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Who is Peter John Lawrence


Meet Peter John Lawrence

Meet Peter John Lawrence a business man who has built 10 companies over a 30 year period and who has worked financing projects, deals and business in 22 countries.

Now he is helping others in the 'home based' or 'brick and mortar' business models who are interested to learn how to use the Internet and Social Networks for business development by showing how to develop those sought-after skills for success in their present or primary business, or who are wanting to break away from the 'cubicle job' life.

This is a wealth creating endeavour with very good prospects for those who wish to focus and succeed at generating income with Internet Marketing.

On the other hand if you wish to find out how to create your own Squidoo Lens like this one or even better, here is a site for you:

A Hobie CAt 16 tacking.

A Hobie CAt 16 tacking.

Peter John Lawrence Sailing a CAT

Fastest sailing boat for its size!

Peter John Lawrence was introduced to sailing while attending an "Outward Bound" course during the whole of November 1958 at the Moray Sea School for Sailing and Mountain training. This facility is based at Burghead in the northern part of Scotland north of the Cairngorm Mountains.

We had to learn the rudiments of sailing on 20 foot undecked twin mast cutters with 4 to 5 of us as crew. This sailing took place on the Moray Firth and also out on the North Sea but this time it was on a fairly large 130 long-ton three-masted square rigged Schooner with the capacity of 4,000 square feet of sail. It took 13 chaps to man this schooner. The Prince Louis was acquired in about 1955 by the Outward Bound Trust for £11,500 from Danish owners.

Peter John Lawrence was then hooked on sailing and his first CAT experience was at Disney World in 1973.

The Hobie CAT design was created by Alter Hobie and is based upon a Polynesian canoe with outriggers.

So very fast and so exciting to sail especially on a broad reach and on the Trapeze. Peter Lawrence learned some more specific and interesting facts such as the following reference: -

"Origin of the Catamaran.

A catamaran (from Tamil kattu "to tie" and maram "wood, tree") is a type of boat or ship consisting of two hulls joined by a frame. Catamarans can be sail or engine powered. The catamaran was the invention of the paravas, a fishing community on the Southern coast of Tamil Nadu, India. Catamarans were used by the ancient Tamil Chola dynasty as early as the 5th century AD for moving their fleets to conquer such Southeast Asian regions as Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Catamarans are a relatively recent design of boat for both leisure and sport sailing, although they have been used for millennia in Oceania, where Polynesian catamarans and outrigger canoes allowed seafaring Polynesians to settle the world's most far-flung islands. Catamarans have been met by a degree of skepticism from some sailors accustomed to more traditional designs."

There are courses (one and two weeks) off the Florida Keys that will excite any sailor.

Peter Lawrence found that you can sail a 16 ft CAT single handed but it is better with two people since to maximize your speed you need to "keep the boat as flat as possible" otherwise if the windward hull rises out of the water (looking speedy and dramatic) but you will be spilling a lot of wind, lose power and then slow down. So two people can leverage against the power of the wind on the sail and they can counter the tendency for the boat to fly a hull by getting out in the trapeze.

Here is a great web site to get some more info on Hobie CATS :

The 16ft is a fast machine and a faster Hobie is the 18 footer and there are also 17 ft, 19 ft, 21 ft and even a model that has a sail on each hull.

If you wish to experience something akin to flying but a max of 10 ft up then try a CAT.

The reason that I have the pleasure of time for sailing is due to running my own business.from my house.

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This is a product health-based business. The product is all natural and it got rid of my wife's arthritic pains in less then a week and that was 5 years ago. I also have an educational platform to teach people the much sought after skill of how to use the Internet and Social Media networks for their businesses, regardless of what type of business that is.

If you wish to know more re becoming time-and-decision free and using the Internet and the Social Media networks or on the other hand if your interest is primarily to learn about how to use the Internet and the Social Media Networks to build your present business just visit this site: -.

Focusing is the key to self made habits.

Control your thoughts and you control everything.

One of the things that Peter John Lawrence has learned on his journey to comprehension and achievement was that he was the one in charge of his own progress and that he needed to pick/select/choose a goal and focus on it until it became an obsession.

Also he realized that his habits controlled what he accepted in life and these acceptances had been established by associations with many people, adopting their advice and examples.

These same rules apply to all development whether personal, family, social, business, careers or wealth development. It's called RIGHT THINKING.

The first book that I remember which made me actually think about personal responsibility for progress and to remove self-imposed limits was called "Self Renewal" by John W. Gardner, who was then head of Department of 'Health Education and Welfare' in the US Government. He wrote this in 1963.

