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Best Squidoo Tips

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My Opinion About Squidoo

Squidoo is in my opinion the best blogging platform if you want to write about anything you want and make money at the same time. With squidoo, you can write about your passions and your favorite topics of interest. That is what you can do anywhere else as well, but as a member of Squidoo and Wordpress, I have seen a big difference. I have used both blogging sites, and I adore squidoo. Squidoo has many options that other blogging sites don't have and I will show you how to use these to the fullest potential!

I have been a member on Squidoo for almost a year now, and I have learned a lot along the way. I have created many Tier 1 lenses, and I have earned over $2,000 so far. When I was new to Squidoo, I needed free tips, and I found the tips from the Squidoo Community very helpful. I want to return the favor and share my tips with other lensmasters.

What Is The Text with BIG Picture Module - Give Your Visitors Something To Look At


This is the place to show off a big picture. You want to show off a good picture about your topic. The better the picture, the more likely you will get more viewers. Believe it or not, viewers look for that big picture that makes a big difference. I am not a Giant Squid yet, but I have 25 lenses that I am trying to update constantly so that I do become a Giant. This module is very important and should be on the top of your lens.

By the way, can you all please wish me some good luck for becoming a Giant Squid? Thanks.

UPDATED: I am now a Mammoth Giant Squid.


What Are Widgets

A Big Difference

A big difference I have seen are the widgets! Widgets are like your own advertisements! For example, I show my readers some of my other lenses with detailed pictures. For example, you could see the lenses about legos, yugioh cards, and baseball mascots on the first widget. The second widget contains my other lenses on music, the Red Sox, and penguins. Some people who join squidoo like me might still have Wordpress accounts. I prefer squidoo, but I have been working with Wordpress for a year and have an awesome blog about Yugioh Cards. I couldn't just cut that one off of my list since I worked on it so hard. So, there is an RSS Reader Widget that basically shows another blog's content of 3 articles. You can see more of the article be going to the website. So, the last widget shows my Yugioh Philosophy Blog which I update daily. Widgets can show what you like, what you do, and most importantly, other ways that people can find you! For example, people who find my yugioh lens often go to my baseball mascots lens because my widget shows where I am! Get more people to visit ALL of your lenses and ALL of your other blogs not on squidoo with widgets.


Do You Have Too Many Keywords?

There are many easy fixes to an overuse of keywords. Using words like it or they to replace nouns is a great way to reduce the keyword density of your lens. If you wanted to work on a lens about giraffes, and the word "giraffes" appeared too many times, you can use the word "it" or "they" to trim down the number of times the word "giraffes." Let's look at an example:

"Giraffes are herbivores, and giraffes use their long necks to eat leaves on the top of the tree."

This is a good sentence, but "giraffes" is used twice in the sentence. If that keyword is used too much in your lens, you can trim it down like this:

"Giraffes are herbivores, and THEY use their long necks to eat leaves on the top of the tree."

Changing 1 word in the sentence from "giraffes" to "they" doesn't do much for the keyword density, but if you are constantly doing that throughout your lens, you will see changes, and when you click publish, your lens will eventually be published.

$$$ Maker

The Amazon Module is the best way to make money on squidoo. If someone buys an Amazon product from your squidoo website, you get about 50% of Squidoo's Profit for that item. That number usually adds up to 4% the original price. You MUST HAVE a Paypal account in order to redeem your cash! These are some squidoo books on sale. One of these books is free, and usually something free (I know it is not possible for everything) will encourage your customers to come back and buy from you again. Make your prices vary. Right now, my prices are VERY LOW, but on some of my other lenses, some of my products cost a lot higher than $3. The prices all depend on what you sell in your market!

Here are some books that will help you get started and learn more about squidoo!

Are are less than $2 or free!

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Why Only Up To 20 Amazon Modules?

Well, you can get around that. You can't publish over 20 Amazon Modules, but you can add a link to an image that takes you to your Amazon Module. Here is an example.

How Do You Like It?

Click on the picture and go to the Amazon link. More than 20 ways to have your viewer go on Amazon for your modules, but you still give good content at the same time and disguise it into a picture that requires a click.


About Me Module

Well, it's About You (Who are you?!?)

