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Rain Are Blessing!


Its Raining!

Everytime when the rains its coming its reminds me of happy and sadness, it makes me happy because I feel lucky to have a home that is a shelter that prevent me from getting poured by the rain. But its make me sad meantime for over millions people around the world who does not have a home to prevent themself from pouring by the rain.

Raining can also make us sleep better too especially at night, everytime I woke up for school last time and hear the raining sounds I wish I can lie down on the bed for a few hours more!

In this lens, I will make it short to share with you somethings I like about the rain.

The Beauty Of Rain And Lights At Toronto

Night Rain At Canada!

Canada is one beautiful country that we should visit, one thing I like about Canada is their streets light at night, they are really calming and beautiful! When it is rainning at night, The raining scenery is perfectly matched with the street lights of Canada. Take a look at the beautiful picture of Canada light when it is raining!

Read About Rains!

Various books that talks about rains!

Singing In The Rain

The rain is so beautiful at night where street lights is on, sometimes I really wish to sing under the rain and enjoy the cooling effect of the rain! Everytime whenever it is raining at night, I can't go out with my family so I would stay at home then I would sing this song: "Singin In The Rain" by Gene Kelly.

The Original "Singing In The Rain" Song.

Singin' In The Rain Movie

Raindrops Sound Relaxation.

The natural sounds of rain can make me feels relax too! Sometimes whenever I work too much, I will feel a little bit stress out and my brain is feel with lots of work, so I need something to cool and clam my brain down. One way is to listen to the calm and soothing sounds of the raindrops, it will make you feel relax and calming.

Sometimes you can't sleep well at night, I would listen to the relaxing sound of rain downloaded in my mobile phones. In five minutes time, i will be sleeping soundly until the next morning.

I will shows different sounds of different raindrops below that can helps me to relax and sleep more easily.

The Sound Of Rains With Thunder

This is the sounds of rain with thunder, I normally listen to this sounds when I am working for a long hours to feel more relax when I am working, the sounds of thunder and rain make me feel that it is really raining outside!

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The Sound Of Rains With Crickets!

This is the sound of raindrops at night with cricket singing along with the rain! I would always listen to this sound when I am sleeping, sometimes I feel that this video is really perfect and the only thing missing is the scent of rain and the natural cold air.

Raining Sound In The Forest!

This is the sounds of rain in a rainforest with some thunder sounds in it too. After working for a long hours, I would tune myself down with this raining sound in the forest to calm myself down. It will really makes me feel like I am in the rainforest whenever I hear this sound!

The Natural Sounds Of Rain!

Natural Sounds Download

Different types of natural sounds that help us in relaxing available for downloading, including the sounds of summer rain! Also sounds of rain that can help baby to sleep better!


beaworkathomemom on January 02, 2013:

I like the video of your forest rain. It is very relaxing.

anonymous on July 29, 2010:

I love the sound of rain and storms.

anonymous on July 27, 2010:

GREAT LENS 5/5!! thumbs up !!

kohuether lm on July 17, 2010:

Singin' in the Rain is one of my favorite movies of all time! Love the lens. :)

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