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Please excuse my sentence structuring, it is not the best but I try, I have been chasing this dream of making money online for a while!

Got lucky!

Well, it is February 17th and I am still living at my Arizona dad's house and have not gone homeless! Turns out the being disabled actually has helped me out a lot! Because I am disabled, I am allowed to reside here! I am more than thankful that I am given more time to try and get this "internet business" going! He has told me that I can stay here until he sells the place which he said isn't going to be for a couple of years. I am more than thankful for that and hopefully by then, Ill have something going!

So far..

Well since my last post or story I have come some ways ahead. I now have two websites published and that is live and online. My research had shown that to make any real profit, it would take six to eight months. Month four I believe to where I have really focused on this online thing. One of my websites, which I call my "bridge" site is I have mentioned this before, it displays the top sellers for Amazon in Electronics, Pet Supplies, Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, and Beauty and Personal care. It really is a slick-looking website and traffic, I am getting the traffic there as well. I am not doing paid advertising so much as posting on social media. It is turning out well.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer


I also have another website out, and that is, more or less, the guide for ketogenic diet or lifestyle. It really is a LOT of work and I am learning alot. Actually, consider going on the diet myself only because it seems a cheaper way of living. There are so many health benefits to the program as well that it is actually amazing! I think more people need to look into the diet and of course, going through my website is what I am trying to get everyone to do!

Solar Panel for charging your "generator" or power pack.


So that is kind of an update with where I am at in chasing my dreams of making money online! I continue to research things and really am trying to figure out what the niches are for this year but only time will tell with that. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me then you can find me at, which is a great discussion board that I became apart of at the beginning of all this. Anyways, I will keep you updated on my progress or degrees of anything worthwhile. Take care of yourself!

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