Who the heck are you? I don't know who you are, how many lenses you created, or how many lenses you looked at. Don't keep it all to yourself because I want to know who YOU are! I'm not the only one, because EVERYONE wants to know who you are! Do you want to be the person in the photo, or do you want to be known. Yes, I know that most squidoo members use the About Me Page given to them by squidoo and make tweaks to it (the hello world, I can edit this later thing about me page). However, there is a module for that. In fact, if you scroll all the way down (where most people go), then you will be able to see my About Me Page. The About Me Module shows who you are, your picture, how many lenses you created from scratch, how many lenses you commented on and/or visited, and how long you have been a member on Squidoo (as you can see, I joined on Valentine's Day). The About Me Module shows a lot more information than the About Me Page and it is easier to find. I always look at other lenses to see what I need, and the About Me Module was exactly what I needed. Don't miss your opportunity to tell everyone who you are and add an About Me Module to your squidoo lens NOW!


What Is A Text module

Squidoo's Version of a Post

The Text Module is exactly like a post on other blogging sites like Wordpress. You can add a picture if you want, but it is HIGHLY recommended. Having pictures on your squidoo lenses will attract a lot of new people to your site and they will not likely forget about you! The picture on this Text Module makes it more catching than without a picture.

That is what a text module looks like. Without a picture, your text module is just not the same! Also, put good content on your Text Modules because pictures are valuable, but they aren't everything!

The Duel Debate Module

The Duel Debate Module allows your readers to debate about whatever you ask of them. If you ask your readers something like, "Is it colder in Antarctica or the Arctic Ocean," they are able to debate whenever it is colder in Antarctica or the Arctic Ocean. You can debate about anything from Squidoo to roses and all the way to your favorite book. With the Duel Debate Module, you can get a reader's opinion. Guestbook gives you comments about people praising your lens and other things along those terms, but with the Duel Debate Module, you are much more likely to get a yes or no answer from a yes or no question.

Did I Do A Good Job Explaining The Duel Debate Module?


More About the Blackbox

Okay, be honest. The sudden black background instead of the normal white background pops up right at you. Also, you have a limit to 50 characters per black box. I would have added more information in my black box, but 500 characters is 500 characters. I hope you liked the black box module.


How To Make Your New Lenses Get Viewers On The First Day

And Make It Better At The Same Time

Well, there are many methods such as using Twitter, Facebook, and Lensroll to promote it. However, there is an easier method. All you have to do is put your lens in the Critique Me page in the SquidU Forum. Just make sure to update that critique me topic so that it appears on the top of the page. Squidoo members want to tell the reader what's wrong with their lens and how to make it better. So, you have expert squids giving you advice while you get more viewers at the same time!

What Can You Do With The YouTube Module - Broadcast Anything! What Else?

Okay, let's say that your lens is super awesome right now. However, if your viewers can't see what is actually happening, then they might be turned off depending on what you are writing about. Legos don't need too many videos. They just need pictures, but how does a penguin swim? What does the Great Sausages Race in the Milwaukee Brewer's Stadium look like? For these questions, it is better to show the information as well as describing it. Let the reader SEE what is going on!

How do penguins swim with such ease? Well, this video shows you!

Pick a good video because everyone sees the rating!

The eBay Module - Updates and Money

Honestly, I preferred the Amazon Module when starting and I still use it in my lenses. However, the eBay Module updates by itself meaning that your site gets updates as well while you are sleeping in your bed! You also get some of the money if someone buys the product! I am into Legos and have a lego lens. So, I typed in the keyword "Lego Police Car" and eBay brought up live auctions that fit in my key words. The Lego Police Cars are all in good condition and awesome to add to your collection, and that is what you want your other products to be like too.

Amazon Modules give you more money than eBay Modules, but eBay Modules update your lenses whenever someone buys a product or not!


Good Topic (You might want to read this one for exposure)

Help Get Your Rank Low With a Good Topic

Now, don't lie. If you write about a sports team, don't put the topic as something totally different to get more popularity. However, I have noticed something really interesting about squidoo topic selection. Currently, I update my Lego lens the most and its ranking overall is about 15,000 with a category rank (toys, hobbies, and games) of about 1,400. These stats started WAY higher. I remember that when I started, the lens rank was all the way up to about 201,000! Doing this lens made me find an interesting statistic. I started at a 125,328 overall lens rank which is the lowest in my history (the lower the better). Also, on my very first day of writing on this lens, my squidoo topic ranking (squidoo community) is a minuscule 1,251 which surpasses my Lego lens and all of my other lenses as well!

