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My Bucket List / Life Wish List

Silohuette of girl leaping/hopping at sunset.

Silohuette of girl leaping/hopping at sunset.

The Things I Want to Try to Accomplish & Experiences I Want to Have

I believe I was 14, 15 or 16 years old when I decided I needed to create my own bucket list-- a list of things I wanted to do before I die. Well, I didn't EXACTLY think of it that way. For me, it was just a list of all the things I would want to do if money and time and other people's opinions weren't an issue. These were things that I really wanted to do, but maybe couldn't at the time. I looked at my list a lot when I was younger. As I got older, I still had it, tucked away into a folder. But I didn't look at it very often. I was too caught up in college classes and working.

During my final year of college, I was thinking a LOT about what the heck I wanted to do with the rest of my life. People kept asking me, and I didn't really have a good answer for them. I had some ideas about what I wanted, but nothing in particular.

Or, so I thought. I went to look for the bucket list I'd made nearly a decade earlier. I had quite a few things written down, quite enough to draw upon. I found that some of the things I'd listed I'd already done, which was kind of a neat revelation. I had already voted in two presidential elections (now five), learned sign language, and went to Bermuda in the summer of 2008.

And then, of course, there were some things I'd listed that I no longer wanted to do. That's when I decided I would refresh my bucket list at least once or twice a year (maybe even more than that), mostly adding goals that hadn't been there before, but sometimes removing goals that no longer fit me or that I'd already accomplished.

I also thought the BEST way to do this would be to put it somewhere online where I can see it, but also share it with others. In the first 3-4 years after I finished my undergraduate degree, I was very depressed about being either unintentionally unemployed (being let go) or being underemployed, so I didn't linger on this webpage often as it depressed me even further. A few years after that, I was able to actually check some of the smaller items off of my bucket list.

Now, I'm once again unintentionally unemployed thanks to 2020 & the Coronavirus (been this way since March 2020, unfortunately), and I'm STILL trying to find a job that will help me get where I want to be and allow me to eventually be able to accomplish some more of the smaller things on my bucket list, as well as the bigger ones. Making updates to this list for 2021.

Of course, I also hope you'll also get something out of this bucket list and perhaps make your own. Just use my to figure out what to stick on your bucket list if you like. Far better than just New Year's Resolutions... you don't have to wait for a new year to make the changes you want in your life.

So here I go with my bucket list! I've broken my list of goals down into sections for you (and for me- easier to think about a list of any kind when you break it down this way)...

Just a few of the electronics cases that I'm selling in my Zazzle store.

Just a few of the electronics cases that I'm selling in my Zazzle store.

My IMMEDIATE List of Things To Do - These are things that I either need to do/get, can't to wait to do/get or don't want to wait to do/get.

  • Get a job that fits ME rather than me trying to fit a job (position). I've held a lot of retail positions that I've been less than satisfied with. (I'm currently in a retail position I hate.) At one point, I was hired as a medical records clerk... and then I got let go based solely on the speed of my work and not the quality of it. And before that I was working in a different retail/grocery store. And even before that, I worked for 3 years for the government in medical-records-related student clerk position. I very much appreciated the medical records position (and certainly hope to have all those benefits that went along with them in whatever my next position is). And I tolerated my retail jobs because they gave me a paycheck (but not always a reasonable paycheck). But every job I took (especially retail), I began to hate. It wouldn't start off that way for me, but within a few months time it would become less enjoyable. All the positions became monotonous, involved no real creativity, and with some of my positions my coworkers were incredibly difficult to deal with and work with (negative, gossipy, etc). I wanted to leave on my own terms, but it didn't always work out that way, as I got let go from both the clerical positions. (The government one was only because I was graduating college, and the position was for college students only. They had no other position to move me into, either. The second position was supposedly because I wasn't working fast enough with the minimal 2 months of experience I had. My most recent job lasted 2 1/2 years, but my boss was terrible, temperamental, racist, sexist, and made working at that company either very miserable or very boring. No in between. Just one or the other. I wanted to leave that job too, but was let go instead (because the company supposedly needed to save money - I know it was more than that, though). I just really hope to one day have a career in something that I would truly enjoy & love and not just like or tolerate. This would involve some internet marketing and could include travel blogging, graphic design, interior design, DIY-ing, or becoming a YouTuber. Ultimately, I want to work for myself and not work for someone else for the rest of my life. And I definitely want to make enough money to actually pay off my debt (school loans), move out on my own and become financially independent.

EDIT: Christmas 2012, my grandfather asked me what I'd really like to be doing right now for work. I told him-- and my grandmother-- about my plans to start YouTubing. I wrote out an estimate of what I thought everything would cost, and much to my surprise, my grandparents agreed to give me what was basically a business grant to help me get started. [Grant= don't have to pay back; so much better than a loan.] You can find me on YouTube under the name CherryAmbition. (I would link to it, but unfortunately HubPages doesn't allow more than two links to any one domain like YouTube.)

EDIT #2: In November 2013, I quit my umpteenth retail job to go back to school for an Internet Marketing Master's Degree. If all goes well, I will graduate with my degree around Thanksgiving 2014. (Yes, just one year, as it is an accelerated program.)

EDIT #3: in November 2014, I completed my Internet Marketing Master's Degree and graduated with an A+ average (not quite a 4.0 but close). I plan on getting an Internet marketing position of some sort while also making YouTube videos again.

EDIT #4: It's the end of September 2017, and I am in yet another retail position that I loathe. Getting up in the morning to go to work is like pulling teeth (but I'm doing it to myself). I'm job searching for something within Internet marketing, and if/when that actually happens, I'll let you know. I'd also still like to make more YouTube videos on a regular basis (despite the "ad-pocalypse", notifications being messed up for subscribers & YouTube's new rule making it more difficult to add Patreon links to your YouTube videos and main page). But I simply don't have the time to make videos, or the money to spend on them (at least when it comes to how-tos and hauls and more).

