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HubNuggets - The Next Generation

N.C.C. Spaceship Hubertise

HubNuggets, the final frontier.

HubNuggets, the final frontier.

Captain's Log: stardate 0226.2010

Our ship is currently cruising the Nugget System in the Hub Galaxy. We know our mission but are awaiting urgent orders that we've been told to expect. The slow passage of time is beginning to fray nerves and raise tempers. There is much dissension among crew members, after last week's published report about the recent HubNuggets changes.

Chief Historian and Tactical Officer, RedElf, has released a white paper to the College of Hubicians and Nuggetologists that outlines our archeological adventures on planet Earth - all in the name of preserving and protecting the HubNuggets culture. Now, the crew is tense, worried. They know what they have to do to complete our mission but they can't agree on where to go for lunch.

We've been instructed to locate and extract a new batch of golden nuggets from the Wannabe Way inside the Nugget System. It's a dangerous mission, fraught with Tribbles, men with pointy ears and the terrible unknown. To make matters worse, team members are actually fighting over where to eat.

Commander B.T. Evilpants

He had his body waxed and antlers clipped for this photo

He had his body waxed and antlers clipped for this photo

Commander B.T. Evilpants

Commander Evilpants wants to hit the Hubby's drive through in the Cardassian Straight for fries with a double side order of gravy and a butter tart. He claims that his choice of gastronomic delight will give us quick food energy for the work at hand. He's called dibs on the toy in the meal deal package.

Lt. Commander Patty Inglish

Lt. Commander Inglish made the ultimate sacrifice by shaving her head to make nugget hunting faster

Lt. Commander Inglish made the ultimate sacrifice by shaving her head to make nugget hunting faster

Lt. Commander Patty Inglish

Meanwhile, health conscious Second Officer, Patty Inglish, is suggesting the veggie bar in the Centurian Galaxy. Lt. Commander Inglish feels that this sensible choice will provide us with long term fuel reserves, which we may need for our exploration of space nugget sites.

Chief of Security Zsuzsy Bee

People say that Zsuzsy looks a lot like Uhura from Star Trek but I don't see it

People say that Zsuzsy looks a lot like Uhura from Star Trek but I don't see it

Chief of Security Zsuzsy Bee

Chief of Security, Zsuzsy Bee, is dieing to try that new tea and rum house on Hubto, over in the HP Star System. It's out of our way but Zsuzsy thinks that she may be able to gain some intelligence from the locals. If sharing a friendly cup of tea doesn't work, she'll ply them with rum to find out where the Wannabes are. In her words, "I'll make that Wookie talk!"

Chief Historian and Tactical Officer RedElf

Her monogram says RO instead of RE to distract people from the fact that she's recording their every move

Her monogram says RO instead of RE to distract people from the fact that she's recording their every move

Chief Historian and Tactical Officer RedElf

Tactical Officer RedElf serves as the ship's Historian, recording our explorations for posterity. She snaps pictures, compiles audio and video records and takes copious notes of our every thought, word and deed. She is suspiciously quiet and non-committal on the dining issue. After numerous complaints from Commander Evilpants, I shall have to issue direct orders that Officer RedElf cease and desist filming and taping conversations in the men's room.

Lt. Commander Ripplemaker

This ship's counselor sports headwear befitting her position. The cool hat also keeps her hair tidy in the HubMobile

This ship's counselor sports headwear befitting her position. The cool hat also keeps her hair tidy in the HubMobile

Lt. Commander Ripplemaker

Lt. Commander Ripplemaker is the ship's counselor. Originally from the planet Heavena in the Nirvana Galaxy, this energetic crew member rides the HubMobile to visit the Wannabes that the rest of the crew finds. She is fed by Universal energy and goes with the flow, so she doesn't mind where we eat as long as it doesn't involve that disgusting Space Worm Rattata that's popular on Uranus.

Cap'n Anderson

I've had some work done and my hair cut

I've had some work done and my hair cut

Ship's Captain Shirley Anderson

Captain Anderson is tired of the bickering and sets course for the greasy spoon on Q75 in the Vulcan Quadrant. All the space shuttle drivers eat there, so the food must be good. Besides, we've got nuggets to find!

Star Fleet Personnel

Commander Maddie Ruud

Commander Maddie Ruud

Admiral Jason Menayan

Admiral Jason Menayan

Enter Commander Maddie Ruud and Admiral Jason Menayan

*** Radio crackle, static on big screen space TV located on the bridge ***

"Maddie Ruud to Space Ship Hubertise, do you read me?"