The book encourages achievement by and for the individual. However in order to achieve there needs to be acceptance by society. His premise was that in order to be creative in society and to be accepted and recognized then one needed to exhibit some conformity.

Here is part of his introduction to that book: -

"Failure to face the realities of change brings heavy penalties. Individuals become imprisoned in their own rigidities. Great institutions deteriorate. Civilizations fall. Yet decay is not inevitable. There is also renewal.

I shall discuss, amongst other things, the decay and renewal of organizations and societies. But this is, above all, a book about the individual. Individuals create societies and make them viable; and individuals bring them to moldering ruin. So this is a book about you."

So the point is that renewal is never out of reach for any of us and, in fact, one needs to forget any form of blame on our past experiences including blaming our parents, relatives, limited money access, schooling, peers, etc etc. We, as thinking entities, can come to realize that it is we who control our lives and that if there is something about our quality of life (or lack of it) that we do not like then we have the capability to change it. Therefore we have the choice to pick something that we do like and to then focus on it.

Self renewal is never out of reach and our comprehension has to reach that level of realizing it. So therefore we come back to habits and the necessity to adopt the habits that we wish to have. Another important lesson with respect to Habits is that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. This number is the result of years of work by a famous plastic Surgeon Dr Maxwell Maltz who wrote about his findings in his book called "Psycho Cybernetics".

So having established the need for habits and the need to accept responsibility for developing them and also that it will take 21 days of repeated affirmation, visualization, as well as it may include an activity, then the next step is to start with giving yourself silence twice a day in order to wrap your mind around your new goal.

The whole approach is based upon the "BE-DO-HAVE" principal as opposed to the standard and much used "HAVE-DO-BE" approach. Many people claim to have discovered or originated this principal but it has been in the public domain for many many years.

Wish to learn more? Go to Google and type 'Be Do Have' principal.

In any event if you are looking at developing your own habits towards becoming a business person or being more proficient at the business you are presently running then consider a self administered education course that will help you attain the new habits and learn the new knowledge that you require. Here is access to a site

Hope this helps.

Family, Reading, Traveling and Sailing

Family, Reading, Traveling and Sailing

Peter John Lawrence: A Business Consideration.

What do you need to look for in choosing your life style.

Have you ever considered getting into business for yourself soon or someday? If the stats are right then about 93% of North Americans say that "they wish to be in their own business" however that seems to be as far as it gets....."Wish to be".

Our life styles are a direct reflection of our philosophy about having a career, profession or a job and that philosophy ultimately controls and affects our cash flow and our attitude.

Unless you have rich parents who leave you a pile of cash or some benefactor who gives you a fortune, or you win a lottery or write 'rap' music or write a book with residual income, the likelihood of a fortune falling into your lap is very remote.

So therefore in order for you to gain significant leverage re cash flow and financial independence you will need to stop working a job (read "Just Over Broke") for someone else. The safety-factor that so many of us hang onto is often referred to as having a "cubicle mentality" or being trapped by "entitlement-benefits". Both are destructive to the efforts of those people who really want out of the box (see the book or the Power Point presentation called the "Cash Flow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki).

Over the last 150 years there have been many business structures and opportunities as well as new methods both for new markets and changing demands. One exceptionally clear and clever presentation that is typical of these changing demands for different businesses and different products was put together in the late 1990's by Tim Sales and it is called "Brilliant Compensation". He demonstrates the value of being independent and working on one's own business for oneself.

Conventional Corporate structures were formed and created hundreds of years ago as a way to remove and diminish the liability aspects of being an owner ( Initially it was for Government organizations but in the mid 1800's it moved towards the public sector. Even with this structuring other forms like the sole proprietorship and partnership businesses have continued to thrive alongside, to this day.

Today's economic situation is driving the conditions and circumstances of earning income towards more home based businesses and to more financial freedom for the individual. Tenure and security of a job is not there anymore and is a false hood that has been informally exposed during the most recent 30 years.

In the 1940's Network Marketing started to appear but one could not tell the difference of whether the promoter was a visionary or a con artist (both being potentially dangerous partners to be in business with).

Another breakthrough re business methods and structures was in the late 1950's when franchising was created. What the franchisee could buy was a total business package for usually a very expensive entry cost. These franchise costs can now be very high and some cost over a million dollars and cover a large number of industries (fast food, coffee shops, construction material outlets etc). The value of this system was, and still is, the ready-made package for the new franchisee and, more important, it is a valuable method for the franchisor to be able to expand his business by using other people's capital and having dedicated management in each location who have a lot to gain from the success and a lot to lose from that franchise not working.