EDIT #5: As mentioned above, I was let go from my last office job in March 2020, & haven't found work since. I know what I want to do now, but because of health issues, I have a hard time trying to accomplish that, even at home. I'm currently trying to fund-raise due to financial issues as a result of 2020. (If you want to help, you should visit my Twitter page [@CherryAmbition] and check the bio & the pinned tweet.)


  • Get BETTER health insurance. More of a need really, and I do have health insurance now, but it could still be better (especially with me being asthmatic).
  • Get tested for ADHD, OCD, depression, anxiety disorders, etc. In 2020, through some online reading, I discovered that I probably have at least ADHD and need to get tested for it. For one, ADHD and autism have overlapping sysmptoms, and so one or the other needs to be ruled out (& I don't think I have autism). I have also been having increasingly serious mental health issues in other ways that I need addressed soon. But I can't do that if I don't have good health insurance that will pay for it, or I can't pay for it out of pocket.
  • Finish my driving lessons & get my driver's license (YES, I am long overdue for this, but don't have anyone to practice with at the moment, so I need to pay for lessons again- LONG story; also probably have to get auto insurance to go along with whatever car I get). EDIT: I passed my driving test & got my driver's license June 2nd, 2012. I already have auto insurance, and I've been driving hand-me-down cars for a few years.
  • Pay off my college loans- I'd like to remove the financial cloud hanging over my head as a result of these loans.
  • In addition to a job, I'd like to increase sales/purchases in my Zazzle store. I've spent a lot of time and effort designing my products, but I would like to get more traffic for the store through promotion. I mean, it would be nice to actually sell a sizable amount of products every month. Designing is fun for me, but now I want to get serious with it.
  • Buy some more red wigs and/or get red hair extensions. I LOVE red hair (so much that I created a Hub about it-- Red Hair and Redheads). I was finally able to buy a new red wig, which looks lovely and healthy. But it will get old and become hard to comb through in a few months. And I want to eventually buy a few quality wigs with quality hair so that I'm not buying a $200 wig every month or two (which I was before). When I wear long, fresh red wigs, I look great and feel really great about how I look.
  • Get a tattoo....or 2 or 3, but all in discreet places or places where they won't be seen immediately (thinking in terms of job interviews & the business world)-- A quote/saying in cursive tattoo lettering/font on the underside of my forearm and a set of stars on my ankle. Because of my many allergies, it's possible I could be allergic to the ink. So I would probably test the ink on my skin by getting a small tattoo done first before getting any larger or more complicated designs done. EDIT: I got my first tattoo done in May 2014. It was the word I had planned to put on my left pointer finger-- "DREAMER". But I was told that the tattoo would be more likely to fade on my finger, and that the letters could run together as well. So I chose to get the word placed on my right wrist instead. I will eventually post a picture (either right here, or I'll post it on my blog and link to it).
  • Get ear piercings (four in each ear lobe). I didn't even want ear piercings until I kept noticing this one girl in the Goo Goo Dolls music video "Here Is Gone". She appears right before the sunrise and first chorus kick in. I watch that video a lot, but only noticed the girl's ear piercings later on. I like how it looks on her, and I think those piercings, arranged in the same way with similar earrings, would look ok on me too. So I hope to get that done some time in the near future. EDIT: I got my ears pierced in March 2014. And yes, I got as many as the girl in the picture-- 4 piercings in each ear lobe-- and in the same spots, too. I have titanium studs in right now, but hope to be able to afford some nice, small hoops in the future. I'd prefer titanium or white gold hoops (because I'm least likely to have any type of allergic reaction to those metals), so I'll have to save up for those.
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Things I Want To Do Soon, But Need To Plan Out Carefully

These are things I have to think out first before I do them, as they are a much bigger deal and affect other aspects of my life.

  • Nose piercing (I'd preferably like to start off with a hoop and NOT a stud); not a huge deal, except for when you're doing job interviews, so I'll wait until I either have a steady job with a company that allows their employees to be pierced, or I work for myself. The picture seen here is of a random girl with a nose ring.
  • Change my name. I've wanted to do this since I was 15 or 16 years old. I already have a name picked out, and found out that although it does cost money and involves some legal stuff, it's much easier to do now. However, I would then have to contact the loan people, change my social security card, change my passport, list two names on all my job applications... you get the idea.
  • Move (or retire) to the Caribbean - the issues for me are getting my driver's license (done), then getting a reliable vehicle, finding a place to live and having a job there and/or sizable income available before I move down there. EDIT: I used to want to move to Florida, but it's too many crazy and old people down there (Republicans, Scientologists, sex offenders, etc.). I CANNOT with all of that. Caribbean is more relaxed, and there's not as much political drama (if any). It's not perfect, but it's better than anywhere in the States right now.

Things I Can and Should Be Doing Now, But Keep Putting Off...

Even when these things have the ability to improve the quality of my life...

I am a procrastinator by nature, something which I'm forever suffering the consequences of. If there's something I know I should do, but really don't want to, I put it off until I finally have to do it. The following are big things that would improve the quality of my life, and yet they take so much energy, I've just decided I'll do them when I'm ready...