Many people probably write lenses on toys, hobbies, and games. I know that health and fitness is also a very popular topic. However writing about the squidoo community is like the dark horse. In 1 day, I have a squidoo community ranking of 1,251! The statistics are right above. Imagine what could happen in a week? You could see my squidoo community near 500 which makes it more popular, gives me more viewers, and with my widgets, allows people to look at my other lenses as well!

My best lens ranking for 1 lens during its first day was about 150,000. That is a BIG difference!

The Poll Module

This is a Poll Module with a question and answer selection. You can ask any question that relates your topic and give appropriate answers. Polls give more people the chance to interact with you and share their opinion. You must interact with your viewers and they may come back!

Ok, now here is MY question.


The Best Way to Boost Up Your Ranking

Well, the more I write, the higher my topic goes up. However, having an eBay Module also helps out a lot too. eBay Modules update when you are sleeping, and that makes your site update your eBay Module even when you are sleeping. I also saw that my Penguin Lens' Ranking dramatically dropped once I added a Youtube video, and that doesn't even have an eBay Module. It is also good to start with a topic that may not be as popular as others. However, if you know a lot about the topic and believe that you could pull off 7 modules a day for only 3-5 days, then your lens rank will go down. As long as you add at least 2 modules a day, your lens rank is unlikely to go up. However, when you're in the top 100, or even the top 1000 for your topic or overall, you will not gain that much ground because other lens masters are competing for that #1 spot for their niche. So, if you put in the time and effort, your lens rank will soar. If you have multiple lenses, then put widgets so that your viewers see all of your lenses. The more viewers a lenses gets the lower the ranking will be, and in this case, lower is better.


Do All of the Quests

Level Up!

Every so often, squidoo will give you a quest when you level up. At Level 18, you get your first quest on Herman the Merman. For this quest, you have to squid like and comment on a music lens 7 days a week (but only for 1 week). While you do this, you have to create a new lens about music. I wasn't a fan at the beginning, but my music lens is just another way for people to find me! The point rewards are also high. For squid liking all 7 music lenses, you get about 14 points and you get about 28 points when you comment. So, that adds up to 42 points. However, if you succeed the quest, submit it to squidoo, and they approve, then you get 500 points. Yes, I said you get 500 points for your efforts! So, I think that 542 points is enough for you to level up once or twice! Then, you unlock even more on squidoo!


Tell Others!

Do you think squidoo would perfectly fit your friends or do you think a squidoo member needs help? You can tweet about this lens or share it on Facebook. You can also do this to your other lenses as well to get more viewers. Facebook has close to 1 billion people on it, so even if you get 0.001% of those people to follow you, that's way over 1000 people! Other people can use this knowledge and yours as well! Social Media is a reliable way to tell others about your lenses!

The Text List - Show the Main Points

This is a Text List. Providing numbers or bullets will show the reader the main points that you want to express in your post. So, I have a lens on Baseball Mascots. These are the baseball mascots that I have covered so far....

  1. Mr. Met
  2. Phillie Phanatic
  3. Wally the Green Monster
  4. Dinger the Dinosaur
  5. Bernie Brewer
  6. Lou Seal
  7. D. Baxter the Bobcat (or Baxter the Bobcat)
  8. And more!

Text List (continued)

Now wasn't that text list (the numbers) better than just listing one right under the other? You get to show the reader the main points of my lens. I told them all of the mascots I wrote about already so that people know what my lens is about! I think the Text List is a great way to list items, highlight main points, etc. Whatever fits your lens is what goes in the Text List, but do not overuse it!

Don't use that many numbers. This is just to get an idea!

Get More Lenses!

Why do you want to create more lenses on squidoo? Here are some of my pointers that answer the above question.

So why do you really need more lenses?