However, as is often the case the status quo resisted the changes and fought tooth and nail to squash this new and presumably destructive form of business. In fact the US Government was only 11 votes away from making franchising an illegal way of doing business. Now franchising accounts for about for 30 to 40 % of the North American GNP.

Conventional incorporated business structures continue to evolve to this day and the capitalization and organization structures continue to vary in relation to new markets and demands for new products and services appear.

Due to many factors these changes can be expected to continue. Now consider one of the major changes that affected our economy. That was the industrial revolution and it came from Europe to North America in the mid 1800's. This event saw an economic expansion never seen and it happened due to the low cost of labour and due to the fact that a person had the right to be successful or to be wrong, these rights came with the freedom on this new continent. This was a great time of growth and prosperity for North America and this growth looked endless.

Well take another look. That industrial revolution has now left North America during the past 30 years and that is why we see the growth of massive production facilities in China, Mexico, Eastern Europe and India etc.

Since the World population has continued to expand (2.56 billion in 1950 and now approx 7 billion people on earth according to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, we see the demands for products and services increasing and North America, Europe, Australia and NZ etc are each becoming a consumer society with many manufacturing jobs being lost to off shore sources where lower cost labour pools exist. See the movie "Manufactured Landscapes" by Edward Burtynsky and then appreciate the importance of the labour content and the reasons that manufacturing has moved off shore.

Part of the western marketing distribution system has evolved into Network Marketing (a very low cost entry for people to have a home based income) and, as mentioned, that all started in the 1940's. This business method did not reach a legitimate recognition and definition until a legal trial a 1979 of the Amway Corporation. That trial set the criteria and defined NM as requiring a company to have a product or a service. Otherwise, if there is no product or service, it could be referred to a 'Ponzi Scheme' or a 'pyramid' and even now most people still do not know what those two references mean but continue use them indiscriminately. However that perspective and knowledge is changing as more a more people open their minds to find legitimate alternatives to the job that they have lost.

Well the industry of NM, also called MLM (Multi Level Marketing), is growing even more so due to the points made above and also due to the evolution of our information society and the growth of the Internet. In December 2000 there were just over 360 million people worldwide who were using the Internet. By April 2010 there are over 1.8 billion, a 400% growth. (

In summary:

1. World population has grown to approximately 7 billion from about 2.5 billion in 1950.

2. Manufacturing activities are leaving North America and Western Europe.

3. The Internet usage is growing dramatically (now, in April '10, it has at over 1.8 billion users)

4. The western societies (including North America, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) are becoming more consumer-orientated than manufacturing and therefore the distribution systems are growing to accommodate the changes.

5. Home based incomes are becoming more and more attractive to people struggling to learn how to generate and create money online and a home based income with a cash flow from home.

6. Network marketing is part of the expanding distribution systems and will more and more fit the growing trends; however it will not do so as dynamically possible by using the Old School approach.

Maybe let me share with you why I feel qualified to give you a third party review and recommendation of the digital media system and for me to be able to talk about my personal evolution from being an employee to becoming a professional (Professional Engineer), to a financier and then to business owner (10 companies) and finally through 10 years of the old school approach to NM and to the new Social Media career.

My background was very formal through high school into engineering. I spent 6 years as an apprentice studying and working in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering as a part of the telecommunication industry.

Then I obtained a Masters Degree in Automatic Control Systems, at Imperial College, London University, combing the three technical areas I had worked in. This was prior to immigrating to North America to work in Research and Development in Ottawa Canada. Within 5 years I decided to move out of corporate North America and also out of the purely-technical career/field into the commercial world and subsequently built 10 companies from their creation, through the financing to stage, start up and then to operations. Also I worked financing projects, companies and business in 22 countries. Just over 10 years ago I saw Network Marketing and I attended a meeting to stop a friend of mine from getting into that "type" of business.

Well I went back three times to that same presentation since I could not find out why it would not work, so I joined. During these past ten years I have worked hard in NM and been able to see and appreciate the challenges and the failures that the large majority of people face in this industry.

One consideration is the methods of marketing from Old School to New School. Google: The Metamorphism of the MLM Industry. Its changing. Can You Hear the Thunder of the Coming Storm.