  • Clean my room. If I were living on my own, this would only be an issue when I have people over who actually want to see my room. And even then, I'd probably just tell them they could see it the next time they come over. And I could keep telling them that, lol. But because I still live with my parents (who seem to just nag more and more about everything as they get older), it's an issue. For them, really, not me or anyone else. My room is upstairs, and when company is over, no one ever goes upstairs anymore, so it's not like they'll ever see my room. Anyways, I suppose it would be nice to have everything organized. EDIT #1: I have actually started cleaning & organizing my room (for me, not for the parents), and it's half-way done. I must say, having things somewhat organized has somewhat improved my state of mind, not just my environment. I still have a ways to go though. EDIT #2: Something happened in 2017 that required a complete re-haul of parts of the house I live in-- including my bedroom. I moved nearly everything out of it, shampooed and vacuumed the carpet like a boss, and then moved everything back in, but in a more organized way that made more sense. I'm still not done moving everything back in, but most of my things are back in the room. Still a bit more organizing to do, and I'm also planning on getting a new bed with storage space underneath (so I can be even more organized).
  • Make exercise a part of my everyday life. I have no problem starting to exercise. In fact, I'm always starting, because I'm always stopping and I don't continue to do it. I don't need a gym membership, and as much as I'd like to have a personal gym with my own exercise equipment, I know I don't need that either. I need something I can do everyday and not get tired of. Something that will help me tone my body, because losing weight is not an issue for me and never has been. I'm pretty slim. But I'm not toned. And that's all I really want. And I think I've found a single program to help me with that-- P90X. Seriously, go Google that right now and check out the website (or look it up on YouTube). You'll see what I'm talking about. EDIT #1: Thanks to what was basically a business grant from my grandparents, I bought the P90 DVDs (NOT P90x- not yet) as well as the Insanity DVDs. I'll try out Insanity later in 2013. The P90 alone is enough for me right now, as I've been incredibly inactive for the past few years. EDIT #2: I started the Insanity Workout Program in March 2013. I think I've toned up some, but I'm having a hard time getting rid of my stomach. I'd also like for my thighs to get a slimmer. So because of that, as well as the fact that I started skimping on the Insanity workouts after 2 months, I think I need to have another workout program so I can target the areas that bother me the most, as well as stay consistent with the exercise and not get too bored. Hip Hop Abs & TAPOUT XT might be my next buys once I can afford them. EDIT #3: I stopped Insanity about 4 months after I started because there were complaints from people I lived with about how much noise I make when jumping around, not wanting the ground shaking (floor shakes and moves other furniture around when jumping), et cetera. The only space there is for me to exercise right now is the living room, and the same issue would apply. Plus, I simply have less time and energy for exercising thanks to my current job situation. So I'll just wait until I have my own place to start exercising again, as I don't want to exercise around or in front of other people.

Moving on...

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee in black.

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee in black.

The Usual Things

I guess this would kind of be your "American Dream" type stuff with the picket fence and all...

  • Get an apartment or buy a house, in the state I'm living in now and/or the Caribbean.
  • Get home insurance (and flood insurance, tornado insurance and anything else I might need to go along with the home insurance).
  • Get a mid-sized SUV (like a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Dodge Durango) that has high safety ratings and is fuel-efficient (or is a hybrid or electric vehicle); I'm going to also need auto insurance to go along with this...
  • Get married... to whoever it is I'm meant to be with. I really could care less about guys right now, though. I'd much rather be single for a while than date someone who isn't worthy of me.
  • Adopt kids -- MAYBE. I'm leaning more and more towards not wanting kids at all, but I'm still undecided on that. I'm sure I don't want to have any biological children of my own for various reasons, one of those being that I have no interest in being pregnant. If I DO adopt any kids, definitely no more than 3. I got to know what my limit will probably be after seeing Octomom and Kate Gosselin. I do NOT want that kind of life...
  • Get life insurance & a living will or trust (probably a good idea to do this once I end up with any of the things above; I don't have a family or own anything major right now.)

Things to Learn

Things I want to learn to do, but learn to do WELL...or just well enough...

  • Learn to cook vegan recipes (I'm vegan by nature- allergic to ALL dairy products, eggs, ALL nuts and meat products [in addition to other food allergies], so I'd like to eat more than JUST fresh fruits and cooked veggies)

    EDIT: I started fixing vegan dishes during the 2009 Holiday season, and I haven't really stopped. At some point, I might include a lens with links to the sources I got the recipes from.

  • Learn to speak, read & write the following languages:

    - Hebrew (a college Hebrew Studies class course sparked my interest in the language)

    - Hawaiian (I just want to)

    - Dutch (because I have two Dutch friends and I'd love to be able to speak to them in their native language instead of them always speaking English with me)

    - Spanish, but fluently (I already know some, but I should & could know it better)

    - French (my dad speaks it nearly fluently and tried to teach me when I was younger, but I refused to learn)

    - German (my grandfather speaks fluent German, & he had an Austrian daughter-- my aunt & my mother's half-sister-- who passed away in July 2010; I think me speaking German would really surprise & please him)

  • Take guitar lessons/Play the guitar (acoustic & electric)
  • Take drum lessons/Play the drums
  • Take hip-hop dance lessons. There are hip-hop dances from shows like So You Think You Can Dance?, America's Best Dance Crew & on YouTube that have sort of inspired me even further to eventually take lessons in the future. (I initially wanted to also take dance lessons in both contemporary & ballroom, but I don't think I like either as much anymore.)
  • Voice lessons/learn to sing solo (I sang in two choirs over the course of 10 years, but I never did anything solo)
  • Re-learn to play the piano on my own terms (took lessons for 12 years and stopped because I hated being forced to do it)
  • Lucid dreaming. Yes, sort of like what the characters in the movie Inception were doing, but not quite that elaborate. It just means being aware of when you're dreaming and taking control within the dream however you want. I don't know if you can control the setting of the dream so much as simply controlling your own actions within the dream. (But if I can control my surroundings in the dream, I want to always be vacationing somewhere warm & tropical. And I want to EAT. I NEVER get to eat in my dreams...)
  • Take self-defense classes AND gun lessons. This day and age where self-defense is concerned, it's important (especially for kids and single women) to learn how to defend yourself if you're ever attacked. God-willing it won't happen, EVER, but you just never know. So I want to learn how to kick anyone's ass if necessary. But I'd also like to know what it feels like to pull a trigger, so I might as well learn to shoot a gun as well...

Water Sports & Activities

Because of my outdoor allergies, camping out in the woods or a jungle is out of the question. The only place I can become one with nature is the beach. So, I'd like to try out the water activities below:

  • Swimming with the dolphins
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba-diving
  • Water tubing
  • Surfing
  • Water-skiing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Spend a day on someone's yacht and just relax (okay, this is not a sport, but it IS an activity, even if it I'm not using much energy, lol)
  • Mess with a bunch of these kind of water balloons in my backyard (and hope it doesn't turn out quite like this).

Places to Visit

I'm either planning to go there once or planning to make it a yearly trip-- by plane or cruise ship...