  1. You will get more points on squidoo each time you start a new lens. You could get up to 100 points just for starting a new lens. You get 20 points for putting up your 1st Amazon Module, so that's 120 points plus additional points along the way. Points give you access to more benefits on squidoo such as a ranks boost, seasonal backgrounds, and more! Points on squidoo are important!
  2. You get to learn new things. I clearly understood what Legos and Yugioh Cards were when I got started, but I didn't understand too much about penguins. I just liked the way they looked. Now, I know that penguins were first discovered about 40 million years ago and the tallest penguins are Emperor Penguins at an average 4 feet tall and they usually weigh 45-99 pounds. You can learn on squidoo!
  3. Squidoo gives you money for your lenses. Let's say that squidoo decided that every lens master gets $10 a month per lens. In this situation, do you make more money with 1 lens or with 7 lenses? Giant Squids make loads of money from squidoo. Well, why is that? The answer is that to be a Giant Squid, you must have a minimum of 50 lenses!
  4. There is one widget that allows you to feature your other lenses on one of your other lenses. If you mainly write about Legos, you can use your other lenses like the Music lens to bring more people to the Lego lens and vice versa. I feature all of my lenses on all of my lenses (this lens has all of my other lenses as widgets. My lego lens has all of my lenses too. That goes the same way for all of my lenses)!
  5. More people will find you since there are multiple sources talking about different topics or similar topics.

More Lenses


YouTube Videos Make A BIG Difference!

YouTube Videos for me are an awesome way to reduce your lens rank by a lot! For example, on the first day I added a couple of YouTube Videos to my lens about Penguins, the lens ranking dropped from 258,018 to 106,342 in one day! I did add good material and Text Modules as well, but two YouTube videos can make all the difference. Now, I am going to show you a video from my Baseball Mascots lens about the Sausage Race in the Milwaukee Brewer's Stadium. Enjoy!

This is where you can give a list of links for your viewers to go to to learn more about what you have to offer. You can also add a short description for your short link. Show off what you have to offer. You can put your own links of somebody else's link.


More Lenses

You and I Need Them!

I was looking at people with my same level on squidoo, and the results shocked me. I had one of the lowest lens totals out of everyone in my level and I was a little disappointed. However, that inspired me to create more lenses. I will totally have a new lens up today, and if you want, you can give me suggestions for another lens. I hope to have at least 15 up by the end of March.


Get All of your Lens Ranks Up Now!

Lens ranking is very important. The lower your lens rank is, the more people can find you for your keywords, tags, etc. However, what I realized is that if you don't work on a lens for just 1 day, the lens rank doesn't go up too high. That depends on your lens rank the day before. The highest a lens rank went up for me was 13,000. However, it had a dramatic drop the next day and is now my Penguins ranked 106,342 overall. Then, when I didn't work on my Yugioh lens, it went up by only 1,000 points. Those may seem to be big numbers, but when you work on them the next day, those same rankings go far down. Obviously, if you are under the top 100 in something, you keep on working on that lens no matter what. However, if you have a lens that you really want to boost the ranking of, you can have about 15 modules of videos, text modules, links, and more. 15 modules will bring your ranking way down! You can focus on that lens for 1 day and forget about the other ones (only the ones in the 30,000 range). Those lens rankings won't go too far up. Then, you can go back and do them the next day and do everything equally. The purpose of this is to boost the lens rank of 1 dramatically while the others don't fall into the unwanted territory, they just slightly lose value that can easily be restored by adding modules on the next day! This is a good strategy for those of you with a very high lens rank.

The StickyNote Module

Say something important on the StickyNote Module. This can be about your lens' topic or an important fact. By the way, how do you think I am doing so far?



They are essential

A day ago, I told you how different topics have different popularity. Well, I emphasized earlier that the Squidoo Community was a great topic to get more viewers. Just a day ago, when I began this lens, the Squidoo Community ranking was about 1,200. Now, it is 464 out of all lenses about the Squidoo Community with a 60,526 overall ranking (it more than halved)! Picking the right topic can give your lenses more publicity and ultimately lead to a lower overall rank and topic rank!

A Question For You - What will the next update bring?

Well, this lens has given me incredible results and has a 60,526 ranking far faster than all of my other lenses with a 464 categories ranking which is my low for any lens so far! So, I have come to ask you a question.

