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The Laughing Crow

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The Laughing Crow is a moniker whose voice I borrow: a rascal who is abrasive but honest, curious, and outgoing.

I know it's a Raven, but you should also know that Crow is a trickster...

I know it's a Raven, but you should also know that Crow is a trickster...

A crow laughs

You might think it is a weird moniker - who would name himself a laughing crow? And it's not because I am a Native American either, with a spiritual name blessed by ancestors or totems. The Crow is a nickname I was given by one of my female colleagues at work, who said that I resembled a crow a lot in her opinion - I seemed to mock the world around me, curious about everything and eager to take it apart and see how it worked - and whether it could be improved to help me in my work.

I took a lesson from that, to always keep smiling and to shift through life with practiced ease. Let others defend their mole-hills and beliefs, in the end it's not how we "won" our life but how we "lived" it. Since then I wrote a lot, about any subject I could find. I wrote articles for magazines, manuals for colleagues, blogged about online games - anything I found that interested me at the time.

And now I find myself on Squidoo, writing about a niche subject (Champions Online, a superhero online game) and preparing to branch out into geeky gadgets. But this was only part of the journey - many things shaped into the person I am today.

And some of those I will share with you.

(Image is "two crows on a snowy branch", a woodblock print by Shoun Yamamoto, end of the 19th century)

What's the crow up to?

A squidbirthday later...

It's quite some time ago since I started making these lenses, and many things have changed. And these changes, big and small, have a huge impact on my life and the lenses that I make.

Previously, my thoughts centered around gaming, gadgets and building up my career. As the days progressed, I have had quite a few small personal victories. I quit smoking, leading to a greater feeling of well-being as well as a much-needed improvement in my budget. Tackling my food intake next, my wife and I lowered our diet of meat and potatoes, and changed it up with Asian recipes and a lot more greens.

And from here? Well we're debating buying a house of our own, or perhaps having one built if we can afford it, on a barren plot of land nearby. There's the debate about quality, which option to take, and whether or not we can afford to. But those are the good things in life - when you have the luxuries of debating the pros of the house you want, rather than being stuck on getting one in the first place.

May 2014 bring you all as much joy as it has brought me so far!


Every mind is different

Everyone thinks in a slightly different way. We can easily come to an agreement with each other, Humans are nothing if not capable of compromise, but no matter how you look at it, we all interpret the world around us with a slightly different tone. A slightly different color. A slightly different scent.

With me, the world is a structure, a wonder of architecture. Every step I take I see its rules, processes and infrastructure. I see how everything fits together, how one thing feeds and strengthens another while weakening something else. It's like looking at the insides of one of those old Bavarian standing clocks, where coiled brass wire spins and wheels grip into each other with this whirring sound that reminds me of the purring of a content cat.

That's why I tend to write informative pieces, text on how stuff works or why things are made that way. Where others have a more colorful worldview and possibly a more heightened sense of enjoyment or time, I like to see the lines and diagrams that keep our (online) world together.

Five of my happy things

One of the things that I try to do is reward myself daily for hard work and diligence; after all, what's the use in slaving away all day without relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life?

  1. Games, any games

    I love to play almost any kind of game. This doesn't mean I am very good at it, but games are a good way of learning new things, keeping an open mind and finding out just how Solution C fits with Problem B. From social games to board games, roleplaying games to shooters and MMORPGs, a mind that plays is a mind that stays.

  2. Cooking for family

    Gathering recipes, trying out new flavors and setting a dish at the table that really wows your family - how couldn't that be another favorite thing? Of course, eating with family is even better!

  3. Law and Order

    No, not the TV show (although I do enjoy it) but having everything in order legally and financially. One of things I hate is going to bed worrying about things that I have yet to take care of, or that are "in process". I like things neat and tidy in the process department, and part of this is going to bed without worries or headaches.

  4. Helping another out of the blue

    Look around you - people everywhere could use a bit of help. Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear or some experienced advice. Someone out there might have his or life changed all around because of your kindness. And some day the same might happen to you.

  5. I talk alot, people say

    I don't talk or write all the time, but once I start I keep on going. After all, when you store enough little facts, anecdotes, stories, advice, oddities and jokes in the back room of your brain you hardly have to think to keep a conversation going. And I generally like being around people - as long as they can take the little jabs and jests I use to test the waters.


So what's the crow doing now?

Or - why I don't update my lenses

Don't let anyone tell you different, but a crow is a fidgety bird. Just don't tell one directly, you'll never know when you start having his friends over suddenly. And because I jump from subject to subject and from avenue to avenue, I sometimes have the tendency to leave my garden unattended for a while, as it were.

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But this year was also a busy year. Got promoted, job got bigger. My favorite game, Blacklight:retribution was sundowned, so one of my sources of joy removed. I am hoping to build or buy my first home, so I am building a lot of hubs centered around that - hoping to share the dream.

Curious how a bird's eye view really works?

I may use the Crow as a moniker for writing, but there's more in common between Humans and intelligent birds than might be apparent at first. And the Corvid family (magpies, ravens, crows, rooks and johnnyrooks) holds quite a few surprises when it comes to problem-solving and memory.

Check out this book to find out more about the way these birds think - and maybe next time you see a crow or magpie in your garden, you might recognize some of the peculiarities in its behavior...

2019: Entrepreneur and burnout survivor

This year has been a rollercoaster for me; I managed to set up my own business where I combine my love for architecture, beekeeping and education. On the flip side, I suffered a burnout which meant that for a lot of the year I was unable to assert myself at all.

I found that for me, the secret of overcoming the burnout was help of a professional combined with changing the ways that got me in one in the first place. Calming down, doing less projects but giving each a little more mindfulness. I am not recovered yet, but I hope that by keeping myself sandwiched between work and play will allow me to drag myself out of a depression after the winter ends.

Thanks for visiting my personal page. Feel free to leave a message or contact me. Caw!

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Itaya Lightbourne from Topeka, KS on June 13, 2012:

Crows are fascinating to me. I love ravens even more. Very nice article about you! Remember that your intro image needs to be at least 250 x 250 pixels. Hopefully you can make it larger. :)

biminibahamas on June 12, 2012:

Crows are great birds ... so crafty! Nice lens.

IMKZRNU2 from Pacific Northwest on June 11, 2012:

We had a pet crow and it was the most awesome pet we have ever the name and the lens. Thanks for sharing!

LoriBeninger on June 11, 2012:

My boxer Sofie loves to chase crows and likes it even better when they chase her back (which they do quite often) -- and they do appear to be laughing at her! Great name. Thanks.

microfarmproject on June 11, 2012:

I love the name! Thanks for sharing about yourself.

hntrssthmpsn on June 11, 2012:

I agree with barbiecrafts... "The Laughing Crow" is a great name! It inspires an immediate and wonderful mental image!

Barbie Crafts from United States on June 11, 2012:

I love the name, "Laughing Crow." It drew me to your lens.

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