Unless otherwise noted, I would likely stay in a 4 or 5-star hotel or resort in the following areas (if I didn't visit them by cruise ship):

  • Florida-- until I move down there, that is. Tampa, Clearwater, Miami & the Florida Keys, in particular.
  • Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico- all at the same time; This area has a name-- The Four Corners.
  • Las Vegas (Nevada - duh)
  • California-- Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Malibu
  • Bermuda-- I've been once, and I sooooo want to go again. If there's a next time, I might stay in a hotel instead of staying with the godparents....
  • The Caribbean (nowhere particular, just wherever a cruise would take me)
  • The Bahamas
  • Hawaii-- maybe I'll do the surfing here...MAYBE...
  • Tahiti
  • Bora Bora
  • Cancun, Mexico (but NOT during Spring Break- I don't wanna be around college kids)
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (location of the 2016 Summer Olympics) <- EDIT: Seeing as Brazil has had issues with security, safety & completion of buildings for the 2014 World Cup, I'm rethinking my desire to attend Summer Olympics there. And so are plenty of others, including the Olympics Committee itself. It had been said that if it is decided that Brazil is not sufficiently ready to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, London could be the replacement host (meaning London would get to host the Summer Olympics twice in a row). So we'll see how that goes...
  • Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
  • Japan (all over it) <- EDIT: In the wake of the earthquake & tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011, I'm reconsidering (or at least postponing) ever visiting Japan. Not solely because of those natural disasters, but because of the problems they've had with their nuclear power plants, particularly Fukushima, being unstable & having already leaked chemicals. I don't know if or when that will ever change.
  • India (especially Goa after seeing The Bourne Supremacy)
  • Turks & Caicos
  • The Cayman Islands
  • The Maldives
  • South Africa (most definitely staying with close friends/family here; it's suggested by many that you not visit here unless you know someone living here or your wealthy and can stay in a nice hotel or resort, as there is a significant amount of crime in many areas)
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates; Want to know where all your gas money goes? It's here. Seriously, Google "Dubai" and view the pictures that come up. They had enough money to build their own islands. Yes, seriously. And on one of those islands is a magnificent hotel called the Atlantis Hotel, and I want to stay there for a week...)
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • England (London and other parts)
  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands

Events to Attend

I always hear about them on TV, in magazines or on the internet. For once, I'd actually like to be a part of the event rather than just hearing about it...

  • Concerts by any one of the following acts (all of whom I haven't seen in concert yet) - P.O.D., U2, No Doubt & Kerli. Yeah, it's a short list right now (I'm picky about which concerts I go to, unless it's a concert/music festival)...
  • Acts/bands I've seen before that I'd definitely like to see again in concert - Right now, probably just Paramore & maybe Backstreet Boys.
  • SXSW (South by Southwest) Music Festival -- 4 to 5 day concert event that is held in March in Austin, Texas. Acts can be as pop as Lily Allen and eclectic Swedish pop artist Robyn, as Hip-hop as Kanye West, Ice Cube and Common, or as rock as Ben Harper, Hawthorn Heights, Paramore or Flyleaf (yeah, they've played here too). There's a little bit of something for everyone.
  • Coachella(full name- Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival)- 3-day-weekend concert festival that takes place every April at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley; features alternative rock, indie, hip-hop, electronic music, and some well-known pop acts/bands/artists as well. Among the artists/bands that have played Coachella- Prince, Madonna, Jay-Z, The Killers, Duran Duran, Kanye West, Muse, Vampire Weekend, M.I.A., Morrissey, The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, Cee Lo, Florence and the Machine, Gorillaz, Paul McCartney and more. People usually go in groups & camp out on the Coachella camping grounds for the entire weekend. There's also plenty of art & food to enjoy.

    NOTE: Every year, several of the performances are broadcast live on the Coachella YouTube Channel. Since 2012, Coachella has been a 2-weekend event (with the second weekend being identical to the first, as both weekends have the same line up). Only the first weekend is broadcast online.

  • Rock on the Range -- Annual concert event held on a weekend in May in Columbus, Ohio (and apparently, also Winnipeg, Canada) where hard rock acts such as Flyleaf, Seether, Shinedown, Staind, P.O.D, Evanescence, Sum 41 & Korn have performed.
  • Bonnaroo-- 4-day music festival that takes place every June on a large farm in in Manchester, Tennessee; according to the Wikipedia page, it features "a diverse array of musical styles including indie rock, world music, hip hop, jazz, americana, bluegrass, country music, folk, gospel, reggae, electronica, and other alternative music." Several of the acts that have played Coachella also play here, including The Black Keys, Radiohead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, She & Him, and more. The festival also features comedians (Conan O'Brien was the biggest comedy draw at the 2010 Bonaroo festival).

    NOTE: Bonnaroo also broadcasts some of their performances on YouTube.

  • VidCon -- This event, which first started in 2010, is the largest gathering in the world of fans of online video. (Yes, it's similar to ComicCon in a way.) It is always held in southern California (either L.A. or Anaheim), and it almost always sells out at least a good month beforehand. Tons of famous YouTubers, such as ItsKingsleyBitch, Smosh, DailyGrace (Grace Helbig) and more attend the event every year. And I soooo want to go one year. Ok, really I'd like it to be on a yearly basis...
  • Lollapalooza-- A 3-day weekend summer music festival that takes place in Chicago. According to the Lollapalooza Wiki page, it was originally created "by Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell as a farewell tour for his band". In the 90s it ran from 1991-1997, and wasn't revived until 2003. It features popular alt rock, punk rock, indie, hip-hop and dance musicians/bands. Acts that have played there include Beastie Boys, Deadmau5, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Jack White, Florence + the Machine, Skylar Grey, Christina Perri, Lady Gaga, Kerli, Erikyah Badu, B.o.B, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, Eminem, and more. This is yet another festival that broadcasts some of its performances on YouTube.

    NOTE: The festival also played in Brazil in 2012 and Chile starting in 2011, with intentions to expand to Israel in 2013.