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"I read you Commander Ruud. This is Captain Anderson. Let me adjust the antenna so I can see you, too. A little more tin foil on the wire coat hanger should do the trick. There you are! Please go ahead, Commander."

"We've received word that some prime Wannabes have been sited in the Nebula System. Please adjust your course settings appropriately. Admiral Menayan will communicate exact co-ordinates shortly."

*** Squelching from space speakers followed by a tapping sound ***

"Is this thing on?"

"Yes, Admiral Menayan, I can hear you."

"Excellent! Captain, your new orders have come through. Our sources have confirmed Wannabe sitings on Technology, Knowledge, Home and Family, all within the Nebula System. Take your team there immediately and bring those nuggests back for our readers."

"Aye, aye, Admiral."

"Commander Evilpants, please issue orders to change our heading."

"What about lunch?"

"No time now, Mr. Evilpants. Fix yourself a snack from whatever you can find in the galley."

"Damn it, Captain! I'm a jackalope, not a sandwich maker!"


The Reason We're Here

It's for the HubNuggets, of course!  With this new format, you can read hubs written by new hubbers (writers) in three different categories. You get to cast one vote in each of those categories, too. That's right, not one vote but three! It's easy to click beside your favourite in the poll then click "Vote". Before you can say, "Beam me up, Scottie" you'll have supported a new author and contributed to the final vote count.

You're welcome and thank-you.


The Technology Nominees

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The Knowledge & Education Nominees

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Shirley Anderson (author) from Ontario, Canada on March 12, 2010:

Thanks, De Greek!

It is fun Patricia...and Patricia. :)

2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on March 09, 2010:

You make it all sound so much fun!

De Greek from UK on March 06, 2010:

Very well done :-)

Shirley Anderson (author) from Ontario, Canada on March 04, 2010:

Thanks for voting, everyone! We couldn't do the HubNuggets contest without you.

Congratulations to all of our Wannabes for writing great hubs and also to this week's winners:

*** Technology (58 total votes

* Google Buzz (15 votes, 26%)

* Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (14 votes, 24%)

* Hubbers, get your computer running faster than ever before (13 votes, 22%)

*** Home & Family (81 total votes)

* How to Identify a Bad Baby Sitter (22 votes, 27%)

* Moon Phase Gardening (19 votes, 23%)

* Garden Flowers to Plant in Winter: Purple Coneflower (18 votes, 22%)

*** Knowledge & Education (67 total votes)

* Rational and Irrational Fear and Their Causes (23 votes, 34%)

* Promote Yourself On The Internet For FREE (14 votes, 21%)

* Positive Affirmations that work. (11 votes, 16%)

Woohoo!! You guys ROCK!

Andrew from Italy on March 03, 2010:

I think this is the best place to say thanks to all those who voted my hub. I'm so honoured and happy that really I don't know what else to say. Thanks, thanks and thanks. You gave me such a wonderful boost. And obviously thanks to every officer. :)

couponalbum from Sunnyvale, CA on March 02, 2010:

Wow!! Great hub. I have joined your fun's club for more interesting hubs like this and would like to invite you to join my fan's club.

Shirley Anderson (author) from Ontario, Canada on March 02, 2010:

Thank-you, Aaron!

AARON99 on March 02, 2010:

What an amazing hub!! I havn't read this kind of hub yet. Keep writing.

Shirley Anderson (author) from Ontario, Canada on March 01, 2010:

@Alexandriaruthk, you're welcome and thank-you for reading and voting!

@Commander Evilpants, thanks for reporting in and for voting. I'm not sure what to tell you about that guy in the men's room. Maybe we need to get Chief of Security on it. Sounds suspicious, maybe he's a Vulcan spy or a mime or something.

@WordScripe, you're far more patient than I am. I love watching the votes move, they kinda remind me of a horse race. I always want to know who's in the lead, who's on their tail and who's bring up the rear. What you said doesn't sound bad at all, I understand what you mean.

Glad you enjoyed the hub. Thanks for coming by to read, vote and comment.

@Mr. Spock honours me with his visit! Thank-you for the approval, it means a lot.

@Wavegirl, thank-you for checking out our new hubbers and for supporting them through reading and voting.

@Hi, Cupid. We're so glad that you are enjoying the HubNuggets. Happy Holi to you, too.

@Shazwellyn, thanks so much for dropping in and taking the time to read, vote and comment!

@Tatjana, hello! I am so happy that enjoyed the hub. Thanks for coming by to support our wannabes.

@ProCW! There you are! Thanks for stopping in!

@Springboard, they do say that, you're right.

Springboard from Wisconsin on March 01, 2010:

Onward and upward as they say, right?

