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Community Colleges in Los Angeles

Unlike many large cities, Los Angeles focuses heavily on offering educational opportunities to the area's residents with low cost tuition. At $20 per unit, community colleges in LA (and throughout California) are among the most affordable in the US. On top of the lowered cost of tuition, those who attend any of the colleges may be eligible for federal aid.

With nine community colleges in the Los Angeles area serving over 250,000 students each year, there is a huge number of majors and programs from which students can choose. Each community college in the Los Angeles Community College District is highlighted below. A map of the locations of the colleges is also shown in order to help you select the best college.

East Los Angeles College

The largest community college in the LA area is East Los Angeles College. Many of the students who attend this college either complete a two-year degree or go work on a bachelor's degree at one of the many California State University or University of California campuses. Those wishing to transfer to another university can take one of the many transferable courses offered here. With its campus located in the community of Monterey Park, just east of downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles College has a wide range of facilities which include a 20,000 seat sports stadium.

Pierce College

Pierce College has a beautiful 426 acre campus located in the western part of San Fernando Valley. The college offers a number of opportunities for students wishing to learn a new occupation or those interested in transfer education. In the tradition of being an agricultural college, Pierce still manages a 226-acre farm spanning the west side of the campus that sustains small herds of sheep, goats, and cattle.

Pierce is particularly known for allowing students to move quickly through the curriculum with shorter, more rigorous sessions. Because of this, students achieve greater academic success that those who attend a college with a more traditional session length.

Los Angeles Valley College

Los Angeles Valley College is a 2-year community college serving students in or near the heart of San Fernando Valley. The college sits on a beautiful 107-acre campus located just a short drive from the gorgeous beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica. Those interested in learning a skill to prepare for a career may want to consider attending Los Angeles Valley College as they offer over 140 associate degrees. The college is also great for those wanting to move on to a four year university, because their courses are highly transferable to many colleges and universities in California.

Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles City College is unique as it is actually located on the former location of UCLA. Because of this, this community college has several multistory buildings where is offers its students a large variety of courses, a theater, fitness centers, and even film studios.

Los Angeles City College offers easily transferable credits and has friendly staff who will assist student in applying to four-year colleges. One of the biggest benefits of attending this college before transferring as it can save a lot of money on coursework.

Los Angeles Trade-Tech School

The oldest of the nine two-year community colleges in LA is Los Angeles Trade-Technical School which was first called the Frank Wiggins Trade School. This particular community college offers educational opportunities to people from a variety of backgrounds.

Many students take courses to help them in their work as nearly half of the students work more than 30 hours a week. The other half of the student body takes courses here in order to transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

West Los Angeles College

If you're interested in attending an accredited community college that occupies a beautiful 70-acre campus that overlooks Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and west Los Angeles, West Los Angeles College is the place. On top of this, the campus also offers a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean.

Each year, over 600 students receive degrees from this college and many others transfer their credits to four-year institutions such as University of California and California State University.

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Los Angeles Mission College

Los Angeles Mission College, located in San Fernando Valley, offers a wide variety of resources to its students. The college focuses on assisting students in the local community in furthering their careers, learning new skills, and taking courses in order to transfer to a four-year university.

The college also offers a number of online courses to its students. Another way the college assists the community is by offering short-term courses that are not-for-credit and teach special skill development, leisure-learning, and special interests.

Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Harbor College offers a wide variety of courses to its students. This southernmost college in the Los Angeles Community College District offers a large number of associate degrees as well as coursework designed to support those wishing to transfer to a four-year university.

Like many of the colleges in the LA area, Harbor College has an athletic program and a huge student support network such as a child development center. This college offers education opportunities for those in the communities of Long Beach and Torrance as it's located just outside of these areas in sunny Wilmington, California.

Los Angeles Southwest College

Those from the communities of Hawthorne, Compton, or Inglewood may want to consider attending Los Angeles Southwest College as it is located right outside of these areas. On top of the reduced tuition offered in California, this college offers comprehensive financial aid in order to ensure that students from all walks of life can achieve success.

Those wishing to obtain an associate's degree can choose from the many programs that are offered here and those wishing to transfer to a four-year college or university may wish to take some of the courses here that are designed specifically for students wishing to transfer out.


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