What do you think?


Don't Show Amazon Prices

Don't show them to viewers!

This one might sound odd at first. If you show a product, you might think that the viewer wants to see the price of the product right there! Well, that is somewhat true. However, if you don't show the price of a product, your reader will get curious. What is the price of that box of chocolates? Is is $5 or $10. What if it is on a big sale and I don't know? These questions might pop into the viewer's head, and there is only 1 answer to that the link. When one of your customers clicks the link, they will be immediately brought to and see the real price there! This will probably never happen at all, but let's say that a piece of gum was worth $100. That sounds ridiculous right? No one would ever buy that (some just might once in two blue moons)! So, Amazon has a great way of showing the viewer what else you can get that fits your category. The "Customers That Brought This Item Also Brought" Page helps out. So now, you might find a pack of bubblegum for only $7 and you buy that. Squidoo and you still get some of the money. You might have turned off your customer with a $100 piece of gum, but Amazon gave your customer even more choices!


Short and Easy Lenses

Save Time!

When you have a lot of lenses, you may find it hard to update them every day. I don't find it hard at all with 8 lenses, but I have a lot of time to do these lenses too. However, some people may not have that time to do a well detailed module or something in that nature. This where you can pick an easy to do topic that doesn't require much time, but it gives good results at the same time. The best example of this (out of all of my lenses) is my new Words lens that defines words in the English Vocabulary. So far, I have only done 1 word (as of 2/27/12), but it took me less than 5 minutes to publish that module. Now, I don't want to see people copying my work word for word, but at least you have an idea. I might write a lens about elementary math soon such as 2+2 or 1x12. That lens will be coming up shortly. So, you can write about something that doesn't require that much time at all and still get a lot of modules and a low ranking!


3 Lenses

I just published 3 lenses today. They were on word definitions, peacocks, and mathematics. As you can see, there is a wide variety, and you don't have to go crazy and create 10 lenses a day. Little steps lead to big events!

My 3 New Lenses

  • Peacocks
    Learn stunning facts about the animal we all love, the peacock!
  • Definitions of Words
    Enrich your vocabulary with this lens right now!
  • Basic Math
    Everyone should know the basics of math. I go up and beyond to teach viewers about the basic needs in math (percents, etc)

No Begging

A good tip on squidoo is to never ask anyone to squid like, comment, or visit your lens. Don't go and say "Oh come to my lens!" People will find you either way, and people don't like it when you beg for views. You might turn off some people that would eventually visit your site later. There are hard times in which no one finds you, but if you add good content and a lot of modules, your lens rank will go down and more people will find you. Please, whatever you do, just do not beg someone to visit your lens! It looks bad in your character.

Why Squidoo?

What does squidoo offer that many or all other places don't and why should you join.

  1. A squidoo account is free, and this isn't a 'just your make a post and that's it' type of deal.
  2. Some blogging sites are free, but do they give you money fro your content? Well, squidoo does OR you can give the money to charity.
  3. Free Google Adsense installed for you. You still get money from ads (you share with squidoo), but you still get money and you don't have to pay anything for the Google Adsense for squidoo.
  4. Immediate affiliate access. You don't have to send countless emails and give out a lot of your information. Squidoo is an affiliate of Amazon and so are you. If someone buys one of your Amazon Products, about 5% goes to charity and then you and Squidoo split it 50/50!
  5. Look at the numbering system I am doing right now! This isn't on all blogging platforms!
  6. Adding links couldn't have been easier!
  7. Widgets are like your own ads. Promote your lenses or blog right now. It is an ad that appears at the right hand corner of your lens. However, you are limited to 3. There are also widgets for all of your favorite Basketball teams!
  8. YouTube Videos! How many blogging platforms allow YouTube videos?
  9. Squidoo has a point system and the highest level is 80. The point system gives you the desire to succeed. The best way to get more points is by writing more lenses. Show off your talent and get more points!
  10. And so much more!

How Did Widgets Help Me Today

Giant Squids Anyone?