  • The Bamboozle -- Normally a 2-day musical festival held in New Jersey (held for 3 days in 2011); the acts/bands that play here seem to consist mostly of several different genres of rock & hip-hop, and include acts/bands such as VersaEmerge, Dashboard Confessional, The Pretty Reckless, Hanson (yep, that band), Far East Movement, Good Charlotte, Third Eye Blind, and so on. 2011's Bamboozle acts included Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars, & 30 Seconds To Mars, etc.
  • MTV Video Music Awards -- but in Europe or Australia (the ones here in the States kinda suck now; they always seem either staged & over the top, or really predictably ridiculous)
  • Radio Music Awards
  • American Music Awards
  • Grammys (a.k.a. The Grammy Awards)
  • World Music Awards
  • The Emmy Awards
  • The Golden Globes
  • The Academy Awards (a.k.a. The Oscars)
  • The Sundance Film Festival
  • The Cannes Film Festival
  • The Summer Olympics
  • Time Square on New Years Eve (preferably in the MTV or ABC Studios)
  • Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Miami on New Year's Eve

Hayley Williams & Taylor York of Paramore performing at SXSW (South By SouthWest) in 2013.

Hayley Williams & Taylor York of Paramore performing at SXSW (South By SouthWest) in 2013.

Things That Just Don't Fit Into A Category

They really don't. So I've listed them all below...

  • Ride on the back of a motorcycle-- I only want to do this ONCE (and definitely with a helmet on)
  • Go indoor skydiving. It is simply simulated skydiving inside of a tube. While the photo here shows what it looks like, watching a YouTube video about it would do it more justice. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and sidekick Steve Higgins have done this on a cruise ship.
  • Go zorbing/sphering (rolling around inside of a plastic orb/bubble). You can do it with or without water. There is a photo on the right of what it looks like, but this is another activity that should be looked up on YouTube.
  • Win the lottery or a cash sweepstakes
  • Buy or rent a tour bus/RV
  • Go on a shopping spree. And when I say shopping spree, I mean being able to spend at least several thousand dollars without worrying about emptying my personal bank account. (Yeah, I realize I may never get the chance to do this unless I win some contest or the lottery or something.)
  • Meet a famous person, get their autograph and/or take a picture with them, and hang out with them for a day. I do have a shortlist of celebs I'd like most to meet:

    -Paramore (yes, ALL of the CURRENT band members [so Taylor York & Zac Farro], not just Hayley Williams, although I DO relate to her the most because we are both young females who like rock music & fashion, and have opinions about things going on in the world around us... and Hayley's head is on very straight for someone who is in the entertainment industry.)

    -An unnamed actor (I know who it is but I don't want to publicly name them) who has had a somewhat prolific TV career and is a 90s icon - of sorts.

    -Beyoncé (do I need to explain this? It's Beyoncé. Prolific music career, drops albums with no warning, gave us Lemonade & The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack & visual album versions of both, and has won the most Grammys [though they need to stop playing with her on Album of the Year, because that's trash.)

Books to Help You Start YOUR Bucket List

If you're thinking about creating your own bucket list, or you just want some ideas for some New Year's resolutions and want some help, or if you already have a list but want to improve it, the books below might inspire you and help you out...

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Alice's Bucket List

Alice Pyne was a teenage girl with cancer who started a bucket list blog, even though she knew she wouldn't always be well enough to be able to complete all the items on her list. She was blessed to be able to complete most of her wishes, though. But she did pass away on January 12, 2013. While it's incredibly sad considering the circumstances, it is also inspiring. The blog (which she started in June 2011) documented the things she was able to cross of the list. If you like, visit her blog, and leave condolences as well for her family. Currently, her mother and her younger sister, Milly, are blogging there now.

NOTE: One of the wishes on Alice's bucket list was to get everyone (else) to have a bucket list. Start your own in her honor. is actually a great site to list your bucket list on. As good as Squidoo? Probably not, but still good nonetheless. (I just joined and added just a few things from my own bucket list.) You can also look at other people's bucket lists, as well as see what they have & haven't completed and why they want to complete certain items. Also, if they have managed to complete something, there might be a story about how they went about doing it. They (& you as well) can add photos & videos to go along with the story.

My profile on this website can be found under my same name, Cherrybomb2009.

Thanks to former Squid/lensmaster Rick (a.k.a Dismantlerepair) for suggesting the site!

Mood/Dream/Inspiration Vision Board/Poster

My personal mood/dream/inspiration vision board/poster.

My personal mood/dream/inspiration vision board/poster.

A mood/dream/inspiration vision board is basically like a picture version of your bucket list. It serves the same purpose- visual representation of the things you truly want in life. It's something you can create so that you can look at it daily and be inspired by it. You can make vision boards online through websites like Pinterest and so on.

One of mine is pictured above. The second one is a work in progress. While they do not include everything I have on this bucket list webpage, they do include a lot of it (the nose ring I want, the tattoos I want, the driving lessons & driver's license I wanted (and eventually got in 2012), the car I want (which was a Jeep Wrangler & is now a Jeep Grand Cherokee), the type of home I want, the beaches I want to live near, my desire to be my own boss, etc). I still need to add more experience-based photos to it, as it does seem heavier on things right now. I've already started a second vision board to add more stuff to. There's no rules to making one. And you can make more than one if necessary (as I have, because I expanded upon the original one shown here and made some updates).

Just another way to visualize your dreams and aspirations...

So, has this inspired you to create your own bucket list/list of things to do? Do you already have a list? Think there's something I should add to my own list?

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on July 24, 2013:

@TimothyArends: I can relate much better than you think. It's why I have what is basically "find a decent-paying job/career" listed on my bucket list. But perhaps I should just list "win a jackpot" or "win the lottery" somewhere on the list as well. 4 years since I graduated college and I've gotten NOWHERE with my degree.

Timothy Arends from Chicago area on July 24, 2013:

I'm still trying to accomplish the FIRST thing on my bucket list: make a comfortable income LOL!

forextrading2000 on December 20, 2012:

Amazing stuff, I have to keep coming back here in order to keep myself in the right track!

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on October 29, 2012:

@CanInsure: Awesome... :)

CanInsure on October 29, 2012:

Got my first motorcycle and never looked back.

