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Pimp Your Images - Using Free Online Image Editors


Edit Your Photos Online For Free Using A Free Online Photo Editor To Add Fun Borders, Frames And Special Effects

Do you want to add fun effects to your photos for free? On this page we show you some sites where you can edit and pimp your photos, using some of the best online photo editing software, by adding fun frames,effects and borders etc. to your images to make your web page and pictures look great!.

You may have already got some free images from some of the sites I list on Free Photos To Use In Your Website or you may want to use your own pics but play around with some of these editors and see how easy it can be to make your photographs stand out and look amazing without spending a fortune on photo editing software. is the latest addition to this page

Some nice frame to add interest to photo's... they would make great, personalized e-cards has a selection of stunning photo frames which you can use to add a fun and interesting touch to your photo's, and of course, it is free to use.

Their template collection isn't perhaps as big as some other sites but what they do have is nice quality and you could make some great looking e cards from them.


It is very easy to use so even those with little experience can choose from some great looking frames, including fantastic flower, digital and cartoon themes, and in one click can turn their ordinary photo's into some eye catching artwork!

pimp_your_images makes online photo editing fun and simple for users.

I especially like this snow scene frame above. The cockatoo that I have used for all of my examples isn't really a great photo to use in this instance, but, I think it would look great, with the right picture, for a seasonal Christmas card.


5 Of The Best Digital Photo Frames - When you have a nice collection of digital images it is a shame not to have them on display to enjoy at all times!

Manufacturers have made it much easier for us to take decent quality digital photos these days. Most of us have a reasonable camera on our mobile phones, and you can pick up a good, easy to use, digital camera fairly cheaply now.

Digital photo frames are a great way to display all those images that we have collected. Don't leave them simply stored on your camera or computer where they won't probably be seen and admired, upload your favorites to one of these photo frames, you can choose whether to just show one image or have the frame show different images at intervals which you can control.

Pimp Your Pictures For Free At is a great site to edit your pictures

Edit your pictures free at At you have hundreds of ways to get creative with your images. Again, the online software is easy to use and you have lots of options to add some really nice effects to your pics. I could spend a lot of time on here trying out the different styles for my photo's


You do have to register to be able to use the free, fun photo editor, but, registration doesn't take long, it doesn't cost anything and you can easily upload your photos from your desktop and pimp your photos.

The mirrored effect above is interesting, or maybe you prefer the cartoon like image below. Whatever you are looking for I am sure you will find something here to suit.


Check out the human to animal montages and see yourself transformed into a lion, tiger, chimp, koala or even meerkat! You will certainly have lots of fun playing around with your images on here.

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You can turn your photo's into cartoons and the face morphing effect looks to be great fun!


FunPhotoBox - You will be sure to have fun with your pics here, there are lots of great effects to try out



FunPhotoBox is another free online photo editor which has lots of free photo effects,

face effects, gif animations and card templates for you to try out.

If you are looking for something a bit different for your facebook timeline cover photos then there are a few fun templates which you can try out... I'm going off to play with this one right now :-)


It is really easy to make your new facebook cover image, you simply upload your photo from your computer, or facebook, drag the highlighted box to crop the image to your requirements, then click GO and your timeline cover will be made for you. You are given the option to save it to your computer or upload it straight to facebook... how easy is that!

Loonapix - Where You Can Make Funny Pictures Or Add Photo Frames And Special Effects For Free Online!

Lunapix is a great free online photo editor to pimp and add fun effects to your pics!

You don't have to register to use the Loonapix free online photo editor. There are a number of effects and frames that you can choose from to enhance your images, including some nice templates for face montages... see yourself as a sorceress, body builder, rock star, cheer leader, super hero and more!


Upload an image from your computer or the web, adjust your image online until you are saisfied with the position etc. You can then either download your image or share to facebook, twitter, G+ etc.


I find that I can do more and more with the free online photo editor from Loonapix each time I visit, and it is simple to use. Give it a try you may find something that you like.

HTML code is given for direct inclusion to your website.


Fotoflexer Free Online Photo Editor

Lets You Create Dazzling Photo Effects For Free Online

FotoFlexer is another easy to use online image editing site. Edit photos from Photobucket, myspace, facebook, flickr, Picasa and more.

You get some basic editing options such as an autofix, red eye fix, cropping & resizing, color & contrast adjustment and the ability to rotate, or flip, your canvas.

In addition to that there are some nice effects and decorations for you to use on your photo's. Add text, stickers, animations, make fun cards and posters.

If you want to take it up a notch you can use layers and a few more advanced techniques, it is definitely worth trying out.


You can upload an image from your pc and add different effects and frames then save them back to your pc.


Have fun adding 'stickers' and borders to pimp your pictures for free.


Lunapic - Another Free Online Photo Editor With Cool Effects

At Lunapic you can add textures to your image with one click.