ProCW from South Carolina on March 01, 2010:

One small step for Shirley. One giant leap for Hubkind. :D Great job, Shirley! :)

Tatjana-Mihaela from Zadar, CROATIA on March 01, 2010:

As a Fan of Star Trek and Hubpages I love every word of your hubnuggets` presentation, Shirley...

shazwellyn on February 28, 2010:

I have read all the hubnuggets this week, duely voted - although all nominees are winners, one always seem to stand out in each category.

Thanks hubteam... you have worked wonders again! x

cupid51 from INDIA on February 28, 2010:

A great way to encourage hubbers. Thanks to entire hubpages family. Happy Holi! (Indian festival of color!)

Shari from New York, NY on February 28, 2010:

Hubpages never ceases to amaze me! What fun this was to read . .and I really found some excellent new Hubbers I would not have come across otherwise! I voted and voted this Hub up as well!

MrSpock on February 28, 2010:

Mr Spock thinks this is most interesting!

wordscribe41 on February 27, 2010:

Voted. This was a cool hub this week, Star Trek motif and all. Nice job, as always. I kinda like the idea of not being able to see who's in the lead anymore, makes the suspense greater. And, it discourages people from voting for the "underdog". I hope that doesn't sound bad... Great hubs, congrats to all.

B.T. Evilpants from Hell, MI on February 27, 2010:

Mission accomplished! I tried to get my friend to vote too, but he never comes out of the men's room. He's very strange. He just stands there mimicking me.

alexandriaruthk from US on February 27, 2010:

Thank you for this one, it is nice that they are categorized, good job, I voted already!

Shirley Anderson (author) from Ontario, Canada on February 27, 2010:

* Jule and ElGringo, congrats on your nominations! We wish you both the best of luck this week. Don't forget to promote your nominated hubs to pick up some extra votes (no spamming, though). Love the loyalty, ElGringo!

* Maita, Livelonger and FastFreta thanks so much for voting and supporting our newbies!

* Jason, congratulations to you. We love surprising our new hubbers. :) Good luck in the contest!

* RMR, I think BT was talking that other jackalope aboard, you know, the one that lives in the mirror.

* Oh Judy, love the way you think. I'll buy the next round!

* Patty, I love Ren and Stimpy!! I had the t-shirt but sadly, it ran away or something one of the times I moved. There's a bread commercial out now that reminds me of Powdered Toast Man every time I see it.

Ten times the strength of coffee?? So, that's the secret of how you write ten hubs a day! ;)

* You're welcome, Dgenr8! Best of luck to you!

Dgenr8 on February 27, 2010:

Wow, I am so honored to be a part of this, being a relatively new hubber. Thanks so much for giving my work a look. Good luck to everyone.

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on February 27, 2010:

Evilpants must have been visiting Ren and Stimpy and their Space Madness episode.

Ratkachino is my beverage. :) Ten times the strength of coffee.

judydianne from Palm Harbor, FL on February 27, 2010:

Let's all sit down with a glass of Romulan ale and read!!

rmr from Livonia, MI on February 27, 2010:

I just wonder who B.T. has been talking to in the men's room. Since he's the only male aboard the ship, you may want to have him checked for space madness! Come to think of it, he's been acting pretty strange at home lately, too.

Awesome theme this week! Now I have some reading to do!

jasonycc from South East Asia on February 27, 2010:

This is totally unexpected. We are honoured to have been nominated. So happy when we saw ripplemaker's message.. Thank you to all of you in HubNuggets Team.

Alfreta Sailor from Southern California on February 26, 2010:

Great hub! I just voted.

Jason Menayan from San Francisco on February 26, 2010:

very difficult to choose just one each time...excellent selections!

prettydarkhorse from US on February 26, 2010:

wow, nice set of hubbers and hubs, thank you once more, VOTED, Maita

ElGringoSalsero from Palm City, Florida on February 26, 2010:

As my wife and kids would say, "you're da bomb!" Thank you so much for my time in the limelight. I am enjoying my newfound hobby (writing hubs) and of course, my dancing. I anxiously await our next trip through the galaxy of infinite HubNuggets and I reaffirm my loyalty to our captain.

Jule Romans from United States on February 26, 2010:

Thank You! I am so excited to be on the list. :-)

Shirley Anderson (author) from Ontario, Canada on February 26, 2010:

Thanks, Susan! Happy reading and voting.

Susan Keeping from Kitchener, Ontario on February 26, 2010:

I haven't checked out the nuggets yet but as a long-time Trekkie, I love this hub :)

Shirley Anderson (author) from Ontario, Canada on February 26, 2010:

WOW! You have all been very busy while I was off tending to captainly things.

