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Three Steps to HubPages Success

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Using HubPages is as easy as 1, 2, 3. And I'll be giving three tips on each step. Here's what we'll be covering:

1. Three Suggestions... on how to write.

2. Three Ways... to make money.

3. Three Methods... to get visitors.

In short there are three steps to success, 1) Content, 2) Monetization, and 3) Promotion

Photo by Dani Simmonds

Photo by Dani Simmonds

Step 1. Content

Tip 1. Write right. Don't blog.

If your hubs come across as blog posts they will only work if you have some level of fame (or infamy) where people want to read a light hearted and often witty update. Though they won't index well with the search engines.

Go for DIY, informational, how-to, educational. As Maddie suggests, Ever Green Content.

Search engines will eventually pick them up and if you rank highly you'll get quality traffic.

If however you just want to publish random thoughts and poems, you most certainly can, just don't get frustrated when you're not earning much, if anything.

Tip 2. What, why, when, where, who and most importantly... how!

If you start a title with one of those words it's mostly likely going to end in a question mark, and if it's a question that a lot of people ask, it could mean there's plenty of "search volume" for that particular keyword phrase.

Finding the right keyword is more of an art than a science, and requires a lot of experimentation and speculation. No newb will have the innate ability to predict a popular and profitable keyword, you just have to go with a hunch and check for yourself. Though with plenty of experience you may develop a gut instinct for thinking of the right keyword phrase before you do your keyword research. Still though I'm surprised at how some keywords will have far more traffic than I expected possible or at other times far less.

Use the Adwords Keyword Tool to do your keyword research.

Be sure to change the 'Match Type' to 'Exact', as you want to find the exact phrase that people are searching for. And Show 'Estimated Average CPC' in the 'Choose columns to be displayed' so you can see the Cost Per Click that advertisers are paying. Google take a cut of that. How much is anyones guess, but it gives you a good idea of the profitablity of a word. If you see one for US$0.05 it will effectively mean that NO ONE is paying any money for that term. Obviously higher is better, but that also means more competition. I'll consider CPCs under the $1 mark, if there is a decent amount of search volume.

Here's a random search I've done with some keyword phrases that are asking questions. The traffic numbers is for monthly global search volume, so divide by 30 if you want an idea of how many people are searching for that term every day on Google.

Figures are likely to change, so do your own keyword research for more up to date and accurate stats.

KeywordsEstimated Avg. CPCGlobal Monthly Search Volume

what is philosophy



what is a masters degree



what is a collage



what is management



what is minimum wage



what is religion



what is angina



what does folic acid do



what does the large intestine do



what does an accountant do



what does a bookkeeper do



what does a nurse do



what does an engineer do



who is santa



who is che guevara



who invented the microscope



when was the television invented



when was the internet invented



when was the camera invented



when was the radio invented



when is lost on



when is easter



how is ice cream made



how is paper made



how is gold found



how to invest



how to invest your money



how does a microscope work



why do people fart



why do pupils dilate



why do we exercise



why do people sneeze



where is mount kilimanjaro



where is atlantis



where is disneyland



where can i sell my car



where can i get a passport



where can i read books online



I've found that the whats and hows generally do better than who's, which does much better than the wheres, whens and whys.

Of course you don't HAVE to have those words in the URL or Title of your hub, but if the shorter URL is unavailable then consider 'whating' or 'howing' it up.

Tip 3. Your content should be spelling mistake free. Proof read.

Live chats don't need the spelling nazi looking over your shoulder. To some extent a forum thread doesn't need perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling either, especially if it's a casual conversation, but when you're publishing a hub, make an effort. It's really hard to present yourself as being authoritative when you sound like an idiot.

I go into more detail about it in my hub Five Simple Steps To Becoming A Good Writer

Photo by Ivaylo Georgiev

Photo by Ivaylo Georgiev

Step 2. Monetization

Tip 1. Adsense. Too easy.

This is easy, if you've already done the keyword research for your content, and using keyword phrases (but don't be guilty of keyword stuffing) in titles, in the body of your text and as your tags.

With HubPages you don't have to worry about placement, ad block size or blending, it's all done 'automagically' with their proprietary algorithm YieldBuild.

Tip 2. Amazon. Choose specific products. Don't leave it up to chance.

Alvin Tofler's 1970 book Future Shock mentions something called 'overchoice'. Most people are too busy and don't really want to go into a store to see 20 toasters, even basic things like milk and butter. They just want to know what's good. That's why they search for products and product reviews online. They don't want every single item that Amazon have available in a big list. They want you to take the guesswork out of it.

Give them a choice of three. Whether it's the three best, the three cheapest, even the three most expensive. Or give them them one that's cheap, mid-priced and expensive. That will give them an idea of what sort of budget they'll need to buy the item they're interested in. Albeit, some will be searching for the information online to help them with their purchase at a real store, but there will be those who click through on the Amazon thumbnailed image to see a bigger photo who then decide that purchasing it online and delivered is a lot easier. Score!

The products you have displayed should always be related to the topic. If you've published a hub on Vitamins, don't have Flatscreen Plasma TVs. Though it doesn't have to be EXACTLY what you've written about, for instance, if you had a hub on motorcycles you could have products such as riders gloves, helmets or boots. But it should be in context with the content.

