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We are fascinated and idolizing beings with superhuman abilities that can dispense justice swiftly, save us from catastrophes, and protect us from evil forces. Fictitious superheroes like Superman, Batman, Ant-man, Spiderman, etc. have found widespread public appeals and fans in comic books, literature, and movies. The kids buy and play with the superhero toys and hope that when they grow up they will be like them. The adult will pretend to be superheroes in their dreams to act out their fantasies that are unreachable in real life.

But, all these attentions paid to those fictitious beings have prevented us from recognizing the real superheroes in our seemingly ordinary and mundane living. There are:

1) The single mother who works as many jobs as necessary to provide food and education to her children,

2) The entrepreneurs through their obsessions and single-mindedness have changed the ways we live,

3) The scientists who tinker tirelessness in solitude have unraveled the workings of Nature and broadened our understanding of the world we live in.

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Author's work


A mother has to:

1) Endure excruciating pain during the birth process,

2) Sometimes, sacrifice or postpone her career to take care of the baby,

3) Sometimes, spending the whole life as a housewife to cook for the family, to keep the house clean, and to take care of the family members when they are sick, etc.

However, in the rare instance, a mother finds herself raising her children without the help of the husband. This means that the mother has to take on the extra duty of a breadwinner. Some mothers will work several jobs to come up with the money to pay the rent, the food, and the education of their children. The sacrifice the mother has to make is beyond the imagination and awareness of the average human beings. The selfless superhuman efforts that can last more than 10 years allowing her children to have the chance to fulfill their potential as an adult.


Entrepreneurs were and are responsible for most of the emerging companies and or innovative products in the business world. Through their single-mindedness and obsession, a few of them managed to brighten our life, to change the way we travel, to revolutionize how we communicate, and to entertain us:

1) Thomas Edison – commercialized the light bulb and the electrical grids that light up the city at night,

2) Henry Ford – developed the assembly lines to mass-produce the automobile that was affordable to the general public,

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3) Steve Jobs – Popularized the PC with the Apple Computer, making music easily accessible with the iTune, and most significantly, bringing mobile communication to the general public with the iPhone,

4) Walt Disney – created likable cartoon characters and commercialized them in animated films and theme parks that bring joy and happiness to the young and the old around the world.

All these life-changing developments could only be accomplished by people with unwavering vision, steeling determination, and inexhaustible energy; in other words, superhuman capabilities.


Without scientific discoveries, we will not be able to the material comforts and conveniences that we have today. The TV, refrigerator, automobile, airplane, personal computer, internet, etc. are all based on the theories and principles formulated by scientists. For example:

1) Photoelectricity and magnetism are behind the working of TV,

2) Thermodynamic and the properties of gases make refrigerator possible,

3) The Periodic Table and the atomic structure usher the age of the computer,

4) Aerodynamic and explosives enable us to fly in an airplane, etc.

Scientists usually have to work all by themselves day and night to unravel the secrets of Nature. Through intuition, imagination, observation, experimentation, and documentation, the scientists with their superhuman endeavors have succeeded in making Nature working for us instead of the other way around.


There are/were many superheroes in our society and around the world. Their presences are/were not immediately obvious and seldom appreciated. Whenever we encounter problems, we want immediate solutions and seldom appreciate the efforts behind the scenes. That is why the superheroes in comic books and movies attract wide appeal from the general public. But, when we are forced into a position having to face and solve uncommon problems all by ourselves, we learn to dig down to find the inner strength and resources that we never know we possess. It is a long and slow process but the gratification will eventually come. Our 7000 years of civilization is a testimony of the obstacles we have to overcome:

1) The scarcity of food and shelters,

2) The destructiveness of earthquakes and thunderstorms,

3) The ravages of the bacteria and virus, etc.

So, have faith in humanity and give the superheroes inside ourselves to the surface.

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