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What Next When Your Hsupa Modem Mulfunctions?

Sometime back, I bought a modem from HSUPA brand and initially, its functionality was above board. However, after some time, the modem suddenly refused to connect, only showing a loading signal that went on forever. This frustrated me immensely considering that I relied on it to perform online projects. I sought help from the internet but I did not find any useful information regarding how I can make it functional so that I can resume my work. I tried to inquire from the vendors of the product but none seemed to know anything that might have gone astray or provide useful advice. Instead, they told me to buy another one claiming this to have been fake. This was the same case with computer gurus and IT experts which I approached for the similar advice. I decided to follow some instructions provided by some authors on the internet, but this did not work either. I even changed sim cards as per a suggestion by some vendors to no avail. In-fact, I was left with no option but to buy a new one. However, this time round, I did not want to buy the same HSUPA modem brand since it had given me "frustrations" so I wanted an Airtel Modem instead. However, thank God that the day of my frustrations was a Sunday and that the Airtel shops which are only mandated to sell these gadgets were all closed, leaving me with no choice but to go home and wait until the following day, which was on a weekday.

However, I decided to give it to a guy I knew to try "resetting" the Modem using his computer just once more after which I will discard it. Interestingly, after installing it on his computer, the modem reconnected automatically and I was mesmerized by that development. I did not believe my eyes that the modem I was about to throw away was now working! I came to the realization that the possibility of the modem failing to reconnect was due to the fact that the program on my computer had failed and hence I needed to UNISTALL IT and reinstall. After this process of uninstalling the old program, I re-installed the modem again after which it reconnected under the new program. So, don't get frustrated when your modem fails to reconnect, simply unistall the old /app and install it afresh, there is a high probability that it will work out.

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