Tip 3. Ebay. Live feed of most current items with auctions ending soon.

You'll be letting Ebay choose for you, but you can narrow down your search terms by being descriptive. Or in some cases exclude products by using the minus symbol (-).

A hub on Canon Digital SLRs will naturally have you wanting to put 'canon digital slr camera' instead of just 'camera' which would be far too broad a search.

It might be difficult to sell an actual heavy horse in a hub on Clydesdales, but you could have harnesses. 'draft horse collar harness' could be the right combination of keywords. Or even 'amish made team horse harness'.

A hub on antique silverware could be 'vintage silver flatware set' if you were just wanting to feature eating utensils.

Now you might have a hub on composite bows with a text capsule dealing with recurve bows and another on reflex bows. Instead of having one ebay capsule with a mish mash of 'composite bows' you could have an ebay capsule accompany each text capsule (inset). So you could have 'recurve composite bow -reflex' and 'reflex composite bow -recurve' to be sure that your results are as accurate as you'd like them.

A search for wigs would most likely put in a bunch of dress up clown wigs, which is fine if that's what you're writing about, but a more specific search such as 'ladies fashion long wig natural hair -synthetic' would give some very narrowed down results.

Play around with your ebay capsules. Set it for the highest display results (6) so you can see what's coming up and if results aren't to your liking you can add more minus keywords until you get six good results, then change the number to suit.

Photo by Andrew C.

Photo by Andrew C.

Step 3. Promotion

Here are easy ways to get traffic:

Tip 1. Social Bookmarking/Social Networking.

Social bookmarking sites such as digg, stumbleupon,, tagfoot, reddit, and others. A social bookmarking site is about posting and sharing your favorite links.

However, if you post a lot of links for the same domain name, they quickly figure out that you're promoting your own site and that sort of thing is frowned upon like spamming. Either they'll block you from linking more, or ban you outright. So be smart how you use social bookmarking sites. Mix it up a bit.

Tip 2. Other article sites.

I'm a big fan of not having all my eggs in one basket, even if I do have numerous accounts at hubpages and have published hundreds of articles. I also avail myself to the use of other sites. Though to be honest, none of them compare to HubPages. But publishing related articles at other sites is a good way to spread your influence and reputation. Not to mention the power of a good backlink. I go into more detail about Article Publishing sites in my hub HubPages Traffic Bonus.

Tip 3. Search Engines.

Play your cards right (publishing good quality content) and this is where you'll get most of your traffic. Search engine traffic is gold. People use search engines to solve their problems. When they need information they go to Google (or their favorite search provider). They'll land on your hub, and if they're inclined to make a purchase online, they could be clicking through on your Amazon link and breaking out the credit card. They're also more likely to click on other ads.

Ultimately, the best backlinks are those that are 'organic'. They occur naturally. Whether it's being indexed and ranked highly by a search engine, or by a blogger linking to your hub without being asked, or a forum user posting your link because it answers the question of another member. If you've paid attention to Steps 1 and 2 then this is where you'll find your pay off.

3D graphics by Sigurd Decroos

3D graphics by Sigurd Decroos

Ready... Set... GO!

It's not going to happen overnight. Indeed it may take many months before you start seeing even a slight return on your investment of time and talent. But if you put in the hard yards and quality work it will start to pay off. There are no short-cuts, there is no 'make money fast'. It will take patience, persistence and perseverance.

But the rewards are there. You just need to work hard and think smart.

If you're not yet registered, sign up now to HubPages, it's free!

If you've recently signed up you can find out more about HubPages:


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Ceres Schwarz on April 20, 2013:

Very helpful tips that make a lot of sense. I agree that proof reading is very important so your articles and hubs are as mistake-free as possible.

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literatelibran from Williamsburg, Virginia on September 26, 2012:

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Ana Teixeira from Oporto, Porto, Portugal on January 17, 2012:

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Alan Niemies from Paraná - Brazil on December 04, 2010:

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As you said, there is no secret to success here. Just a bit of SEO, quality and originality makes you find what you want!

Hector Herrera from Dominican Republic on October 22, 2010:

Thank you for your priceless advice

And Drewson from United States on October 15, 2010:

Always great advice Glen!

Glen (author) from Australia on October 11, 2010:

There is no secret to success on HubPages. It's just requires a simple approach, with patience and an emphasis on quality.

sligobay from east of the equator on October 10, 2010:

I'm at the beginning of the process of learn to earn and am glad that I found you Darkside. This Hub is very clear and helpful. TY

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I've not published it yet, still writing it, but I will have a hub up at where I discuss URL naming in greater detail.

That will be coming out after I publish the one on HubPages Bannings :D

shazwellyn on May 09, 2010:

Great DS... you said: 'Of course you don't HAVE to have those words in the URL or Title of your hub''. So are you saying that 'how to' doesnt have to be in the title? But surely title is part of keywords and dont keywords come from the title, url, as well as the content?

I notice that your URL for this hub: is somewhat different to your title... Three Steps to HubPages Success - how did you do this and why?

I also notice how limited your tags are. What with the advent of the wonderwheel, why are your tags so small.

Can you also explain what your keywords are in this hub and how they are they are scattered.

The layout out here, DS, is not typical of what I would expect of a hub and this has intrigued me as a long standing follower of yours:)

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