal cord and high capacity lung to bellow out high, long, and pure volume of sound that resonate the whole stage. Each person’s body is built differently to enable each person to see and do things differently. Depending on where the person is born and the environment one is in, the person’s talent may not be developed and or noticed.


As we grow up, no one knows if one has the talent that will make a difference in the world. No one knows if such talent will have the chance to be developed, and no one knows if such talent if developed will change the world for the better or worst. Talent in music, mathematics, and sport for example, reveal itself in a person early in life. If it is not stimulated, guided, and practiced, the person may turn out be a music lover instead of a musician, a recreational sportsman instead of a professional athlete, and an accountant instead of a scientist. Talent in business, politics, or medicine, for example, can reveal itself after getting a thorough knowledge in the field that can only be offered through education. Without the proper education, a person may turn out to be a business worker instead of a business runner, a city worker instead of a city mayor, or a nurse instead of a surgeon.

Good and Bad

Not all talents in people are doing good things to the world:

1) A successful businessman derives the wealth from Ponzi scheme of fake investments that promise high return,

2) A surgeon performs unnecessary operations on unsuspecting patients for financial gains,

3) A professional athlete accepts payment to play not to one’s best ability in order to lose a game,

4) A scientist falsifies the experiment results to gain tenure or fame,

5) The mayor of a city succumb to bribe or kickback on infrastructure construction project,

6) The writer uses the skills in words to spread false rumors, incite hatred, and or promote violence, etc.

Talents in people can bring the world:

1) Laughter and relaxation – comedian and entertainer,

2) Death and destruction – invention of weapons of mass destruction,

3) Prosperity and pollution – development of plastic and automobile,

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4) Wonder and enlightenment – artist and musician,

5) Exploration of the outer space and the understanding of the inner world – invention of telescope and X-ray, etc.

Encouragement and Rejection

Talents in people can cause good and beneficial changes as well as bad and unpleasant events. Since we embrace and encourage the former and reject and discourage the later, our civilization has been on a slow, bumpy, but upward journey toward:

1) A better standard of living – from hunting and cave, framing and cottage, manufacturing and house, to commuting and high-rise.

2) A better governing body – from tribe, monarchy, tyranny, dictatorship, to democracy.

3) A better business transaction – from people exchange goods, buying goods in store with money, to shopping goods online with credit card and getting a loan to purchase expensive goods.

4) A safer world to live in – from the strong bullying the weak, seeking protection in a group, enacting laws for human rights, and to enforcing international rules of conduct.

Average Joe

A person needs to have special talent to be:

1) Surgeon – sharp mind, calm nerve, steady hands, etc.,

2) Scientist – logical, insightful, independent, and deep thinking, etc.,

3) Novelist - good language skill, imagination out of this world and into a make-believe world with clear visualization, etc.,

4) Professional athlete - great hand-eye coordination, great physical strength and body design that avoid injuries, mental competitiveness, etc.

However, it does not take special talent for the Average Joe to enjoy a happy family life, earn a decent living, and have a wholesome social gathering.

We do not know which people have what talent and whether the talent has a chance to be developed and flourished. But, we know that by providing a free and stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities; it is just a matter of time that diversified talents from diversified groups of people will show up. Because, this is how Nature works, how life started, how human species came about, and how we can survive on Earth.

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