With this background I feel more than qualified to comment on the many proliferating NM companies and to look at their approaches and trainings as well as to judge the integrity and quality of the principals/owners/managers and also to judge the value of the various compensation plans.

If you maybe looking for a turnkey marketing-educational system that teaches people how to use the Internet and Social Media consider taking a look at my Landing Page here: and select to get a free copy of the article "CEO to SEO".

If you wish to find out how to create your own Squidoo Lens like this one or even better, here is a site :

Contemplation daily for mental health.

Contemplation daily for mental health.

Peter John Lawrence: Contemplation for mental health breaks

Even with extensive demands that require our daily concentration, with respect to business and family and maybe more, Peter Lawrence found it to be most vital to take time for yourself and to do it optimally twice per day and preferably in total silence.

My first discovery of this need was after being given a book in 1969 called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, which, by the way, I thought was the most corny book title that I had even seen.

However I was desperate and I am sure that you know what that means when you are struggling (as indeed many people in North America are these days). The point of mentioning this is that when the struggle gets over whelming we all tend to open our minds to more alternatives and what was totally unacceptable may then start to be considered as acceptable. Hence I read the book and it really really helped.

I hope this will encourage taking time for yourself.

Let me tell you what happened subsequently: -

At that point I was broke, was 6 months behind in our rent, and had 4 children and no cash flow. Tough is not the word.

However over the next few years I struggled to focus on objectives and would take time continually to concentrate on self renewal. I carried and wore out 10 copies of that book, by Napoleon Hill, as I carried around the world with me through 22 countries while I worked on projects and businesses.

As a result of all this habit formimg experience I built 10 companies over the following 15 years. We also bought a cottage on 1/2 an acre on the shore line and expanded that into a 3,600 sq ft house. We have a Hobie CAT sailing boat since the river is 2 miles wide where we live on our 1/2 acre (see the photo).

I need to mention that I also kept raising our goals with some extensive risk taking in the building process but my belief went through the roof and my positive approach was not dismayed by the setbacks that always appear.

The largest company of the 10 that I built, was a $25 million start up and was an Engineering R&D venture in defense electronics and in that company I had 65 people working for me.

The key to look at here is that from that minus position I was able to develop endless possibilities and meet wonderful people who became close friends over the years.

So the message is to never never give up and to deal with improving yourself first by learning to control and direct your thoughts.

Control your thoughts and you control everything.

This life is not a practice run and you are not a worm!

Peter John Lawrence: Choose the freedom to have the habit of fitness. - Mental health and physical health blossom with real freedom.

The importance of freedom is beyond description.

In the Western world we have great freedom but most (95% +) people choose to imprison themselves as in a function such as a job which is selling their hours for money.

In other countries many people do not even have basic freedoms. I define total freedom to include freedom to move, freedom to travel, freedom from political persecution, freedom from pestilence, freedom from terrorism, freedom from poverty, and freedom from any restrictions that i will not and need not accept,

What is your definition? Can you define it? Can you visualize it in detail? When you do visualize your definition can you be right there in it whatever that is?

Everyone is different re their goals and dreams BUT we all need to have time to live those dreams.

Time is a major aspect. It is your life that is ticking.

My life is ticking and it is doing so at my control

You may ask how can a 74 year old find time to swim and a more powerful question how can he do the butterfly and be working on his timing.

Well I can do that 'cos I made a decision. I decided to be self employed and not have a job (just on broke) is absolutely the only way to live with freedom.

To have the time we need income so that is why opportunities of working on a home based business is so vital. It is not a job, it is not having a cubicle mentality, it is not having to ask permission to go out or to visit family and friends and it is not have a ceiling above you created by others.

My freedom allows me to swim any number of times per week that "I choose" and also to be with my wife and my children (4) and my grandchildren (8) etc.

The challenge is that I cannot swim as fast as Brian Phelps or Marc Spitz, in fact what Brian does in 12 seconds takes me 24 seconds at my best BUT the value to me and my family is I can do it and many many people cannot and will never be able to.

I choose to be free and to be creative with my life and I have enormous plans still for constructive work and to travel and to study and I can choose due to cash flow from working as an entrepreneur and the capability and opportunity is open to all. In order to avoid the trap of old school business mentality whether a 'brick and mortar' or 'direct selling' or network marketing' business you need to become system dependent and not, old style, person dependent. How you ask?

Here is one way: Get yourself into an educational environment where you can learn about the next major business level of professionals and that is to learn about the Internet and Social Media Networking. Here is one platform that has now reached over 180 countries and in over 50 languages:

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