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Tienda De ALoe Vera


If you want to tan and protect yourself from the sun, Sun Protection Milk SPF 40 is your best option, since it is a last generation product that helps you with skin care against solar radiation.

It is a cream that works for all skin types, especially for those who have a light complexion color. This product is ideal for protection against intense sun rays, since it has a high degree of repellent power.


This product consists of a 250ml recycled container, which has a sunscreen milk cream SPF 40 . This cream, when applied to the skin, has such a soft composition that it is quickly absorbed throughout the applied area.

Thanks to its high content of 100% natural Aloe Vera juice, it hydrates and helps keep the skin healthy and protected.

It should be applied little by little, smoothly and evenly over the areas of the body where you are going to tan, half an hour before going out in the sun. Then apply the same procedure 2 hours later and after the bath use it again.


The milk Sunscreen SPF 40 is a sunscreen that has natural ingredients and herbs that are beneficial for skin care.

The main ingredient in this cream is Aloe Vera, which is a plant made up of vitamins A, B and C, minerals, amino acids. This cream only needs 10% aloe gel, to guarantee benefits and skin care.

The secondary ingredients of this cream are medicinal components such as calendula, which is used to care for and soften the skin. Allantoin is a chemical compound that helps regenerate skin tissue and prevents wrinkles.

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This product works to protect against the sun's rays, especially for those people who have a sensitive skin type, protecting them for a large amount of time in the solar propagation.

In addition, the SPF 40 Sun Protection milk cream has UVA and UVB sun filters that help protect skin aging and prevent sunburns.

However, this product has a protection factor of 40, which consists of a filter time of 40 minutes, which is multiplied by 100, finally granting 400 minutes of protection for the skin.

This cream is ideal for children, because it gives them a high degree of protection and, above all, it is ideal for those children who have sensitive skin. By using this product, they will have less chance of irritation.

Aloe Vera is an organic plant that is beneficial for the health of the skin. Which has natural properties that are regenerative for the skin tissue.

The benefit of this SPF 40 sunscreen milk cream is that it protects from burns when going to the beach. This cream helps to have a better tan for a while while protecting our skin.

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