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Knoji (the rip-off site formerly known as Factoidz)

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Full of Fraud?

Things have changed at Factoidz. And it's now known as Knoji. The comments on this hub are most enlightening, I suggest you only skim through the information on this page (which reflect how Factoidz USED to work) and read the first hand experiences in the comments before you make any decisions on whether or not to sign up for the site.


What are Factoidz?

Factoids are factual and informational articles, much like a hub, though not usually as long, and heavy on useful knowledge.

Factoids are How-To's, DIY's, information and advice on subjects that others can learn from.

The typical Factoid is concise and specific. Tightly focused on one aspect of a topic.

At least 400 words in length, they're bite-sized pieces of knowledge.

Topics are split into channels and relate to the following subjects:

Addictions, astrology, beauty, business, cars, college, crystals, dieting, diy, dog training, dogs, etiquette, exercise, fitness, frugal living, gardening, gift ideas, green living, health, home business, home improvement, how to, internet, jobs, natural remedies, nutrition, parenting, personal finance, pets, photography, pregnancy, psychology, real estate, recipes, relationships, science, self help, self improvement, seo, spirituality, sports, stock market, travel, weddings, weight loss, wellness, wine and writing.

All articles published on the site go through an editorial approval process so the level of quality appears to be much higher than the usual publishing website.

What Factoidz Isn't

  • It isn't a place to publish fiction.
  • It isn't a place to post poems.
  • It's not a landing page. It can't be used it to direct traffic straight to ones own sites or for affiliate links.
  • It's not a social bookmarking site.
  • It's not a blog. It's not a soap box for a mindless rant or to spout political agenda or religious convictions.

What Factoidz IS is a site for readers to learn. And for writers it's a place to earn.

How Factoidz USED TO Work

Just like HubPages, Factoidz is a tool to publish your unique knowledge as articles and earn revenue.

They want high-quality, original and unique factual articles.

The factoids should describe a topic, present information, give advice or explain how to do something.

Revenue is based on the the traffic they generate.

Articles can be voted up by the community, adding points and prestige to your ranking. The forum also has voting enabled, and even as the person responding you can be voted up (or down, depending on how bad your advice or behaviour is).

Duplicate content is not allowed. Much like HubPages stance on duplicate content, but the difference is while HubPages will give a HubScore penalty and also not allow outbound links on a hub containing duplicate content, Factoidz won't approve it at all.

Factoids, as the name suggests, shoud be be information based on fact rather than something that is purely based on opinion.

Here are some other points I have gleaned from the sites official FAQ and from the forum:

  • You must be at least a level 2 contributor (you have published 3 or more factoids) to be eligible for revenue.
  • Payments are issued at the beginning of the month for the previous month. You need a minimum of $1 in earnings.
  • Factoidz is open to all people, in any country. To earn you just need to have a valid Paypal account.
  • Submitted articles must be previously unpublished. Even if you're the original author, they don't want duplicate content. You are allowed to republish your Factoid content elsewhere, but honestly, it won't do you much good trying to compete against yourself.
  • Regardless of how little content you add, you could publish nothing, you will continue to receive passive income from the articles you have previously published.
  • Affiliate links within your article are NOT allowed
  • It's not until your third article that you can begin to accrue earnings (unless you've been referred by another member which will instantly upgrade you to Contributor status and then you start earning from your very first article).
  • They actually review every submission. And if its not up to scratch, they'll tell you. I've had a few points suggested, and after making the changes they suggested, I must say, the article was tidier, made more impact and was better off for it.

Factoidz User Levels

Factoids publishedUser levelUser title































How Is Money Made Through Factoidz?

Factoidz pays between $1.00 and $5.00 per 1,000 impressions. These rates of pay is not determined by your User Level, but by the profitability of the topic and the quality of your content.

Each Factoid is "graded" by the editorial staff and it has been noted that if a regular topic article has writing that is exceptional, it can receive a higher payout rate.

By the same token, there can be a submission to a High Yield Topic (when you're logged in and you're on your 'dashboard' there is a section which is a list of High Payout Topics) and editorial standards for those are also higher than normal, if they're below par they'll be quickly rejected so be sure to bring your A game.

Factoidz used to be a site that shared Adsense ad impressions, much like HubPages, but a few months ago they changed it to paying per impression. By all accounts and from what I've seen in the forums, most prefer the change and it means more frequent payouts as there is no $100 threshold that Adsense has, you only have to earn at least $1 for the whole month to get paid.

Rates of Pay

RatePayment per 1,000 views


$3.00 - $5.00


$2.00 - $3.00


$1.00 - $2.00


$0.50 - $1.00

How Payments Are Made Through Factoidz

Payments are made via PayPal, so you'll need to setup a PayPal account if you haven't got one already. And it's a lot easier to get a PayPal account than an Adsense account.

The minimum payment threshold is just $1. So anything over that amount by the end of the month, gets paid out early in the next month.

Estimated Monthly Income

Factoids publishedAverage monthly article views@ Low payout ($1 per 1k views)@ Medium payout ($3 per 1k views)@ High payout ($5 per 1k views)


























Maximize Your Earnings

I'll be posting some tips here as I experiment with topics and utilize different methods of traffic generation. In the meantime though I will mention that when you reach Level 5 (Maven... 50 articles published) you can apply to become a moderator of a channel. Moderators earn higher Payout Rates of $4 to $8 per 1,000 impressions on all their writing. 8 bucks per 1k impressions!

But don't try to rush to get there. Quality is high on the Factoidz agenda.


Now that you've read all this, guess what, they've changed the rules.

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There have been a lot of changes at Factoidz in recent months, none of which has been improvements.

Sadly, they have taken a good and beautiful thing, and ruined it.

So I've removed my referral links to the site. I highly caution anyone who wishes to sign up to the service..

I will publish more information soon on what changes have been made. If you're new to online publishing, beware of the swindlers and the sharks. I highly recommend signing up to HubPages if you haven't done so already.


qeyler on May 16, 2013:

Check to see if your stuff hasn't already been removed. Quac has deleted a lot of stuff...Secondly...if your stuff is still there, contact the Attorney General of California. Quac lives in California.

Glen (author) from Australia on May 15, 2013:

Shannon... you can't. Quoc won't remove your content. Effectively meaning he owns it. And he doesn't care what you want.

ShannonR. on May 09, 2013:

I'm an American...what can I do to get my work removed and my Factoidz account closed?

qeyler on January 24, 2013:

I love to re-read the comments ... one can see the Shills who poured in to 'defend' their Master, and how they fall silent. Everyone now knows that Factoidz was a Ponzi, that Knoji is a rip off..even old pig Walch got ripped...

ivanmarginal from Jakarta on January 14, 2013:

Very useful, thanks!

qeyler on November 01, 2012:

There's a new site...and if you can tell your sites by the users, that old pig Walch is Shilling for it; it's called expertspages...and I think we know, anything Jerry Walch involved with has to be crooked.

Glen (author) from Australia on November 01, 2012:

HiHopes... I only just saw your message. I almost did publish the first one! But then I started reading your second one.

I haven't been on here much because of offline work, study and opportunities.

I would love to hear more!

qeyler on July 14, 2012:

The fact that all the Shills, even Jerry Walsh has fallen silent is all the proof one needs that everything written about Knoji is true.

qeyler on July 13, 2012:

Of course Quac lies; many people on Factoidz would see they had 1k views at 10am then 500 at 1 pm. They'd see $13.43 then see $9.12. This is STANDARD QUAC. He used to work at Yahoo...emphasis on Used To and can never work for anyone again.