Bejeezers is a Giant Squid with more than 150 lenses. For a lens, it is very helpful to be squid liked by a Giant Squid. Well, to start things off, Bejeezers squid liked my Baseball-Mascots lens. Am I happy? Oh yes I am because he's a Giant Squid (I would be happy with any squid, but Bejeezers is a Giant Squid). Then, my widgets came into play. When you encounter a Giant Squid, you don't want him to leave. So, naturally, he clicked on my Penguins lens. My Peacocks and Word Definitions lenses quickly followed! So, I got 4 of my lenses squid liked by a Giant Squid on 1 day (probably in less than 1 hour)! I couldn't have done it without my widgets and sharing is truly caring!


Cheapest Prices Lens

My Newest Lens

Legos are the best building block toys in the world and they are the most popular as well. Consumers thirst for the lowest lego prices that the online market has to offer. Well, this lens solves all of those past problems with the lowest prices for the best quality. We should get what we want for a low price, right?

Your newest lens should have something like this as well. The single word "cheap" might get you customers onto your lens. A $10 Lego Police Car with a criminal and a police officer is the cheapest price offered on the online market thus far. Low prices will attract a lot of people! For a lens that has low prices, you might want to show your viewers the prices if you declare "cheap prices" or "lowest prices". If you do not say "cheap" or "lowest price", then I would not show the prices so that more people end up clicking in curiosity.

I still give my readers good Text Modules. A lens with ONLY Amazon Modules will not look too good, but having a few Text Modules will help especially when the limit to Amazon Modules is a small 20.

This method is an amazing and quick way to make a great lens, and there are no limits. The cheapest legos are great, but what about the cheapest books, the cheapest food, the cheapest yugioh cards, the cheapest stuffed animal? There are so many lenses that you can make by using the two words "cheap prices".

My Newest Sales Lens

  • Cheapest Legos
    Find the lowest prices for Lego Sets for good quality right here by clicking the link above. Prices for Legos don't get lower than this!

My Newest Lens Poll


Halloween Lens

Did I say halloween? Yes I did. This is the best time to start a Halloween lens (it's basically March). Halloween lenses get a lot of publicity and popularity in September, so why not start now? Get your lens rank down to 1,000 (if you start now), and then see where September will carry you. People are still in the mood for a scare even when Halloween is nowhere close. If you want a Halloween lens ranked #1 or something of that nature, now is the best time to do it! When most people write about spring is when you can swoop in and make a Halloween Lens!

Ping Your Lens

When you ping your lens, you have 1 site tell all of the search engines that you have updated content. I recommend Hypersmash.

The link above shows feed shark that I am here, and this lens will get pinged which means a lower lens rank.

You can add this to your other lenses as well!

Next Squidoo Community Ranking

I am honored with the privilege to have a Squidoo Community ranking of 274 in just 3 days. I couldn't have done it without squidoo, and I love what they have to offer. Going back to the poll....


First 100% complete lens!

Wahoo! I got my first 100% complete lens (on Leap Year of all days)! The lens was the Lego Station one, and its lens ranking is the lowest at about 10,000. This lens will reach under 1000 very soon (probably tomorrow or the next day). I just wanted to take the time to share this with you. The Lego Station lens carried some of its readers to my other lenses including this one (which is 89% complete). Some of my squid likes for other lenses have come from the Lego lens and vice versa.


Squid Angels

Why Are They So Important?

Squid Angels are top squids selected by the squidoo company that are sent out to create lenses while visiting other lenses in the process. If a squid angel likes what he/she sees, then he will bless it. What is the difference between a squid blessing and a squid like? Well, in an angel blessing, you get a turbo speed boost for that lens for that day only. That is why I emphasize that you MUST put up good content on your lenses. A Squid Angel just found this lens and blessed it. So, it can happen quickly or it could take longer. Just be patient and put up good content, and then a Squid Angel will find and bless your lens.


Underrated Holidays

The best thing to do is to create a squidoo lens on a holiday like Halloween or Christmas early so that you get a low lens rank earlier than other people. However, underrated holidays like Pi Day are not as popular as Christmas. Therefore, you will get low competition compared to if you made a Christmas lens. Besides, now is not a good time to write a Christmaslens (until July, yes I said July). If promoted, underrated holidays will gather a lot of attention, and you can use those lenses to promote other lenses as well!

It's also a squidoo