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on September 25, 2012:

@glenbrook: Eh, we'll see? I just know I want to do it at least once. I think I'd be too afraid of manning a motorcycle by myself. I'm doing well to be driving right now, lol...

glenbrook on September 25, 2012:

Once you ride on the back of a motorcycle you'll probably want to get your own motorcycle. Riding is a blast and it gives you an incredible sense if freedom...

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on September 01, 2012:

@karen-stephens: LOL, not quite. You're welcome though...

karen-stephens on September 01, 2012:


Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on August 20, 2012:

@squid-pinkchic18: Thank you!

squid-pinkchic18 on August 20, 2012:

You've got a great start! Best of luck to you with the rest of your bucket list!!!

karen-stephens on August 10, 2012:

Thank you for adding obtaining life insurance and getting your affairs in order.. this is soooo important! I appreciate your reminding us all.

Vita Activate on August 07, 2012:

Great lens ! It must be helpful for everyone.

Sara Krentz from USA on February 12, 2012:

Awesome list - nicely organized.

moonlitta on December 24, 2011:

Christmas i s definitely the time to put few more on this list!

squidshe on November 07, 2011:

Definitely gets me thinking of what my own bucket list would be.

CPDInteractive on October 17, 2011:


I like your lens, very useful and inspiring. thank you.

Elizabeth Sheppard from Bowling Green, Kentucky on September 26, 2011:

I loved this lens! I am sharing it with my Squidoo readers too for my latest lens. What a lot of great ideas! I look forward to coming back and reading more.

lifebroker-australia on September 13, 2011:

I love this! I have a bucket list that I seem to add on to every day - it's rather large now and soooo much to do!!

Steve Martaindale on September 10, 2011:

Here's wishes that you're progressing well on your list. My world was so small at your age that it took a while to realize the potential out there, but it's deeply rewarding to experience new things; I know you're in for a great ride. Feel free to check out my bucket list at

Deb Kingsbury from Flagstaff, Arizona on May 31, 2011:

I've been here before and now am back to fetch the URL. I needed to "seed" the bucket list link plexo on my own bucket list lens, so I'm borrowing yours :-)

onlinemba on May 17, 2011:

A great lens.Thanks for sharing with us

ChrisDay LM on May 03, 2011:

Great list - go for it! Tomorrow starts now.

Heidi from Benson, IL on April 12, 2011:

Wow, this is some bucket list! Mine's not quite so long. I want to get my CCNA (computer professional certification), get a job, and maybe earn enough for a tour of Europe.

Philippians468 on April 12, 2011:

you have an amazing list of things to do! some of these things are on my list as well! cheers

magicgeniewishl on April 11, 2011:

I love it! It has inspired me to create one, there is so much more that I would like to do in my life... Thanks!

mybucketlistonline on March 19, 2011:

Like your lens! Another website I found is Its great.

JoshK47 on March 19, 2011:

Great inspiring lens! Good luck on achieving your goals! :)

E L Seaton from Virginia on March 16, 2011:

The united states navy afforded myself and my family the opportunity to see a lot of the world, but Australia remains on our small bucket list. I will find the time to put the rest of a short list of things in the bucket. Thanks for sharing. Incredibly thought provoking lens!

mahimattphoto on March 09, 2011:

Great lens it is has inspired me to create a list of concerts I must see!! Thanks

blessedmomto7 on March 07, 2011:

I enjoyed reading your bucket list. Wishing you all the best. Blessed by the "About Me" community Angel.

jen huynh on February 16, 2011:

Wow! Great list, or lists I should say! I just recently opened up a Squidoo account to keep track on things on my bucket list also so reading yours was so interesting! I wish you the best in getting all of them accomplished!!

GuardianInsurance on February 01, 2011:

This is a great inspiring hub. Although it's not the most "fun" thing on the list, I'm glad to see that you have getting life insurance on there. Many people don't realize that this is an important thing to add to their long "to do" lists in order to protect their loved ones after they die. Keep chipping away at the list!

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 23, 2011:

@darciefrench lm: Oh, I'm FULLY aware I'm no better (or worse) than the next person... no one is. Just because someone is more popular or has more status than someone doesn't make them BETTER than that someone... I DO know. ;)

darciefrench lm on January 23, 2011:

@Cherry-Ambition: Don't think you're special cuz you're special though- also advice from a sage -:)

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 23, 2011:

@darciefrench lm: It's very funny that you said that... because I DO have something planned, but it will be awhile before I can do it. Also, I don't want to discuss it with anyone yet because I don't want anyone taking my ideas, so... we'll see what the new year brings. :)

darciefrench lm on January 23, 2011:

You could be the star of your own Bucket List Reality Show -:) You are clearly talented on many levels- screen writing, acting, directing, modeling. It's all right there for you because it is you! Can't recall which sage said, "any man who works for another is a slave"- while you may not be getting 'paid' for being the wonderful being you are, you are clearly well employed with this thing called life. You'll go far and have many wonderful adventures, whatever you do! (I have goosebumps I tell you -:)

anonymous on January 22, 2011:

Great Lens. This inspires me to create my own Bucket List.

kt_glasses on January 19, 2011:

really well-written lens!

claudiax3 on January 16, 2011:

Wow, what a list! Your lens has inspired me to make my own little list...nothing to crazy, just a few things I'd really like to do. Beng a mom of 3, sometimes (well ok, all the time) I put my own desires on a shelf and concentrate on my kids. Thanks for planting this seed in my mind, now it's my turn to let it grow :-)

Vicki Green from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA on December 31, 2010:

I'm impressed that you were able to at least write down some items for a bucket list and were realistic enough to realize that priorities can change as we go through life. I have a bucket list in the back of my head, but haven't really written one down since there are more things on it that I will ever actually do. It's more like a list that I complete as I find the means and opportunity to them. They aren't really things that can be done from a list in a linear way, #1, #2, etc. Blessed by a SquidAngel and featured on my angel lens.