Add animation for a different effect.

Create Fun Free Photo Effects Online With Deefunia

Creating fun, free photo effects online with Deefunia is easy

There are lots of fun templates to choose to add free photo effects online with Deefunia.


Simply choose your preferred template and add the photo of your choice..


It only takes a few seconds for Deefunia to generate your free photo effects online.


Once your free photo effect is generated just click on the save button to save your generated photo to your computer.

Picture2Life Allows Users To Edit, Collage, Animate And Share Their Photos Online.

At Picture2Life you can Edit, Collage, Animate and Share your pictures online.


You don't need to register, you can use the editor as a guest, but registration will enable you to upload multiple pictures, create collages and animations as well as editing your images, also you would be able to store, share and access them online from anywhere!


Upload your image from your pc and simply choose from lots of '1 click' effects via a menu bar, when you are happy with the result download the image back to your pc.


Dumpr Fun, Free And Simple To Use Photo Effects

Add quick effects to photos in seconds.

Select your effect at Dumpr then upload your photo from your pc, flickr or direct from the web.


Save your finished image back to your pc or upload to flickr.


Onlinephototool Free And Easy Online Photo Editing

Easy online photo editing

Onlinephototool allows you to edit and save your images, screenshots and photos online. If you want to save your images online you need to register but you can save the images back to your desktop without having to register.

Onlinephototool has the usual editing tools that you might expect including resize, crop, add text, sharpen, rotate, flip, colour balance, saturation, levels, paint, add icons, sepia, black and white.

Its fun elements are pretty basic at the time of writing but there are 88 different ornate borders to choose from in 3 different frame sizes. There are also filters that can be applied to your images.




befunky is one of the latest additions to our growing list of sites where you can edit your pictures online for free.

Befunky lets you do amazing things with your photos online without having to register on their site.

You can do lots of things to edit and pimp your pictures online.

There are tools for editing your photos and adding effects such as frames, photo and arty effects, goodies and of course text to enhance your pictures.

It's Easy To Add Fun Photo Effects With Flauntr Free Online Photo Editor

Flauntr is a fun, free online photo editor with special effects to make your photos stand out from the crowd. Pimp your photos by adding fun photo effects or free photo frames online.

For free and fun image editing FlauntR is a must try, there are lots of options to pimp your pictures for free! It is free to register and fun to play with.


Flauntr's free online photo editing tools let you apply lots of fun effects to your photos such as frames, overlays, magazine covers, shapes... and more fun ways to pimp your pictures.


Upload your photos from your desktop, flickr, facebook, picasa, bebo and the web and edit your photos for free. Play around with them and you can save them back to your desktop or to FlauntR where there is an option to 'share' which will give you the html to put your pics on your website. There is loads more that you can do to pimp pictures with this free online photo editor, I have just shown a few examples here.


Webpictool Free Online Photo Editor

Get some different fun photo effects from the Webpictool free online photo editor

I don't know what's happened with this editor, I just went along to see what was new and it just wouldn't work for me... I don't like to waste my time on something that isn't responsive, but by all means try if you like, it might be up and working by the time you read this.

Upload your image from your pc to the Webpictool free online photo editor.

Its completely free with no registration.

With Webpictool's free online photo editing you can do things like add frames, add text, make magazine, illusion and more.


There are a few nice frames to choose from so it is worth a look.

You need to save your created images back to your pc and upload to your image hosting site to get the html to use on your web page.


Picnik - Easily Edit Your Photos Online For Free And Get Creative With Lots Of Effects, Fonts, Shapes And Frames

Get amazing free photo effects including a color focus on a black and white photo from the Picnik free online photo editor!

Unfortunately as of April 2012 Picnik has closed its doors so I have been looking for an alternative free online photo editor to replace them. I haven't played around with this yet but Picmonkey is created by the team that was at Picnik and the free online photo editor looks easy to use. I will be trying it out soon and bringing you the results

Picnik was a fun, free online photo editor. Upload your photos from your pc, create your image and save the result back to your pc or direct to photobucket.


Make your photos look fantastic with free, easy to use, online editing tools. Get creative, add effects, fonts, shapes, and frames to your images for free online. It's fast, easy, and fun. Some of the features include fixing your photos in just one click, use of advanced controls to fine-tune your results, crop, resize, and rotate, use lots of special effects, fonts and shapes.

Do you want an area of color on a black and white photo? Picnik can do it! The grape that the cockatoo is holding remains green whilst the rest of the image is in black and white.


More Sites Where You Can Edit Pictures Online For Free With Cool Effects

You may also like to try these free online photo editors

The following are free online photo editors that I either haven't got around to featuring the images here, or, trying out myself, but they may be of interest to you.

vintagejs - add vintage effects to your pictures for free

piZap - fun, free photo editor


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