Thanks so much for all the compliments! I'm blushing.

To our Wannabes, good luck in the contest. You were hand selected from a LARGE group of entrants, so we know that you'll do well, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

Lt. Commander Ripplemaker, thank-you for your tireless duty to our beloved wannabes! I know they're always happy for your visits.

Chief Security Officer Zsuzsy Bee, I've signed the requisition for most of the tools you've asked for. Unfortunately, Star Fleet has instructed me to cut costs, so you won't be getting those small engine or electric hedge trimmers. I'm afraid that you'll have to do it the old fashioned way - with tweezers. Shouldn't take long and it's a lot cheaper. Regarding the stores of rum, I've ordered one extra for the crew. Perhaps you can get RedElf to spill her secrets about us.

Lt. Commander Inglish, I think the clean look is very attractive on you! Looks really easy to care for, too. Thanks for the Spacebook love. ;)

Tactical Office RedElf, you're getting too good at your job. Umm, Commander Evilpants has not spoken with me about my getting 'a cut'. Until he has, I may be forced to ask our Chief of Security to have him thrown into the brig.

Zsuzsy Bee from Ontario/Canada on February 26, 2010:

RedElf are you there??? Thought I caught a bit of your chanel 5.

This darned Wookie can hold his rum but he's starting to sing off tune so I might be getting closer...

RedElf from Canada on February 26, 2010:

But, Captain, I can't turn over The Washroom-Gate Tapes! B.T. has already started marketing them to some Space-Vid producers from the Gamma Quadrant. He did offer the team a "cut of his action" though, for whatever that's worth. I think one gravy boat takes up enough room already - especially aboard the Hubertise.

In the meantime, I think I'll try for some footage of Zsus and her new drinking buddy...*mutters to self, "Now where did leave my personal cloaking device?"*

Zsuzsy Bee from Ontario/Canada on February 26, 2010:

Cap'n, Chief of Security Zsuzsy Bee reporting for duty. I swear I will get the info out of the Wookie...(he's just so cute and fuzzy) but Capt'n I need another 3 barrels of rum (the ten gallon size) We won't need the tea as he confessed to being allergic to it.

I also need your authorization for the extra Info-extraction equipment (just in case we run out of rum)

a couple or ten tubes of Nair or Neet (which ever is on sale)

hedge trimmers (the electric one will do if the small engine was in in use already)

disposable razors (many many packages)

drain declogger (for all that falling fur)

And Capt'n what ever it takes, I will squeeze last weeks New York Times crossword puzzle solutions out of the Wookie. Even if I have to change that walking carpet into highly polished hard-wood-flooring.

ZB over&out.

Good luck to this weeks hubnuggeteers and their Hub-Nugget-wannabes too.

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on February 26, 2010:

This is a delightful episode and I cannot wait for the mext mission to space. When will the DVD be released? Commander Evilpants is such a card (up his Ferengi sleeve)! Now that I see myself with the new hairless hairdo, I will keep it. I think all astronauts should shave their heads for their helmet comfort.

Great Galaxies to you, Captain, and all the HubNugget Wannabes in space! Keep writing by that starlight out there.

(I posted this Hub on Spacebook - er - Facebook).

Cyber Lawyer on February 26, 2010:

Thanks for the nomination, which came totally unexpected, like a flash from the clear blue sky.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on February 26, 2010:

That is fantastic. I loved reading it. Thank you very much. A great way of writing; you are a genius. I know it sound overbearing and flamboyant but it is not ment like that. It was such unusual way of writing about something.

Anthony Goodley from Sheridan, WY on February 26, 2010:

Thank You for the hubnuggets nomination! This made my week. :-)

I thought it was a joke or something when I read ripplemaker's post on my hub. lol It really wasn't I see. Thanks again.

Dave Smith from Michigan on February 26, 2010:

Thanks for making me a nominee Ripplemaker. I saw your comment and I didn't know what it was. I thought that I had some spam on my hub.

Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on February 26, 2010:

Hypnodude, you rock! Congrats to your nomination. Thank you for enriching our lives with your wonderful hubs! :)

Shirley, voted!

Andrew from Italy on February 26, 2010:

When I've read my hub's title I thought it was a joke, or a dream. But then Lt. Commander Ripplemaker confirmed it. I'm speechless, very much honoured and extremely happy.

You ladies and men are making me one of the happiest persons on HubPages. Thanks for making me so happy. Voted and rated. :)

Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on February 26, 2010:

OOh I love on my way Captain Shirley...

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