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on December 16, 2010:

@anonymous: It sounds like a nice idea, but I'm on that website now, and NONE of the local vendors/businesses seem legit. It's just random names, and there's less than 10 of them. Also, all the users only joined this month. I'm going to suggest to everyone else NOT to sign up on, but go ahead and sign up for Squidoo &amp; make a bucket list page here. That way, you can at least get paid for your bucket list or donate to charity if you want.

anonymous on December 15, 2010:

My friend inspired me to create my own bucket list for 2011...she told me about a website that you create a bucket list on and the website generates local buisnesses that would help you actually reach your goals on that bucket list...thw website is pretty neat you can share pics, comment on peoples goals, etc. Try it out...its free too! :0) Happy Holidays!!

dismantlerepair on December 14, 2010:

Hiya cherrybomb. Even though ive visited this lens quite a few times I am yet to comment so today's the day! really cool lens from a "real" person with real goals and I like that i can connect with you as a person as opposed to a screen.

You mentioned above that you hadn't found any online bucketlist communities. I joined one about a month ago at - where people can share and track theirs and others' bucketlists. quite a nice idea :)

p.s. I don't suppose I could convince you to feature my bucket list as well? :)

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on December 13, 2010:

@writestuff lm: Thank you for the well wishes. I'm trying to use vegan skin care and makeup, but that stuff can be kind of expensive, and I don't have the money for anymore of it right now. So I'm just doing the vegan foods (which mostly are much cheaper than people realize, especially tofu).

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on December 13, 2010:

@scar4: Start writing one now. Email it to yourself and tag it with words/phrases like "bucket list", "inspiration", "life list", etc. Then you can just type any of those words into your email search box, and you'll find your list easily. You can add to it at anytime, change, edit or remove things at anytime.

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on December 13, 2010:

@totally_radically_awesome: Well, unfortunately, I haven't accomplished much at all except for the vegan cooking, because it's all I can afford to do. Everything I listed- I really WOULD like to do, but I don't EXPECT to do ALL of these things. As for listing them in order, I don't know. I put my stuff in groups &amp; listed the GROUPS in order of importance (a job, a driver's license, etc.). But to list them individually would be more difficult, for me anyway.

I'm glad you find my list "inspiring and pretty"! I think the main benefits of a bucket list are numerous. The most obvious being working towards your goals &amp; dreams. They're sitting right there online or on paper, so it's hard for you to ignore it completely. But also, in working towards goals &amp; dreams, people end up creating fuller &amp; more meaningful lives for themselves, and maybe even for others.

Oh, about that Buried Life blog- I'll be visiting that. I don't have MTV, but I've seen bits &amp; pieces of The Buried Life online, and I would love to see that show if/when they FINALLY decided to put it out on DVD.

totally_radically_awesome on December 13, 2010:

How much have you accomplished? How much do you really, really want to accomplish? I wonder how long it would take to organize a bucket list in order from least to greatest.

I've made some lists in the past, bucket lists that is and only completed a few things. I wonder if I will ever get around to finishing my squidoo one, accomplishing the things on the list that is. I like reading other bucket lists on squidoo, like yours are kind of inspiring and pretty. you learn more about people as you read these kinds of things. On you can- well never mind. I've used it before though.

What do you think are the main benefits of creating a bucket list? Mental wise?

CofCJenny LM on December 05, 2010:

I hope that you accomplish every last thing on this list!

scar4 on November 25, 2010:

I have no idea to create my own bucket list. Sometimes, I wish to do many great or trivial things, but after a while, I forgot everything and wasn't willing to carry them out. What a poor situation!

Liz Mackay from United Kingdom on October 20, 2010:

Good lens. Hope you get to do a lot of these things.

writestuff lm on October 13, 2010:

Hi there! Great lens. I've never created a bucket list, but think I should now. i have started writing down goals. I hear you on the procrastinating, but we have the ability to change that. Also, don't give up on God, he hasn't given up on you. Sounds like you have a few limiting thoughts, which could prevent you from getting what you want. Focus on the positives in your life and create a list of things in your life that you are grateful for. When you start to have an attitude of gratitude, you'd be amazed how your outlook will change. On another note, do you use vegan skin care and makeup as well?

Lisa-Marie-Mary on September 26, 2010:

Great lens! I love this idea! It's interesting to read what other people have on their bucket lists! I haven't made one in a long time....

Meloramus on September 15, 2010:

Great List - hope you get to accomplish them all.

anonymous on August 02, 2010:

Hey sweetie,

I love your list and how much effort you put into sharing it with others.

Keep it up!

Prosquote on June 21, 2010:

really nice contents with huge information thanks for sharing keep sharing ...

anonymous on June 14, 2010:

Love your list!

I am a fellow bucket list enthusiast and am currently competing to have a Bucket List Television Show on Oprah!!! Please vote for me at so we can get another show about bucket lists &amp; adventure on TV and show the world how strong this community is. You can vote as many times as u want, just keep hiiting the VOTE button! Thanks for the support!

Jeanette from Australia on May 31, 2010:

Hey fellow procrastinator! What a great read :-) Just wanted to encourage you not to give up on God. When things are tough, God is the best friend you can have! And going to heaven is definitely on my bucket list (or should that be my post-bucket list?) and you need God for that!

PS Australia is a great place to visit.

anonymous on May 05, 2010:

I went to South Africa two years ago and stayed in backpackers for most of my 3 weeks there without any crime problems. The backpackers are AMAZING! If you stay in a dorm they average about $10/night and many have the amenities of a hotel. ZA is beautiful and I highly recommend it moves to the top of your list. Obviously you should be cautious wherever you travel (and avoid being out in Joburg at night) but the times I needed help, couldn't find a backpacker and had a flat tire, people went out of their way to help without accepting a dime!

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on April 22, 2010:

@Sharon Weaver: It would be a short update. In fact, here it is- the only things I've completed on this list are that I am making more vegan foods from recipes I've found online. I might do a lens on this. Other than that, nothing else has changed. Sorry! I will definitely update this lens once I've achieved &amp; completed more things from this list.

Sharon Weaver from Los Angeles, CA on April 22, 2010:

You have a lot to do here. I wonder how many of these things have been checked off your list? It would be great if you included an update. Good luck.

LadyFlashman from United Kingdom on March 29, 2010:

This is inspiring! I hope you have fun doing everything on your list! 5 stars and I have lensrolled to my lens about taking a career break in India.

tamiran lm on March 17, 2010:

Definitely a lens to learn from. You inspire me!

Susanna Duffy from Melbourne Australia on February 23, 2010:

Well done. Great topic, great layout and great reading! Blessed

Levitah on February 01, 2010:

Thank you for this wonderful lens 5*****

LaToya998 on January 05, 2010:

yes, one of my new years goals is to make a bucket list!

tarodoug on January 05, 2010:

This was really inspiring. I believe goal setting has to realistic, and your list is broken down for ease of completion. Great work! I wish you the very best of the new year and may all your wishes and dreams come true! 5* &amp; favorite!

Carolan Ross from St. Louis, MO on January 05, 2010:

Bucket List favorite here! and we have a few bucket items in common, particularly living in Florida (or some similar WARM place) learn to play drums, take dance lessons and more. Your photos really spark this lens, especially love the snorkel one. 5*s!

Babitah on January 04, 2010:

Great lens, 5***** and favorited! Happy new year!

squid-janices7 on January 04, 2010:

What a great lens! I've done lots of things on your list, I'm working on a few right now (reading the bible every day to try to improve my relationship with God for instance) and like you, I have many things left to do. Congrats on LOTD!

zoewhite on January 03, 2010:

Luv it, very nice :) ******

KellydeBorda on January 03, 2010:

Too bad I didn't know you before - I could have offered to rent you my house in Florida. ;) When you make it there, don't forget to check out the east coast of the state, too - Clearwater and all is nice, but Cocoa Beach is awesome! Great lens, I love your ambition.

BA_Master on January 02, 2010:

@Cherry-Ambition: yeah no problem. I'll let you know how it goes. keep in touch.

eDITORcHRIS on January 01, 2010:

NIce :-}

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2010:

@BA_Master: Hehe, yeah, I think flying on an airplane and riding on the back of a motorcycle is as much danger as I'm willing to take. But if you do it and live to tell about it, post a lens about it for me, please! I can live vicariously through you on those things!

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2010:

@ZenandChic: How awesome! Does she want to change her WHOLE name (like I do), or just her first name? And are you okay with it? I already know my mother doesn't like the idea, as I've mentioned it to her before, and she gets all aggravated about it, lol. My dad is fine with it, though. It's amazing how many people just don't think of changing their name.

Thanks for the blessing, by the way!

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2010:

@anyaface lm: You are most welcome. :o)

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2010:

@Franksterk: *Bear hugs back* Thank you! I need all the hugs I can get! Real or virtual, I don't care, lol...

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2010:

@NC Shepherd: Agreed! Yes, being unemployed can be quite depressing, as you probably know. Trying to stay as positive as I possibly can, and hoping I can eventually accomplish something worth blogging about on a bucket list blog!

Wednesday-Elf from Savannah, Georgia on January 01, 2010:

Congratulations on LOTD. Pretty neat. May you realize as many goals on your list as possible, with your top ones first - job and moving to Florida -- or a job in Florida - which would accomplish 2-in-1. Happy New Year.

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2010:

@lumpy22: You are most welcome. :) Thanks for reading it!

CharityAngel LM on January 01, 2010:

Loved it, definitely makes me think that my goals should be in a lens too, just so I am more accountable with some of them!

BA_Master on January 01, 2010:

I thought it was great I personally want to do something dangerous sky diving bungee jumping . It all sounds fun

Patricia on January 01, 2010:

Love your bucket lens! My daughter also wants to change her name and has it picked out. (she is 18) Blessing your lens!

Gamganny on January 01, 2010:

May you accomplish everything on list, including your shopping spree!!! Congrats on LoTD

anyaface lm on January 01, 2010:

loved it!!! i think ill start mine today!!! its always in the back of my mind anyway.

but gets lost in my to do list!!! thanks for being so inspiring!!!!

Cherry-Ambition (author) from U.S. on January 01, 2010:

Just wanted to thank everyone again for the congratulations and well-wishing. Glad you all like the lens! Happy New Year to you all!

justholidays on January 01, 2010:

Congratulations on your Lens made Land of the Day!

BWDuerr from Henrietta, New York on January 01, 2010:

Congrats on the LotD! An impressive list and here's hoping your dreams come true. 5 stars. Happy New Year!

anonymous on January 01, 2010:

congratulation for the lotd, your lens deserves 5*

Income4life on December 31, 2009:

Congratulations on LOTD!

Frankie Kangas from California on December 31, 2009:

Great bucket list and lens. Congrats on LOTD. You go girl! Bear hugs, Frankster

KimGiancaterino on December 31, 2009:

Congratulations on LOTD! Here's to achieving your goals in 2010. Blessed by a Squid Angel.

Diana Grant from United Kingdom on December 31, 2009:

Such fun to read what the "new" grown-ups want to do in their lives - I'm at the other end of life now - my bucket list would be things like "staying alive", "keeping my own teeth" and "making sure my money doesn't run out before I'm dead"!,,,,,,only joking. Yes I will have to think of list as well.

Happy New Year (there's only an hour to go, here in London)

Mark-Nehs on December 31, 2009:

Fun list. Congrats on LOTD.

heehaw lm on December 31, 2009:

lovely list in your bucket!!

WindyWintersHubs from Vancouver Island, BC on December 31, 2009:

Congrats on LOTD! Best Wishes for 2010 and may all your dreams come true! :)

Kiwisoutback from Massachusetts on December 31, 2009:

Congratulations on LOTD!

Infant_Traveler on December 31, 2009:

Impressive list...I hope you accomplish all of would be an extraordinary life...especially the three children!

All the Best, Melissa

NC Shepherd on December 31, 2009:

Congratulations on LOTD! I love your bucket list lens. I'm right where you are...can't find a job. But that doesn't mean I don't have dreams and goals. I like the idea of a bucket list blog; I'll have to think about that one. I'm looking forward to your updates. Here's to a new year -- may we all get to cross things off our lists.